Volume 2, Issue 37 | May 29, 2020
The Latest on COVID-19 & Sports
Memorial Day signaled the unofficial start of summer this week, prompting widespread optimism despite reminders that rising temperatures may be the only normal thing about the coming months. For youth sports, one of the busiest periods of the year will be frought with difficult decisions . That piece from the Washington Post paints the picture facing leagues and event organizers across America, while assessing the variety of guidelines for returning to play and wondering if there's a better way forward for everyone.

It does seem that over the past week, a dearth of guidance for administrators and coaches has turned into a dizzying array of recommendations and restrictions that vary across cities and states. Florida made news by lifting all restrictions on youth sports and summer camps , while other states placed strict parameters on when activities can return and what they will look like when they do. Many of the considerations for returning to the field center on assessing risk, though even that can be a difficult proposition amidst conflicting views on the impact of COVID-19 on children .

Meanwhile, some places are getting creative in order to provide athletes with a chance to play. Utah high schools are attempting to mitigate the loss of spring sports by hosting unsanctioned events this summer.

Still, the lack of sports continues to take its toll at every level. Public recreational facilities that provide a safehaven for children continue to be shuttered, sparking concerns for both the children left on the streets and the ability of many services to weather the current crisis. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the sports travel sector continues to weigh business interests with public safety as events wonder when to return. In schools across the country (or rather from their homes), high school coaches continue to navigate uncertainty around summer workouts and fall seasons by keeping in touch with student-athletes as best they can. Even college programs, for which the NCAA last week approved a return to campus on June 1st , remain mired in uncertainty as conferences and schools set their own standards based on local guidance. As one columnist noted while surveying the questions that face colleges, voluntary workouts are never as simple as they sound.

As we enter June and schools across the country break from online learning for summer, the importance of activities like sport will only become more important for children across the country who are looking for activity, interaction and structure. Here's hoping that we can gain further clarity on a safe return to sport, while continuing to develop unique ways to connect with our kids and provide for them during the days ahead.
Each week we'll highlight some of the best articles and media for coaches, administrators and sports parents below, both those related to COVID-19 and some features that allow us to break away from the news for a moment.
How Sports Can Help Rebuild America
COVID-19 has had a dramatic affect on sports, but what if it also provides a catalyst for a better future? Project Play's Tom Farrey wrote this week about the issues the pandemic has revealed and how we can develop safe, fun and sustainable opportunities for children going forward. For the administrator, coach and parent, it's time we re-think the sports experience.
What Endurance Athletes Can Teach Us in a Pandemic
For most Americans, just the thought of running a marathon is exhausting. Yet even for those with no plans to conquor 26.2 miles or complete an Ironman, the lessons we learn from endurance athletes can help us in different sports or in other aspects of life. As the world learns to deal with the fallout from a pandemic, we might just turn to endurance athletes for advice.
Hall of Famer Shares Powerful Message on Mental Health
Brian Dawkins wants America to know that everyone needs to be concerned with mental health. As Mental Health Awarenes Month comes to a close, the NFL great is talking about his own struggles and providing tools to help kids take control of what he calls "cerebral wellbeing." Like the other athletes who have spoken out this month, his message is worth hearing.
Nike's Latest Ad Campaign Positions Sports as Inspiration
Narrated by LeBron James and featuring some of the world's greatest athletes and most memorable comebacks, Nike's latest commercial is a reminder that the resiliency found in sports can provide inspiration in challenging moments. It may be just the type of motivation that many sports fans need.
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