April 23, 2019
Six IGC Fellows awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
GCC BLOG | Congratulations to IGC Fellows awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships in 2019!!

New working group: plastic pollution in freshwater systems

We are forming a "Plastic Pollution in Freshwater Systems" working group and are looking to organize individuals interested in collaborating on physical, chemical, environmental, ecological, biological, human health, social science, economics...

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RFP for FY2020 Global Systems Science Freshwater Systems Seed Grants
Freshwater Systems has approximately $40,000 available to fund seed grants for $5,000 - $10,000. Funding priority will be given to proposals that develop new collaborative, interdisciplinary research teams across departments/colleges and that support any of the following critical problems: anthropogenic pressures on watersheds, inadequate quantity and quality of fresh water, losses of biodiversity and biosphere integrity, and transmission of water-borne disease. 


It's Earth Week at Virginia Tech!
Several IGC Fellows and GCC Faculty are participating and/or leading BioBlitz events Friday, 4/26 - Monday 4/29. More information can be found on the Town of Blacksburg's City Nature Challenge site .

EEB Heather Watts , Washington State University - How do birds time 'unpredictable' migrations?
Thursday, 4/25 at 3:30 pm
4069 Derring Hall
CEE Junhong Chen , UW-Milwaukee / NSF Engineering Research Centers Program Director
Friday, 4/26 at 2:30 pm
261 Durham Hall
GEOS : Rob Harris , Oregon State - The Hikurangi Margin: Heat Flow and Implications for Slow Slip
Friday, 4/26 at 3:30 pm ; Refreshments to follow
4069 Derring Hall
Frank Aylward - Biological Sciences

Dr. Aylward's research program at Virginia Tech focuses on the ecology and evolution of microbial life. The primary goals of the research group are: to advance understanding of the phylogenetic and physiological diversity of...

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Hye-jeong Seo - School of Public and International Affairs

Hye-jeong is interested in environmental risk communication for public dispute resolution and decision-making. Her research focuses on how to navigate the complex dynamics between science and decision-making for better and more legitimate consensu...

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IGC Seminar Reflection Series: Scientists need to move more than boxes
BY LAUREN WIND | Scientists like putting data into their own specific boxes. Scientists stack those boxes based on things like significance and trends. Then scientists are left looking at room full of neat boxes; and move onto filling up the next room with more boxes...

BY BROOKE BODENSTEINER | Anoles – diminutive little tree lizards – spend much of their day shuttling in and out of shade. But, according to a  new study in  Evolution  led by assistant professor  Martha Muñoz  at Virginia Tech and Jhan Salazar at Universidad Icesi, this behavioral “thermoregulation” isn’t just affecting their body temperature...

SEEDS Spring Festival
Saturday, April 27
10am - 3pm
107 Wharton St. SE, Blacksburg
Exhibitions, animals, kid's activities and more! Free; Donations appreciated.

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