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Gathering Waters Ceremonies and Festivals
Throughout history, festivals and ceremonies have emerged from the life of the earth and the cycles of nature. These celebrations bring us a sense of rhythm and anticipation, and can also be a way of keeping time.

The common experience of a festival or ceremony--especially one which evokes joy, gratitude and awe in the participants--has the power to unite a whole community.

At Gathering Waters, these ceremonies and festivals will help to create traditions that will lift us out of the ordinary and into the magic and rhythm of the seasons.

Our two celebrations so far have been the Rose Ceremony and the Fall Festival.
The Rose Ceremony
The Gathering Waters school year began, and will conclude, with a Rose Ceremony.

With the exchange of a rose between the First and Eighth Graders, this ceremony created the opportunity to welcome the First Graders into our school.

At the close of the year, roses will be exchanged again, this time with the Eighth Graders as the recipients.

The Rose Ceremony marks a significant moment in time for our incoming students and for those finishing their elementary and middle school experience and preparing to move on to the High School.
The Fall Festival
We recently celebrated our first festival, a treasured fall tradition in many Waldorf schools (often referred to as Michaelmas.) 

This is an ancient festival in which we celebrate the harvest, human courage and potential, and the triumph of light over darkness. As the dark of winter looms and we turn inward with the changing seasons, it is important to remind ourselves of the power of courage and hope, and to take the time to appreciate life’s gifts.

Our Fall Festival is a celebration of nature's harvest as well as our own strength and courage. This season is a good time to ponder our own inner dragons, both internal and external, and cultivate the courage and strength necessary for growth. It is a time to remember that for the benefit of all, we have the capacity (and the obligation) to transform what is hateful and hurtful into what is loving and kind.
With this in mind, the entire school gathered at Robin Hood Park to enjoy the bounty of the season and to test our strength! Students pressed apples for cider, planted bulbs for spring and demonstrated determination and agility with games, relays, an obstacle course!
We also heard stories,
and honored mother nature with a mandala made of her gifts.

The students in the Upper School were very supportive of their younger classmates and helped to transport and facilitate the activities. A wonderful time was had by all!
Important Reminders!
Parent Teacher Conferences/ Early Dismissal
Reminder: Parent-Teacher conferences will be held October 27, 28 and 29 (W,Th,F).
School ends for all grades at 12:30. Children should bring a snack, but do not need to pack a lunch (with the exception of the kindergarten-those students please bring a lunch!) Please refer to your email titled "Oct 14th News" for conference sign-up details.

Aftercare will be available from 12:30 to 5:30 for students already signed up for regular Aftercare on those days, and for drop-ins ONLY during your 30- minute conference window.
School photo deadline!
The gallery is now live and will permanently close on 10/29. 

The link to order is password protected and class specific, so please search for your email titled "Oct 14 News" for the link.
Our Crafts Fair is November 19th!
The Winter Crafts Fair is an important fundraiser for the school and we appreciate your support!

Preparations are well on their way for the first annual Gathering Waters Public Charter School Winter Craft Fair!

The fair will include craft and artisan vendors, a raffle, silent auction, food tent, a children's and school store, roaming entertainment, a quality second-hand boutique and children's activities.

The fair will take place at 98 South Lincoln St.

Friday evening, November 19th,
(adults only, please) and

Saturday, November 20th,

We look forward to seeing you there!
To support the Crafts Fair with Silent Auction donations or items for the Boutique, please click HERE.
Scenes from School
A lovely gift of appreciation from parent Sarah Barkhouse (Vera Flora Farm)
recess at the lower school
The 9th Grade
picnic table project
8th Grade
Monadnock hike
3rd grade to
Stonewall Farm
5th Grade
at Robin Hood
2nd Grade
5th Grade
Upper School
"Come little leaves,"
said the wind one day.
"Come over the meadow
with me and play. 
Put on your dresses
of red and gold, 
For the summer is gone
and the days grow cold."
Community Ads
Handwork Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help children in Grades 1 and 2 with knitting projects and Grade 3 with crochet. Learning to knit and crochet is a hands-on experience that is most successful when there is enough individual attention.
The excitement for the children in learning these new skills and being part of helping them to learn is equally rewarding!

We are hoping to compile a list of volunteers that teachers leading the Handwork classes can draw from to assist with teaching these much loved experiences.
If you have time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, beginning at 11:00 AM and would enjoy helping a small group of children learn these skills, please let us know your interest. Any time you are willing to help would be greatly appreciated.

Once I hear from you and know your skill set, I will send out the specific times for you to confirm your availability.

Please contact me with your interest or questions at
Laundry Help

The Gathering Waters Eurythmy program is fortunate to have a good number of Eurythmy robes and veils. These are costumes used for some Eurythmy presentations and most Eurythmy performances. Before we can use them, they need to be washed, as some have been subjected to many moons of dust. As some of them are silk or silk blends, a washing machine able to be set to delicate (warm water wash/cold water rinse; low agitation; and low spin) is needed. A clothes dryer is not needed as they should air dry and, if possible, be ironed while still damp. We have a number of weeks before their first possible use and we will prioritize those we may need in November. If you do not find laundry odious, please consider helping us with this large project. Contact Stephan Vdoviak.
Hello GWCS Community! I am a special educator and parent of two GW students here in Keene, NH. I have done home care with young children in the past during the summer months and am considering expanding that to a year round service, if the need is there. I would like to note that I do have a small dog and a cat also living in the home, in case that impacts your level of interest. If you, or someone you know is in need of weekday in home child care, please email me at or call/text me at 603-398-2649. Thank you so much and happy autumn!
House for rent:
31 Wilber Street (white house behind the lower school)
Available December 1
Rent $1200 month, heat and electricity not included.
3-4 bedrooms, 1 bath
Email for more details.
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