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December 2016
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The Future of Retail

The speakers at the National Shoe Retailer Association's Leadership Conference in San Antonio last month were outstanding. They talked about the current and future states of retail in the U.S. Here are some highlights from Doug Stephens' (author, Retail Revival) presentation:
  • Online sales in 2015 were 1.6 trillion dollars. Online sales are enjoying over 20% annual increases, as opposed to 6% for bricks and mortar. No longer are the retailers and manufacturers in control, consumers are.
  • The "shop" is everywhere - it's wherever the customer is. Media is becoming the new store.   
    However, the store is becoming the most powerful and measurable form of media.
  • A great shopping experience gives the brain a hit of dopamine - a natural high.  
  • A brand can't fully exist without a built environment. Consumers need emotional experiences.
  • Today's retail environment needs to be less of a store and more of an experience; less of a store and more of a story.
Mr. Stephens' message r einforces the need for retailers to create an
exceptional, immersive, and emotionally connected shopping experience.
Today's shoppers are looking for a high-tech AND low-tech environment within which to interact with products. Retailers need to combine mobile platforms and maybe even a bit of virtual reality, with a lot of sensory elements - textures, aromas, coffee/snack bars, stunning visuals and great sounds/music.  Retail needs to entertain and inform more now than ever!

Need help navigating this new retail model? Call us and we'll get you on the right track.
Check out the photos of two displays at the McNay Art Museum that coincidentally incorporated shoes!

(PS: Retailworks had a display booth and held a drawing to win a free design consultation. Congratulations to our winner, Village Bootery in Tequesta, FL!)

Client Feature

Ritus and Vanseal - Corporate Display Makeover

We enjoyed the challenge of taking miscellaneous plastic and rubber parts and making them look great on the conference room wall of local manufacturers, Ritus and Vanseal. The display wall includes: a backlit branded header, metal Slatwall, custom acrylic shelves, metal display fixtures, and signage - all portable; re-facing of the lower cabinets, and adding additional wall wash light fixtures (not shown in
photo below). 

Our client is very happy with the new look: "Retailworks came up with a solution that not only showcased our products at a level worthy of their engineering, they made it interesting by capturing the essence of our industry through the choice of materials used in the display. Our meeting area now has a focal point and portrays a level of professionalism we want our clients to see in us." 
-Shelley McGrew, Marketing Manager, Corporate Group, Inc.
Need to turn an ugly wall-duckling into a beautiful swan-display? Contact us to start the design and display process.

Company Update

Retailworks is honored to be the business spotlight in the November issue of Mequon-Thiensville Today Magazine. Check out the article to learn more about our philosophy and a few of our newer services, including our 'Seasonal Display' and 'Up Your Alleys' programs.

Click here for link.

Cool Cubic!

During a recent visit to Minnesota for work with a new client, Lyn and Holley took a side trip to see the Cubic Showroom in Minneapolis. Cubic has been around for years and used to be known for their functional glass cubes. But not any more! Today, they have morphed into a great fixture resource for us. They carry beautiful stock items that look custom, and can retrofit most of their line to fit the specific needs of a project. Check out these photos of their cool wares. 

New Product we Love

Raise the Roof

Tesla's new solar-powered roofs are made of durable, textured glass, but look just like regular shingles. The glass can be styled to resemble Tuscan, smooth, textured or slate tiles, so the homeowner can style their home as they please while still reducing energy consumption by harnessing electricity to power their home or even their vehicle. The Tesla tiles are extremely durable and weather-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty. We're especially excited about them right now in Wisconsin, because they can include heating elements to melt snow! 

Click here for more information.

3 Tips Using Consumer Psychology to Improve the Shopping Experience

Tip #1: Knowledge is Power
Shoppers like to have access to in-store product knowledge. Be sure your sales associates are well versed when it comes to your brand and merchandise. Kiosks and QR codes are also great options for providing product information, easily incorporating technology and reaching the millennial market. Plus, when things get busy, a kiosk can be accessible to customers when all employees are occupied.
Tip #2: Tell a Story
People respond to stories because they are an essential part of the human experience. Tell the story of your brand and products in your store by interweaving photos, graphics, and decorative elements into your product displays. Create a history timeline featuring milestones in your company.
Tip #3: Sign It
Customers are constantly being bombarded with messages, and the average attention span today is only eight seconds. Signage is key for providing information and interaction, but retailers need to be sure shoppers will notice and read their signs. Signs should be descriptive and attention-getting with as few words as possible. Using consistent design elements and even incorporating symbols or images will get customers to take notice. Create sign design guidelines so all your signs coordinate. 

Main Street Update

To all of our main street friends, we hope you're having great success with your holiday sales! Earlier this month, we wrote a blog post, "How to Make your Main Street the Best Spot for Holiday Shopping." Check it out  here!
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