February 2, 2021
The GCC welcomes four new faculty affiliates in January '21

Please join us in welcoming the newest affiliates of the Global Change Center! Dr. Wendy Parker (Philosophy); Dr. Kang Xia (School of Plant & Environmental Science); Dr. Susanna Werth (Geosciences); & Dr. Manoo Shirzaei (Geosciences).

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Restoration Ecology Working Group next meeting

The GCC-led Restoration Ecology Working Group will meet this Thursday February 4, 1-2 PM at this Zoom link.

GCC affiliate Dr. Cully Hession will lead a discussion about restoring Stroubles Creek - a local site filled with opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and student projects.

All are welcome!
NASEM Workshop: Reducing the Health Impacts of the Nitrogen Problem

Nitrogen is a widely-used, essential input to crop production. In many regions of the U.S., nitrogen from farms has leaked into drinking water and caused adverse health impacts. These health impacts include methemoglobinemia, a condition that inhibits the blood’s ability to carry oxygen around the body. This workshop hosted by the Environmental Health Matters Initiative (EHMI) will explore what actions can be taken on several levels to address the nitrogen contamination problem. 

Workshop sessions will take place every Thursday from 2:30–5:30 PM (ET) from January 28 – February 25, 2021. Register here & Download agenda here
Student Funding Opportunities:
Spring PhD Fellowship Application Deadlines:
March 1 -

  • Diversity Fellowship (for new PhD students beginning Fall 2021)

  • Rural Environmental Health Fellowship (for current IGC fellows and new PhD students beginning Fall 2021)

April 15 -

  • Global Change Fellowship (for current IGC fellows)

Virginia Sea Grant Fellowship & Research Funding Opportunities

2021 Virginia Water Resources Research Center Student Competitive Grant RFP

Proposals are considered in all areas of water resources. Review criteria include intellectual merit, innovation, likelihood of success, broader impacts on Virginians, and alignment with state or regional water resources challenges.

Proposal guidelines: 2021 Request for Proposals

Due date March 15, 2021 5:00 PM

More information here, or contact GCC affiliate Dr. Kevin McGuire (email)
Faculty Funding Opportunity:
Data and Decisions Request for Concepts
The Data & Decisions Destination Area will issue awards this fiscal year pertaining to one or more of the following topics: Curriculum Development, External Funding and Relationship/Partnership Development, Inter-DA cross-cutting collaboration, Research Collaborations and Engaged Scholarship, as it relates to one of our five focus areas of All Data Analytics, Health Analytics, Environmental Analytics, Social Analytics and Decisions Sciences.

This RFC is open to Virginia Tech faculty in any College and/or Institute. Awards are planned as follows:
  • Up to $20,000 for 1 award
  • Up to $10,000 each for 2 awards

For further information please see the full RFC here or email Min Wang at minwang@vt.edu
Dr. Amy Pruden - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Pruden is the W. Thomas Rice Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is currently serving on the NASEM Environmental Health Matters Initiative mentioned above. Her research program at VT focuses on applied...

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Sam Silknetter - Biological Sciences

Sam is a PhD student in Dr. Meryl Mims‘s lab. His research at VT focuses on the relationships between species traits and population genetic structure within the framework of hydrologically variable stream networks.

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"Wear a mask or go to Jail: Infectious Disease, Health Mandates, and Social Behavior during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic"

Tuesday, February 1 at 12:00 pm
Zoom link here.
VT WInGS (Widening Inclusivity in the (Geo)Sciences) Seminar -Drs. Rocio Caballero-Gill and Clara Rodriguez, GeoLatinas

Wednesday, February 3 at 11:30 am
For more information, please email: women-in-geosciences-g@vt.edu
EEB Seminar: Dr. Michaela Hau, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology

"Hormone-mediated phenotypic plasticity: is there an optimal hormonal phenotype?"

Thursday, February 4 from 9:30 - 11:00 am
ENTO Seminar: Dr. Stephen Whitehead, NIH

"Arbovirus pathogenesis and vaccine development"

Thursday, February 4 at 3:00 pm
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Powerful exhibition reflects Earth's beauty & vulnerability

Visually engaging, powerful, and at times even beautiful, the Moss Arts Center's newest exhibition presents works of art that demonstrate the devastating ways human activity impacts the environment.

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"Increasing outdoor safety and access for Black communities"
Tuesday, Feb. 2 from 8:30 - 10:00 pm

Honoring Black History Month in February
Black History Month is an annual celebration of Black Americans’ achievements. During this month, we recognize Black Americans’ roles in history. More on the origins of black history month can be found here.

A list of events and activities hosted by VT Cultural & Community Centers can be found here:
GCC affiliate Dr. Shuhai Xiao & team discover ancient fungi-like fossil that played a role in helping planet recover from an ice age
When you think of fungi, what comes to mind may be a crucial ingredient in a recipe or their amazing ability to break down dead organic matter into vital nutrients. But new research by Shuhai Xiao, a professor of geosciences with the Virginia Tech College of Science, and Tian Gan, a visiting Ph.D. student in the Xiao lab, highlights yet another important role that fungi have played throughout the Earth’s history: helping the planet recover from an ice age.

GCC affiliate Dr. Holly Kindsvater contributes to global assessment of shark & ray populations, findings published in Nature
Congratulations to GCC affiliate Dr. Holly Kindsvater for her recent research about the decline of sharks and rays published in the journal Nature:

and featured in the New York Times!

GCC affiliate Dr. Manoo Shirzaei investigates how coastal subsidence contributes to relative sea-level rise and exacerbates flooding hazards, findings published in Nature
Congratulations to new GCC affiliate Dr. Manoo Shirzaei for his review published in the journal Nature Reviews & Environment:

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