Prepping for the Annual Meeting
14 Feb 2020

Dear GCA member,

Here is your GCA newsletter. As always, we want to hear your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
The GCA Annual Meeting - Tuesday 25 Feb 2020
The Glenmore Community Association's Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 25 at 7 PM in the ballroom of the Club at Glenmore. GCA members in good standing* will receive a meeting packet and instructions for voting either electronically or hard copy depending on if you requested electronic voting.

We will elect  three board members for two-year terms, and there are three candidates (David Breneman, Vicki Kimberling, and Thomas White) who have declared their interest. We need a quorum (15% of homeowners**) to seat new Board members. If we don't have a quorum (127 homeowner ballots either by mail, electronically, or in person) we need to schedule a second meeting with two weeks written notice.

Three current Board Members (Deborah Conway, Art Peters, and Ray Murphy) are completing their two year terms in February. Please mark the annual meeting on your calendar and plan to attend. 

* A GCA Member in Good Standing is defined as any resident who has a zero balance on their Association accounts. If you are not sure of your account balance, contact Thelma Washington by calling 434-984-0700.

** This is a correction from the last Newsletter. See C&Rs Article III, Section 5.(b)
Cast Your GCA Ballot
To cast your vote for the Board nominees, you will either receive an electronic ballot (which you previously requested*), or a paper ballot by mail. If you received an electronic "Balloteer" ballot, you can vote on-line. If you received your materials by mail, you have four ways to return your ballot. You can:
1. Respond by US Mail (mail no later than 18 Feb to ensure receipt).
2. Send a picture of your signed ballot to tdurrer@communitygroup,com.
3. Drop it off at the gatehouse.
4. Bring it with you to the annual meeting.

If you misplaced or did not receive the materials, contact Thelma Washington at Associa by clicking here.

* Note: We'll have forms at the annual meeting so that you can sign up for electronic balloting for next year.
Speed Awareness - Winter 2020
In August 2019, we provided some statistics from our Pole Mounted Speed Displays (PMSD), the radar speed readouts. Based on feedback from our residents, control of speeding is a high priority.  We are a 25-mph community with lots of pedestrian traffic. Here’s an update from the two PMSDs in use:

Piper Way Inbound just after Gatehouse        
From August 2019 through January 2020, speed on Piper Way has not changed much. The average speed during this time was 33 mph . The average highest speed each day was approximately 50 mph. It should be noted that the highest speed clocked on this section of Glenmore was 71 mph. About 60% of the residents drive within a tolerated range but there are too many outliers. This is a high-volume section of road, with about 1,300 cars per day. 

Piper Way just after the Clubhouse
We placed a PMSD on Piper Way after the clubhouse to gain additional insight about speeding on Piper Way. This section of road averages about 270 vehicles per day with an average speed of 30 mph, slightly less than just after the gatehouse. The average highest speed each day is 48 mph, with the highest speed recorded along this section of road at 68 mph. As you can see, speeding is a concern along these two sections of Piper Way. 

We ask all residents to do the following:
1.       Respect the posted speed limit for the safety of our neighbors, guests and yourself. There are a lot of walkers, joggers, cyclists, golf carts, etc. that are in danger from speeding vehicles.

2.      Remind your visitors to obey the speed limit. Friendly reminders are very effective in bringing attention to speed postings.

Glenmore is a beautiful and relaxing community. Slow down and enjoy the scenery, and, in the process, you just might avoid hurting someone.
GCA Dues Notifications
Associa is mailing the 1 March GCA dues notifications. The GCA assessments are paid in two installments of $518 each. The first installment is due on 1 March, and the second installment is due on 1 September.

If you do not receive a GCA payment invoice by 23 February, contact Thelma Washington by clicking  Here  or call at 434-984-0700.

Wondering where your dues are spent? Click here for our GCA 2020 Budget.
Glenmore Nature Trails
Glenmore has a very unique amenity that intertwines our entire property. We have over 10 miles of nature trails used by hikers, walkers, mountain bikers, and horse riders. The use and appreciation of these trails received high marks as an amenity in the recent community survey. Unfortunately many of these trails have not received the level of maintenance and improvement that they should. Under the direction of the Common Area Review Board (CARB), that has started to change with a multi-year plan now in place.

Two of the more popular trails are the Carroll Creek and Pendower trails that cover the eastern edge of Glenmore for nearly four miles. During the year several sections were impassible due to poor water drainage. The improvement plan started in late 2019 on a section of the Carroll Creek Trail starting at Carroll Creek Road and up to a point near the number 6 tee of the golf course. This trail was relocated to higher ground. The previous location was very muddy and frequently had 18" of standing water. This relocated portion of the trail now meanders through mature walnut and sycamore trees and along the bank of Carroll Creek. The previous trail path actually crossed the creek at a location without any bridge span where the water could be anywhere from 8” to two feet deep! The creek crossing has been eliminated. The previous trail location also crossed the golf course #5 fairway. The fairway crossing has been eliminated. Many thanks to the Glenmore Country Club who worked with the CARB throughout the trail relocation process. There were two locations where small drainage creeks crossed the trail. Culvert pipes were installed in these locations to eliminate the need for a measured leap.

Also completed in 2019 are entirely new trail maps. The prior single page trail map was difficult to follow. The new maps are sectional in that there are several maps that comprise the entire trail system. For each trail section you’ll also see a description of the trail, where it starts, where and how it turns, and landmarks along the way. You can access the new trail maps here .

Additional trail improvements for 2020 are already in-process:
  • More trail relocation work continuing on the Carroll Creek and Pendower Trails and up to the Pendower area of the community.
  • Trail head signs will be installed to mark the beginning and end of each trail. And some directional arrow signs will be installed in areas where the trails make sharp turns.
  • Trail blazing (small white marks on trees) in heavily forested areas .
  • Benches will be placed along the trail at serene spots along Carroll Creek to allow hikers and walkers to rest or merely watch the creek go by.
  • And more drainage and culverts will be installed.
Unfortunately we had to temporarily close the Camp Branch Trail along the northern length of the community since it is partially located on private property. During 2020 the CARB will attempt to relocate a hiking trail entirely on Glenmore Common Area property and reopen the trail.

Want a guided trail tour? The CARB offers a “walk thru the woods” to help you better understand our trail system, what work was done, and our plan to make our nature trails an amenity that can be used year-round. You’re also welcome to download the new maps and go it alone.

Please contact the CARB if you’re interested in a guided walk, have any questions about the trails, or want to provide feedback.
Finding info on Glenmore Covenants & Restrictions?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find information on our Glenmore C&Rs, go to our web page, and click on the "Regulations" tab on the lower right. Under Governance, click on "Covenants & Restrictions of Glenmore".

Have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
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