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Welcome colleagues,
Despite the freezing temperatures and blizzards here in Boston, spring is on its way --  a time when we all feel refreshed with renewed energy. We are excited to announce our upcoming event exploring new possibilities,  Micro-credentials & the Future of Professional Learning for Educators .

Join us on Wednesday, April 26 at the Rhode Island Convention Center as we reflect on our recent pilot project in Rhode Island, where CCE and a team of teachers designed  and completed nine micro-credentials focused on Assessment Literacy and Performance Assessment. On April 26, we are gathering to share our experiences and explore the potential of micro-credentials in education. 

Dan French 
Executive Director
Upcoming Personalized Learning Convening

In partnership with The Boston Foundation , CCE is excited to announce our upcoming personalized learning convening, Envisioning an Equitable Future Through Personalized Learning , on  Tuesday, May 23 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m . at Wheelock College, Brookline, MA. 

This event will bring educators together to  learn more about personalized learning that is happening in Massachusetts now, and think about how we can shape the future of education across the state.  Breakout sessions will highlight what personalized learning looks like in the classroom, with schools presenting on strategies including project-based learning, competencies, and student advisories. A l unch panel will feature local leaders and policymakers discussing what do we need to do to bring personalized learning to all students in MA.  The keynote speaker, Ron Berger of EL Education, will be presenting on authentic learning. 

This is a free event. A light breakfast and full lunch will be served.

QPA Summer Institute 
Our upcoming  QPA Summer Institute  will be h eld on July 17-20, 2017 at Simmons College in Boston, MA.  The 2017 Summer Institute will bring educators together to design rich, culturally responsive performance assessment tasks. Participants will leave the Institute with the knowledge to introduce the  Quality Performance Assessment  (QPA) model into their schools. It's a valuable opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of educators. 

Check out our QPA Summer Institute 
FAQ  and  Info Session Slides to learn more!
Hard at Work in Oregon
In  Oregon , we've launched Phase Two of our Performance Assessment Demonstration Sites (PADS). Working in close partnership with the  Oregon Department of Education (ODE), we've coached educators from seven schools since August 2016.

Phase One saw those teachers choose a performance assessment from one of a number of resource banks, and take that assessment through implementation and scoring. In Phase Two, five of the seven schools will be designing performance assessments, while two will be diving deeper on implementation. The seven schools come to the work with varying levels of experience and different priorities, but they share a long standing dedication to competency education and personalized learning. This spring will be a focus on technical quality, as well as school visits between the cohort schools. Great work in 
Oregon !
LAUTR Job Fair

T he Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency (LAUTR) recently held their 2017 Job Fair for their residents in collaboration with their partner school districts.  The LAUTR residents are now busy updating their resumes, writing cover letters, and scheduling observations and interviews with potential schools. We will be making visits to partner district school sites throughout March and April. During these visits, residents will see a variety of public school settings and teaching opportunities within our partner districts and throughout the greater Los Angeles area, as they anticipate the beginning of their professional careers as teachers committed to equity and social justice in urban schools. 
MCIEA Officially Launches
The Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment (MCIEA) launched earlier this winter, kicking off with a legislative briefing at the MA State House. If you missed the event, MCIEA recently published a press release featuring highlights and a summary of the briefing, as well as some background on MCIEA.  
Our Blog Excerpt 
Gary and Laurie ask the tough questions in their latest blog post. They posit a list of ten questions to challenge educators to rethink their underlying assumptions about student performance:

"The list puts a sharp point on the question of every kid...We hope this list will galvanize you to join us in standing up the next time you hear something like, 'Personalized learning is fine for gifted kids, but ...' or, 'Oh, our kids couldn't do that,' or, 'This is all we can expect from ...' We hope this list helps you start reflective conversations about how we can fully act in line with our beliefs."

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