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February 2019
A Message from the Director
To Green Energy Ohio friends and Supporters,

It's important for all organizations to periodically take stock of who they are and where they stand in the overall landscape, and the GEO Board of Directors did just that at a January retreat. They agreed on a simple and direct mission statement:

"Green Energy Ohio is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable energy policies, technologies, and practices."

They also approved three objectives that will guide our work:
  • To promote sustainable energy policies, technologies, and practices of value to Ohio’s economy and environment.
  • To educate Ohioans on the availability, use, and benefits of renewable resources and energy conservation and efficiency.
  • To represent a diverse membership, including individuals, businesses, community and government entities, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations who share GEO’s mission.

As we approach our 20th year, we renewed our commitment to apply our knowledge and experience to education and public outreach programming on energy issues of importance to diverse constituencies throughout Ohio.

Last year we produced a document based on our road trip across state and titled it "The End of the Road, the Start of Journey." This year our theme is "The Journey Continues" and we encourage you to join us!

Jane Harf
Executive Director
Melink’s Bold Steps Towards Sustainable Innovation
by: Sarah Siegel

In an open field surrounded by solar panels, founder, CEO, and visionary Steve Melink stands where Melink Corporation’s second headquarters will be erected. Just across the street from the first building, the second headquarters will be similar in structure but will improve on its design. As Melink says, the company is “taking building science to the next level.” Even throughout the winding driveway of the company’s property, Melink’s prioritization of sustainability and energy efficiency is prominently on display.

Read the full story on our website.
In the News
The 2019 edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook provides up-to-date market information on the U.S. energy landscape. Among its findings are:
  • Renewable generation output grew 5% in 2018, accounting for 18% of total U.S. generation—a 79% increase from its contribution a decade ago.
  • Renewable energy added a record 19.5 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity in 2018, the second highest year on record.
  • Wind and solar capacity has more than quadrupled since 2009, from 36.2 GW to 164.6 GW in 2018.
  • Wind is the largest single source of zero-carbon power-generating capacity in the U.S.
  • Biogas, biomass, geothermal, and waste-to-energy represented 16.5 GW of U.S. capacity in 2018.
  • Clean energy and energy efficiency support over 3 million American jobs.
  • Electric vehicle sales rose nearly 80% in 2018.
  • Lithium-ion battery prices dropped 18%, boosting both EVs and stationary storage applications.
  • The carbon intensity of the U.S. power sector declined 0.7% in 2018.
  • Large U.S. corporations contracted for a new record high of 8.6 GW of renewable energy capacity by year-end 2018. 

The report also notes varied action in the states, with some enacting ambitious targets while others made plans to scale back their net energy metering or renewable energy credit programs. It's important that we share information from this report with Ohio lawmakers and continue to advocate for policies that move the state forward.

For complete information including the links to the Executive Summary, Infographic, brochure, video, slide presentation of top findings and the Factbook, please visit: 2019 Sustainable Energy in America.
Save the Date - April 25
The GEO Annual Meeting Reception will be held on April 25 at Kent State University
Join us the evening of Thursday, April 25 for the 2019 GEO Annual Meeting Reception at Kent State University.

We will hear from business, nonprofit, academic, and government award winners -- Kent State will be receiving the academic institution award and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections will receive the government entity award for their Solar Schoolhouse Program. Stay tuned for more award winners! We will showcase collaborations that have made a difference for Ohioans, and of course you'll have a chance to enjoy refreshments and the company of other GEO members and supporters!
Call for Earth Day Information
Earth Day
Earth Day is just around the corner and GEO wants to know what you and your communities have planned!

We will be promoting Earth Day activities on the GEO website again this year, so please send dates, times, and other details to us at:

We will also be featuring events in a special Earth Day edition of the Connections newsletter. And be sure to let us know in advance if you would like GEO materials to give out at Earth Day events.
Climate Change Book Club
About the book: Gleb Raygorodetsky’s book respectfully shares Indigenous Peoples’ insights, wisdom, and practical knowledge as their collective gift to humanity at a time of unprecedented change. The traditional knowledge and life styles of Indigenous Peoples hold solutions for adaptation and resilience in meeting the physical, ecological, and social challenges of climate change. It's their timeless stewardship of the land — based on respect, reciprocity, restraint, and reverence — that continues to nourish their communities and cultures, sustain biodiversity, and preserve ecosystems, from the depths of the Ecuadorian forests in the Amazon to the freezing Arctic tundra. 
Upcoming GEO Events
Growing Local Solar:
Community-based tools to enable solar development in Ohio
March 20 , 2019 from 10:00 am-3:00 pm
The University of Dayton
Daniel J. Curran Place

Green Energy Ohio is collaborating with the Ohio Environmental Council, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and the University of Dayton to host the second in a series of workshops on local solar development.

Join us to explore how state and local policies and programs can attract new solar projects and green jobs. This workshop is designed to provide resources for local governmental officials and staff within county, township, city and village jurisdictions; however, it is open to all solar activists.

Presentations and panel discussions with policy, legal, and business experts will cover a range of topics, including land use, building codes and zoning considerations community choice aggregation and neighborhood-based solar cooperatives; solar project interconnection standards; best practices for residential rooftop solar in historical districts and homeowners' associations; energy special improvement districts (eSIDs) and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. The agenda will also include conversation with the University of Dayton team responsible for the Daniel J. Curran Place solar array, who will lead a tour of the facility. Please register by March 13.   The event page and registration can be found here.
Our Ohio Partners
3rd Annual Ohio Solar Congress
Solar United Neighbors and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University are presenting the 3rd Annual Ohio Solar Congress on Saturday, March 9 from 9:30 AM-4:00 PM at the Baker Center on the OU campus in Athens.

The Ohio Solar Congress is a free public conference on solar energy that brings together solar supporters from across the state to learn about and discuss all things solar in Ohio. The day will include a series of presentations about solar technology and policy topics as well as ways to get involved with growing solar in Ohio. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all attendees!
This event is FREE and open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend! More info at: Ohio Solar Congress
P.O. Box 521
Granville, Ohio 43023