April 16, 2019
NFWF Announces Release of the National Coastal Resilience Fund 2019 Request for Proposals
The fund will invest up to $29 million in projects designed to restore or expand natural features such as coastal marshes and wetlands, dune and beach systems, oyster and coral reefs, mangroves, coastal forests and rivers, and barrier islands that help minimize the impacts of storms, rising sea levels, and other extreme events.

DEADLINE: May 20, 2019 (pre-proposals)

Jackson Wild Media Lab: Science Communication & Film Workshop
Day's Edge Productions is partnering with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Jackson Wild (the "Oscars" of science and nature films) to run the Jackson Wild Media Lab, an intensive science communication and film production workshop for early-career scientists (undergrads, grads, postdocs, professors & researchers), media producers and communicators. The fall 2019 workshop will be tuition-free for the 16 successful applicants.


EEB Christian Kammerer , NC Museum of Natural Sciences - Triassic synapsids: Have reports of their demise been greatly exaggerated?
Thursday, 4/18 at 3:30 pm
4069 Derring Hall
Museum of Geosciences Public Lecture  Tina Dura  , VT Geosciences & Coastal@VT - Coastal detectives: reading the clues from earthquakes and tsunamis in coastal deposits  [  flyer  ]
(rescheduled) Thursday, 4/18 at 7:00 pm,  with meet-the-scientists reception 8:00 - 8:30 pm
2062 Derring
FREC: M.S. Students: Daniel Pratson - Motivations within environmental education organizations // Pete Stewart - Cost share funding and urban tree preservations
Friday, 4/19 at 10:00 am, refreshments at 9:30a
Fralin Auditorium
GEOS : Dan Lizarralde , Woods Hole Oceanographic Expedition - IODP Expedition 385 Preview: Igneous sills, carbon, Catastrophes, and a bit about the mantle
Friday, 4/19 at 3:30 pm
4069 Derring Hall
Chloé Lahondère - Biochemistry

The Lahondère lab at VT works on disease vector insects (mosquitoes, tsetse flies, kissing bugs) and, in particular, the study of their physiology, behavior and ecology. In relation to global change, the Lahondère lab focuses on two main projects...

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Joshua Rady - Forest Resources & Environmental Conservation

Joshua Rady is interested in improving our understanding of how forests work and incorporating that knowledge into computer models that will help decision makers respond to environmental issues at regional to global scales. Forests are prime...

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Congrats Sydney Hope, Cristina Marcillo & Jeff Walters!

Outstanding students and faculty mentors honored during VT's 2019 Graduate Education Week. GCC & IGC honorees include: Sydney Hope - CNRE Outstanding Doctoral Student; Cristina Marcillo - Citizen Scholar; and Dr. Jeff Walters - Outstanding Faculty...

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IGC Seminar Reflection Series: Walking the Talk of Cons. Bio

How many earths are needed to support our individual lifestyles? First year IGC fellow, Devin Hoffman, started his IGC seminar by polling the classroom about how sustainably we live. Take this simple test and see how many earths are needed for...

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