July 7, 2020
Check out these diverse opportunities (application deadlines coming up soon) that are currently available with the Agricultural Research Service! See a complete list of openings  here.

IGC Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Laura Schoenle

Dr. Laura Schoenle, an IGC alumna of 2017, currently serves as Assistant Director and Coordinator of Undergraduate Research and Honors within the Office of Undergraduate Biology at Cornell University. A fundamental drive weaves throughout her...

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Postcard from a Fellow: Melissa Burt investigates seed...

This year would have been the sixth consecutive year of annual pitfall trapping for a project in which my collaborators and I are using a landscape experiment to investigate how habitat connectivity via corridors affects ant community dynamics...

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Check out the New River Valley Timebank
If you're someone who: needs safe childcare, transportation, repairs, errands, help moving, or some help around the house, AND/OR has time for these things and skills to contribute during COVID, check out the NRV Timebank ! Members post requests for the help and skills of other community members, and post offers to help in the way that best suits them. Everyone has something to offer, and the Timebank exchanges time instead of money. Signing up just involves a Zoom orientation and a background check (so that everybody is safe).
Durelle Scott examines how increased flooding due to...

Dr. Scott and his co-authors looked at what he calls "everyday" flooding in streams and rivers of all sizes, using data from 5,800 flood monitoring stations operated by the United States Geological Survey. With measurements typically taken...

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NPR: How to lower COVID-19 risk during the summer
NPR's Scott Simon spoke with GCC affiliate Linsey Marr on the nature of airborne virus transmission and what behaviors we should be wary of this quarantine summer.

Aired on July 4th; listen to the interview here!
239 Experts With One Big Claim: The Coronavirus Is Airborne

In early April, a group of 36 experts on air quality and aerosols, including GCC affiliate Linsey Marr, urged the W.H.O. to consider the growing evidence on airborne transmission of the coronavirus. In most buildings, the air-exchange rate is...

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