Expertise sought for Town of Blacksburg's climate impacts assessment advisory committee

GCC faculty Todd Schenk is soliciting volunteers willing and able to serve on an advisory committee that will provide feedback on a planned climate impacts assessment (and adaptation strategy in response) that Carol Davis, the Town of Blacksburg’s sustainability manager, is planning on preparing this coming academic year. 

Service on this committee should be a fairly easy lift, as Carol is really looking for people with expertise to ground-truth and provide feedback on the assessment she and others are preparing using ICLEI’s new Temperate tool ( ). The expectation is not to collect original data or prepare an assessment ourselves, but to provide general recommendations, review drafts and so on.

The topics likely to be covered (and thus expertise sought) include:
  • Heat stress 
  • Extreme cold days
  • Extreme weather conditions/storms
  • Droughts
  • Flash/surface flooding
  • Groundwater flooding
  • Changing seasonal patterns
  • Shifting disease vectors
  • Shifting species/habitats

If you are able and willing to engage, please contact Todd Schenk as he is helping Carol recruit the committee. Please reach out to Todd (or Carol directly ) if you have any questions.