Archbishop Riordan Retreat
The Archbishop Riordan High School LIFE Team (San Francisco, CA) continues the tradition of visiting the Cupertino (CA) Marianist community for their retreat. Moderator Leo Magnaye writes:
The day started early, and when we arrived, we were greeted by Bro. Ed Longbottom, who led us in a wonderful prayer service that taught us more about Blessed William Chaminade and his mission and vision. We continued our retreat in the fireplace room, where we had an activity that helped us recount of our 'embers' from last semester as a team. We then created a yarn web of affirmations, and reiterated that we are all connected, and if one loses a grip, everyone needs to pick up the slack together. Afterwards we had a planning session to create leadership and themes for the remaining MLCs.
We then had lunch with the Brothers. We had a quick tour of the grounds, and finally returned to the fireplace to continue our work planning ARHS Marianist Heritage Week. The guys also split to record a bit about the pillars of the charism of Faith and Mary as our Model.
Our retreat ended exactly at 3pm when we recited the 3 O'clock Prayer with the informed Brothers and Priests. It was a very humbling and incredible experience.
It is wonderful to hear about this LIFE Team tradition. Many prayers for your LIFE Team and the ARHS community!