Building a Brand Through Exceptional Service

You know you’ve made it when someone talks about buying or selling a home with a friend, and your name is the first thing to come up. That is a huge credit to your brand, indicating that the level of service you provide is such high quality that people are no longer asking for just a real estate agent - they're asking for you.

A Shifting Landscape for Mortgage

The highly regulated mortgage industry has been slower to adopt digital processes than most. This is largely because a typical mortgage transaction involves the participation and alignment of multiple parties, from borrower initiation through loan close, and later to its sale on the secondary market.
The Cheapest Way to Sell a House

Selling a house can get expensive once you factor in real estate agent commission fees, staging costs, potential renovations, and advertising costs. So, what’s the cheapest way to sell a house? Keep reading to find out.

November saw houses move quickly, expensively

According to a report done by Redfin, the average home sold in November spent just 27 days on the market, the lowest since at least 2012, when Redfin started tracking such data. Meanwhile, 35 percent of the homes sold went above the list price, which is a new high for the month of November.

The Legal League 100 (LL100) is the nation’s premier collection of financial services law firms organized to further its member’s commitment to supporting the mortgage servicing industry through education, communication, and relationship development. The LL100’s membership at large, council, and Special Initiatives Working Group (SIWG) works tirelessly to be a leading force for industry standards, education, and market research.

In advancement of this mission, the SIWG is providing this important guide on e-Notes and e-Mortgages to further educate attorneys, lenders, servicers, and other industry professionals as the industry rapidly moves into a more electronic document world.

The eguide on the Legal League website and can be found here.

This month was all about the children! We started off with the children from St. Peter Claver Catholic School by making a monetary donation to the school as well as having our staff assemble mini stockings for the children before their Christmas break. We were invited to attend their Virtual Christmas Coffee Event to watch the students perform.

Keeping with the spirit of giving back to children, another monetary donation was made to the Annual Fund for the students at Cristo Rey Tampa Salesian High School.
Lastly, we helped out the children and families that Directions for Living serve by supporting them with a monetary donation.