January 26, 2020
Disciplinary diversity shines bright among new cohort of IGC fellows in spring 2021
The Interfaces of Global Change IGEP welcomes 12 new Ph.D. fellows in Spring 2021, bringing the total number of active participants in the program to 64 graduate students. The incoming cohort holds the most diverse disciplinary representation to date for an IGC admissions cycle, representing 10 different departments and 5 colleges across the VT campus!

IGC and GCC members invite you to join a new Plant Interactions Reading Group
Funding Opportunities Sponsored by the Graduate School
There are a variety of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships sponsored by the Graduate School:

  • The COVES (Commonwealth of Virginia Engineering and Science) Fellowship open to STEM graduate students

  • Joseph Frank Hunkler Memorial Scholarship open to VT graduate students

Job Opportunity: Industrial Economics (IEc) is hiring
IEc is seeking individuals with a graduate degree in statistics, public policy, engineering, chemistry, biology, ecology, and other environmental sciences to join the firm as Associates. Associates gather and evaluate data; design and implement quantitative analyses using a variety of economic, financial, or scientific methods; interpret and communicate results; and recommend modifications to achieve project objectives. 

EEB/ENTO Seminar: Maria Sharakhova, VT
Thursday, January 28 at 3:00 pm
"A journey from America to Europe: evolutionary history of the Holarctic malaria mosquitoes"

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FREC Seminar: Lincoln Larson, PhD, North Carolina State University
Friday, January 29 at 2:00 pm
Dr. Lincoln Larson is associate professor of human dimensions in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism at NCSU.

pw: FREC5004
Visit this page to view the full schedule of upcoming events sponsored by the Office for Inclusion and Diversity and The MLK Celebration Committee!
Webinar: “Race and Political Violence in the United States: Historical Perspectives”
Monday, February 1, 12:00–1:15 p.m.
Four expert speakers – Kellie Carter Jackson, Africana Studies, Wellesley College; Paul Quigley, Department of History; Annette Rodriguez, American Studies, University of North Carolina; and Peniel Joseph, Public Affairs, University of Texas – will reflect on how Americans have conceptualized and employed violence in changing political contexts. 

Sponsors: VT Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Department of History
Contact: Paul Quigley, pquigley@vt.edu
Mindful & Melanated: An exploration into the practices and benefits of mindfulness through a BIPOC lens
Monday, February 1, 7:00–8:30 p.m.
Join virtually for mindfulness practice and a facilitated conversation about what it means to be BIPOC in America and specifically on our campus today.  Hosted in collaboration with the Black Student Alliance & Virginia Tech Rec Sports. 

GCC affiliate Dr. Shuhai Xiao receives prestigious National Academy of Sciences Award
The National Academy of Sciences’ prestigious Mary Clark Thompson Medal to Geosciences professor and GCC affiliate Shuhai Xiao. Presented every six years, the $20,000 prize went to the renowned paleobiologist for “re-envisioning our understanding of evolution” through his research into “the interactions between the biosphere and its environments at critical transitions in Earth history”. 

New fossil provides clarity to the history of Alligatoridae
A new fossil has been identified by GCC affiliate Michelle Stocker, of the Department of Geosciences in the College of Science, which will provide some much needed clarity into the complex, and incomplete, history of caimans and their movements across time and space.

CALS launches Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture

The center’s work will operate in the intersection of technology, data analytics, and decisions to address challenges and security in the natural world and in human society in the domains of plants, animals, and food systems.

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