The Fulcrum
September 05, 2018 Edition
From the National Office

When I am at a summer program, I query the participants about their history withLIFE. 2018’s numbers blew me away. Out of the 75 adults across the three regional programs
  • 27 were LIFE alumni
  • 46 adults are returning moderators or staff members, some returning for the 2nd year, one for the 14th year
  • 8 adults participated in different regional programs
  • 2 adults were participating in two regional programs this summer.
  • One adult has the distinction of participating in 7 summer programs in 4 years with his institution!
When I asked how many LIFErs have parents or siblings who were LIFErs or moderators in the past, so many hands went up, and that made me catch my breath. In addition to family members who attended in years past, this summer, there were
  • 2 sets of parent-child participants/staff
  • 3 sets of siblings (participants and staff)
When people ask me why I do what I do, this is why. We build community. We become family.
Joy unspeakable
Faith unsinkable
Love unstoppable
Anything is possible
~“Thrive” by Casting Crowns
Marianist Young Adult Assistants
Each summer, the coordinating teams receive assistance from LIFE alumni, fondly referred to as "MYAs." These Marianist Young Adult Assistants participated in a summer program prior and are at lease one year out of high school. They provide much needed support to each region by planning and facilitating ice breakers, create Marianist Moments, and even give talks to the LIFErs. They are an integral part of the summer programs, and each team is grateful for their service. They return for different reasons, but the resonating message from all of them: "I just wanted to give back."

Haylee Bennett - MYA LIFE Pacific
LIFE Pacific 2015, Sacred Hearts Academy
I came back to LIFE because I enjoyed meeting an amazing community and wanted to give back. We formed close bonds and was able to experience a meaningful retreat and was able to open up with one another. I enjoyed the environment and participating in the different activities. There were also many life lessons taught and many issues discussed that allowed for my LIFE team and I to share it with our own school community. Overall, I enjoyed this program, was was so anxious to have received this breathtaking opportunity to come back and serve others.

As a MYA, I had a TRULY AMAZING experience! I was blessed to have had this awesome opportunity and wanted to make it worth it. I was so happy to be apart of a lovely team, who works hard and has fun at the same time. I was so happy and blessed to have met the wonderful moderators during the socials, and a fabulous group of students in the dining hall. I felt that I had built a stronger relationship with God and was able to open up with my LIFE community who became my lifelong friends and family. It was very special being able to see the current lifers get officially initiated into the LIFE program and it was a blessing being apart of a different LIFE Pacific program. I’m am beyond happy that I was able to be a MYA this past summer and would love to be one again next summer!
Vincent Rice - MYA LIFE Central
LIFE Central 2014, Daniel J. Gross Catholic
This summer I had the opportunity to return to the Marianist LIFE Central as a Marianist Young Adult or MYA. The regional coordinator, Kim Matzen, asked if I would go back as a MYA, and as a 2014 LIFEr from Gross Catholic, I immediately said yes because of how much the experience had changed me and my faith life. Thinking back to when I did say yes, I didn't really know what MYA stood for or what they actually did. I vaguely remember them being there when I first got there as a student, but nothing more. I am, however, so glad that I did say yes. I was happily surprised later on when I found out the other MYA would be Katie Caskey, who also went to Gross and attended LIFE 2014, as this would make the trip even more enjoyable to have a good friend to work with.

As a MYA, my experience was a lot of behind the scenes work, lots of organizing, moving things, making posters, setting up rooms, and setting up the next activities. Katie and I were eager to help the Coordinating team and the mods with whatever they needed. We arrived on Wednesday so the first five days were mostly prep work but also getting to know the C-team and mods, whom I found all to be wonderful people.

During the week Katie and I were in charge of “Mornings with the MYAs.” Essentially our job was to wake the kids up with fun interactive activities. It was awesome to see the change from the first “Mornings with the MYAs” to the last. Though it was a very small part of LIFE week, I could see the LIFErs buy into what we were doing. Additionally, Katie and I were both asked to give talks. I’ll admit I was a little nervous about this, but in the end I found it very fulfilling to be able to share some of my story and have an impact on the LIFErs as they grow in their faith lives.  

I do really hope that this year’s LIFE week had as great as an impact on these students as it did when I went. I hope that they were able to grow and strengthen their faith and be able to bring that faith back to their schools so that they might have an impact at home. I wish them all the best.  
Katie Caskey - MYA LIFE Central
LIFE Central 2014, Daniel J. Gross Catholic
Katie was featured in the June 2018 Fulcrum . To see her reflection, click here .
These are just a few of thousands of students enlivened by the Spirit at Marianist LIFE over the last 48 years. LIFE Alumni return as Marianist Young Adult Assistants, Staff, Coordinating Team members and school/parish Moderators year after year. As our MYAs, their week at the Summer Program had an impact on their lives, which is echoed by numerous LIFE Alumni throughout the years.
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2020 will mark the 50 th anniversary of Marianist LIFE. To commemorate this special event, Marianist LIFE will hold ONE national program in 2020:
July 06 - 20, 2020
St. Mary’s University
San Antonio, Texas
The program for moderators will last 10 days, and the program for student LIFErs will be 6 days. Actual dates of the program and other events to celebrate the anniversary will be confirmed and released later in the year.
LIFE 2021 will return to the three regional programs.
CYO Retreat Center - Occidental, CA
Moderators: June 13-21
Student LIFErs: June 16-21
Regional Coordinator: Joey Klobas

Tecaboca - Mountain Home, TX
Moderators: July 7-16
Student LIFErs: July 10-16
Regional Coordinator: Christopher Cantu

Bergamo Center - Dayton, OH
Moderators: July 12-20
Student LIFErs: July 15-20
Regional Coordinator: Kim Matzen
Archbishop Moeller High School (Cincinatti) is organizing a networking & Christian community building opportunity for local LIFErs:
Ohio LIFE Summit
January 3-4, 2019
Maria Stein Retreat Center  
LIFErs will be asked to share successes and opportunities that they have experienced in their home LIFE program, as well as be provided an opportunity for shared prayer. We also would like to virtually network with other regional LIFE programs as well. More details, including cost & schedule, will be available through Ohio LIFE Moderators for their students.
For more information, contact Kevin Wood:
Andrés Novela, former coordinating Team member, staff member, and moderator for LIFE South stumbled across this participant folder from 1997 or 1998, as well as his own LIFEr journal from 1994. You'll see some familiar names on the Coordinating Team!
This summer, Andrés served as an Auxiliary Moderator for LIFE south, and his daughter Amayah was a LIFEr from Monsignor Pace (Miami).