June 23, 2020
IGC GSO transitions to new officers for 2020-2021

As we welcome in the newest officers of the IGC GSO, we also want to take a moment to thank all the officers who are finishing up their term. Thank you, 2019-2020 officers, for all your contributions this past year and congratulations to the new...

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Guiding Principles for the Fralin Life Sciences Institute

A message from FLSI Executive Director, Matt Hulver, introduces four guiding principles for the Institute.

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Cully Hession - Biological Systems Engineering

Dr. Hession runs the StREAM Lab at Virginia Tech along 2.1-km of Stroubles Creek adjacent to campus. This is a full-scale stream lab equipped with high-resolution hydrologic monitoring capabilities for studying hydrologic, geomorphic...

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Sara Teemer - Biological Sciences

As a PhD student, Sara seeks to work at the intersection of behavior, disease, and conservation. Her project investigates the role of the host microbiome and its influence on disease transmission at the population level. The project incorporates...

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Postcard from a Fellow: Jess Hernandez, Biological Sciences

Jess Hernandez is busy checking in on her local AirBnB tenants this summer! It’s a sticky, humid afternoon in southwestern Virginia. Trucks are spraying manure across a sea of rolling hay fields. I’m downwind and standing in front of a wooden nest...

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Blood donations needed
Past donations in the NRV have been extremely helpful! For a limited time, when you donate blood, platelets or plasma with the Red Cross, your donation will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies. You must be feeling healthy & well and have an appointment to give.

Schedule now & help meet the urgent need for blood:   rcblood.org/2Y2qENP .
Support Mutual Aid in the NRV with the Future Economy Collective
Since March, the Future Economy Collective has provided free meals and supplies to over 500 individuals across the New River Valley! Recently, nearly 40 new families have signed up for assistance. If you are able, donate to help support this initiative!
YMCA Meals on Main + Mobile Summer Feeding Program seeking volunteers
Volunteers needed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays to help collect, load, and distribute meals!

VT researcher working to provide clean water to Appalachia

Krometis' newest article on the subject, "Water Scavenging from Roadside Springs in Appalachia," published in May 2019 in the "Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education," connects her earlier research on wastewater to the issue of...

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VT graduate student co-organizes #BlackBirdersWeek

IGC fellow Amber Wendler, a biological sciences Ph.D. student in the College of Science studying the behavior of tropical birds, was one of the organizers of #BlackBirdersWeek, a social media movement that took place from May 31 to June 6.

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The Scientist, the Air and the Virus

Most of us had never heard of aerosol science before the pandemic. Then Virginia Tech's Linsey Marr showed up and became our tour guide to the invisible world of airborne particles. When Linsey Marr's son started attending day care 12 years ago,...

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