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  Can you believe spring is here? This year is flying by already and we've been busy making a couple exciting changes. 


For those of you that haven't heard, D.R. Domenichini Construction now offers full in-house design services.  Please help us welcome Amber to the team!  She has been in the remodeling industry since 2004 and is a resident of Morgan Hill. We're excited to have her onboard and look forward to utilizing her design experience on future remodeling projects. 


We've also made a few updates to our website - check it out!  www.drdcon.com   

The Pros & Cons of Different Types of Flooring


Choosing the right flooring for your home is an important decision.  These days there are several options to choose from, which can be overwhelming.  Here are the most popular types of flooring and some pros and cons for each 

A fully synthetic polymer flooring option with pigmentation added for color.  Comes in "sheet vinyl" or "vinyl composition tile" (or VCT).


 - Huge selection of styles and colors.

 - Flexible and non-porous. 

 - Low price, low maintenance. 

 - VCT are an easy to DIY if the subfloor is level.
 - Vulnerable to scratches, tears, stains and wear. 
 - Doesn't have a "high-end" look. (Does not suit all decors.)



Made from natural materials like linseed oil, recycled wood flour, cork dust and limestone. 
 - Huge selection of styles and colors. Available in tiles or sheets.
 - Natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic, composed of flax and natural resin. 

 - Does not trap dust or bacteria, which helps air quality. 

 - Low maintenance, durable and mildew-resistant.
 - Doesn't have a "high-end" look. (Does not suit all decors.)



Hard glazed squares typically made of ceramic or porcelain.
 - Huge selection of colors, styles and designs.
 - Strong, durable and stain resistant.

 - Easy to clean and sterilize. 
 - Can cause discomfort to legs and back after prolonged standing. 

 - Can be cold on bare feet.
 - Can crack or chip. Needs a level subfloor. 


A multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process.  It simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. 
 - Great selection of styles and colors. Looks like wood, stone, ceramic. 
 - Resists stains, scratches, dents, even cigarette burns. 

 - Relatively easy to DIY, often directly on top of existing floor.
 - Click-into-place styles can simply be dismantled and taken with you when you move. 

 - Very durable. (Good-quality laminate can last 25 years or more.)

 - Not recommended for bathrooms or other damp areas. 

 - Must be replaced when worn. (Cannot be sanded/refinished.)



Flooring that is milled from a single piece of timber. 
 - Oak and maple are the most popular. New: pre-oiled exotic woods, now available with semi-gloss and gloss finishes. 
 - Creates a warm, natural atmosphere. Never goes out of fashion. 

 - More comfortable for legs and back than harder surfaces. 

 - Durable if properly sealed. 

 - If damaged or scratched, can be sanded and refinished.

 - Requires refinishing every few years.

 - Dirt can accumulate in joints between boards.

 - Not as stable as engineered hardwood. (More susceptible to warping/cupping.) 



Sometimes referred to as composite wood, engineered wood differs from hardwood in that it is a veneer of hardwood on top of several wood layers underneath (Plywood).  Engineered is mandatory when going over a concrete slab foundation.

 - An alternative to solid hardwood and laminate, it is also a more versatile option.
 - Does not expand or contract with temperature changes. Sold pre-finished. 

 - Can be glued or clicked into place directly over concrete or an acoustic underlay.
 - Less durable than hardwood. (Typically cannot be sanded more than twice.)



An option that makes use of different types of natural rock carved out of a quarry and then cut for flooring application. Slate, marble, limestone and sandstone are popular choices. 
 - Has a natural "earthy" feel and look.
 - Can cause leg and back discomfort after prolonged standing.

 - Because it is a natural material, stone can contain imperfections (texture, color and veining). 
 - Needs regular sealing.




Synthetic options are conventionally made of polyester, nylon or polypropylene while natural carpet can be made of wool. 


 - Creates comfort and warmth while acting as an insulation to retain heat during cold months. 

 - Acts as a noise dampener.

 - A relatively inexpensive flooring option.


 - Can easily stain and be difficult to clean.

 - Tend to wear out fairly easily. 

 - Can cause health issues for those that suffer from allergies. 


*This article was sourced from "GMH Today" Magazine for which Dave is an article contributor. For a direct link to this informative magazine, click here.





Update on Lola: The 4 speed to 5 speed conversion is completed and it made quite a difference. Now it cruises down the freeway, in a much more relaxed manner.


The latest project is Frankenstein transformation for Walt (A 1973 RS Camaro.) Details include:


* Remove existing old-school carbureted small block engine and replace with a modern fuel injection unit. (Transplanted from a 2006 Corvette Z06.)


* Remove existing old-school 4 speed transmission with no over-drive and replace with a modern unit with 6 speed and two over-drives. (Transplanted from a 2005 Cadillac CTS-V.)


* Upgrade existing brakes and suspension to 4 wheel disk brakes, tubular controls arms, sways bars, Fox shocks and other modern day ride control features.


* Install modern features such as power windows, heated seats and air conditioning.


This entire project is estimated to take 3 months. I hope to be completed by our next "Summer Newsletter". Wish me luck!



Video Corner 

Wow, what a difference!! Watch our team knock down some walls and transform these kitchen in less than 2 minutes! 

Click on the time-lapse videos below to see a couple of our latest kitchen remodels.

Kitchen Remodel: San Jose

Kitchen Remodel: San Jose




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