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I am saddened to report that the Tour's white, 14', Wells Cargo single axle cargo trailer was stolen this past Wednesday night. The license plate is E2362L. It was parked (with a very good set of tongue and door locks) in an industrial area in Newmarket and was one of two trailers, in the same area, that were stolen that night. Please find below an old picture of the trailer. It currently does not have any of the logos you see in this picture. It is all white. I



The trailer contained ALL of the Tour's event supplies. Some of the contents include:

15 Motorola radios

35 Eleven foot banner flags

18 Tournament flag poles (and GTA AM Tour flags)

72 GTA AM Tour black hoodie sweatshirts

72 GTA AM Tour grey toques

184 tee markers

2 pop up tents (one TaylorMade R11 and the other GTA Amateur Tour logos)

Tour Order of Merit trophy and blue Clydesdale carrying case

8 green Gatorade-type water coolers and stands

2 Ecco director chairs


The reason I share this list with you is in case you are browsing "for sale" sites such as ebay and Kijiji and come across some of these items.


Please contact the police immediately if you spot the trailer. If you come across any of the items above on a "for sale" website, please email me the link.


The Insurance company is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and criminal conviction of the perpetrator(s) of this crime.


I would like to thank Paul Dermody and his Team for working with us to value the trailer and its contents and possibly (hopefully not and we are able to locate the trailer and event supplies) replace the trailer and contents.


Thank you in advance for keeping your eyes peeled...

In good health,



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