May 21, 2019
Summer schedule change for the GCC Weekly newsletter

The GCC Weekly email newsletter will be sent "as needed" for the summer season and return as a regular weekly communication for the fall 2019 semester. If there are no important announcements or opportunities to share, Tuesday's email will simply be skipped that week.

Your constructive feedback regarding the effectiveness of the GCC Weekly and general GCC and IGC communications is continually welcomed!

Enjoy the summer season ahead!!
New wildlife toxicology positions available with USGS

The USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center is seeking 3 highly motivated PhD-level research associates with backgrounds in wildlife toxicology, microbial and wildlife toxicology, and terrestrial invertebrate biology/toxicology.

Dr. David Haak - School of Plant & Environmental Sciences

Evolutionary ecological genomics forms the basis for David Haak’s research. Within this field, he is interested in identifying the genetic basis of plant adaptation to biotic stress (for example, pests) and abiotic stress (drought), with particular..

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Sydney Hope - Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Sydney joined Dr. Bill Hopkins' lab in the department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation in August 2014. Her general research interests include animal behavior and physiology and how they are affected by changes to the environment at all stages of...

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Embracing The Salt And Adapting To Sea Level Rise

SCIENCE FRIDAY | As the frequency of tropical storms and droughts increase and sea levels rise with climate change, forested wetlands along the Atlantic coast are slowly filling with dead and dying trees. One interdisciplinary group of researchers..

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