USAID believes that private enterprise is among the most powerful forces that can lift people out of poverty, strengthen communities and build self-reliance. Our new policy announced last week captures that philosophy and represents a tremendous opportunity to harness the innovation and ingenuity of the private sector to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
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USAID was recognized among federal agencies for getting better results in 2018 . This month we also marked two important commemorations: Human Rights Day and International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of Genocide .
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One Malawian. One American. Both working to save newborn lives. Find out how USAID’s support to these health care heroines and others has saved more than 800,000 newborns in the past five years.
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USAID is embracing entrepreneurship and creativity in how we help countries become more self-reliant. And we want our partners to do the same. Our new Acquisition and Assistance Strategy provides this guidance.
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