May 15th, 2022 - Vending Technology News
Vending has become more important than ever before as consumers depend on vending machines for food and beverages on daily basis, instead of just candy or sodas like they did in the past. 

Due to the increased demand, today’s vending machines have to offer more functionality and they must accept all forms of payment including; cash, coin, debit and credit.

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), offers operators the machines that they need that accept all forms of payment, and payment software that’s compliant with the audit laws and monitoring regardless of the country where it’s placed. 

French fries continue to be a time-tested food that consumers know and love. Fries have always been a time-consuming food to make, but that’s now a thing of the past, thanks to the Integra Systems French Fry Vending Machine. With this French fry machine, consumers can easily have their order of tasty and crispy fries In under one minute flat. 

Thanks to the Evoke Coffee Machine, it’s now possible for you to offer your office coffee clients a barista-style cup of coffee right from their office. This coffee machine features a stylish design and state-of-the-art blending system that will dispense more than just a typical cup of coffee. 

The Evoke Coffee machine will dispense superb quality coffee that tastes great, has a fabulous aroma, and best of all has excellent color and appearance. 

Evoke Offers 11 Core Hot Beverages And 34 Combinations Of Coffee

Even though the average office coffee drinker loves their coffee, they also enjoy tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages as well. 

Selfly Store expands its range of RFID-enabled micro stores designed for contactless on-the-go purchasing. Selfly Store enables hotels, offices, and other venues to offer meals and snacks in a cost-efficient way as the intelligent cabinets are unmanned and fully digitalized. The new range consists of three intelligent cabinets suitable for different end uses. Selfly Fresh is designed for goods stored at room temperature, Selflly Cool for refrigerated meals and snacks, and Selfly Frozen for frozen items.

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