April 2023 Edition
A Message from the
Executive Director
At GWRCCC we understand the connection between low and zero emissions vehicles and the health of communities, that’s been our focus for 30 years.  
According to the U.S. Department of Energy over 25% of greenhouse gases and emissions come from vehicles. Asthma has a direct connection to pollution from transportation and is the #1 reason why students are absent from school in the U.S.
Helping families live longer, ensuring kids and adults miss fewer days of school and work, and families spend less on medical costs anchors GWRCCC’s environmental work with public and private fleets by championing the use of new technologies and alternative fuels for vehicles. 

Our communities and nation depend on us to educate, advocate and legislate for cleaner fuels for all transportation vehicles so that no person or neighborhood is left behind.  
Happy Earth Day 2023.  At GWRCCC, every day, we work to protect Mother Earth. Support our work for a better tomorrow for all by making a charitable contribution now at http://www.GWRCCC.org/donations.
Laurel is a public relations and event planning specialist. She began with GWRCCC in November of 2022 and coordinates GWRCCC's social media content, event promotion, community outreach events, and other media relations.

Before coming to GWRCCC, she worked at the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce in Washington State as a Communication and BIPOC Business Outreach Coordinator, connecting BIPOC businesses with resources and each other.

Laurel graduated from Seattle University with a BA in Communication and Media, focusing in Strategic Communication. She loves to help people succeed, and believes communication that brings people together is a crucial step toward helping her clients meet their goals. Laurel is passionate about climate change and is excited to help GWRCCC move the needle on equity in clean energy.
1. Stella Kazibwe, 2. Davin Cox, 3. Pierre Morel,
4. Rachit Shah, 5. Anthony Roman
Fleet Coaching

GWRCCC is offering 30 minutes of coaching for a limited number of fleets each month.

For more information, contact the office at (202) 671-1580.
Delivering on an Electric Future
March 14, 2023. Today’s big announcement of federal funding announcement for EV charging in disadvantaged and underserved communities by Hon. Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of U.S. DOT and Hon. Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of U.S. Energy. These funds are desperately needed to stop the disparities in access to EV charging.  
GWRCCC Annual Report Preparation
GWRCCC is beginning our 2023 Annual Report, we need your help! What has your organization done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the DMV? Ensure your work is included in our reporting.

To learn about our process, watch this short video, then fill out the Data Collection Contact Form to receive your data collection file. If you have questions, email Laurel Mack-Wilson at [email protected].
Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition
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Post Box 73402
Washington, DC 20009
202-671-1580 | www.gwrccc.org


March 30, 2023

Contact: Antoine Thompson, Executive Director 
Direct: 716-308-0945

IBEW Local 26
Contact: David Pala, Marketing and Communications
Direct:   240-736-4733

Baltimore/D.C.-Metro Building Trades Council
Contact: Greg Akerman, Northern Virginia Director 
Direct:   804-241-2902

IBEW Local 26, Baltimore/D.C.-Metro Building Trades Council and GWRCCC Hosted Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits and Workforce Standards Workshop on March 20

Lanham, MD — The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 26, the Baltimore/D.C.-Metro Building Trades Council and the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC) hosted a discussion on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Tax Credits and Workforce Standards on Monday, March 20th, 2023 at the IBEW Local 26 Building in Lanham, Maryland.

This workshop was an opportunity for contractors and developers to learn how they can take advantage of IRA tax credits. The IRA includes tax credits and workforce standards for clean energy jobs in the solar, electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy efficiency, fleet electrification, clean energy and renewable energy sectors.

GWRCCC, IBEW and the Baltimore/D.C.-Metro Building Trades Council seek to promote business opportunities for local contractors, with an emphasis on women and minority-owned businesses, by encouraging the creation of clean energy jobs that pay prevailing wages and provide registered apprenticeship training. Increasing awareness of the IRA is an avenue to reach these goals.

This event was an opportunity to increase awareness and provide a forum for local contractors to network and ask questions of leading experts. Union and non-union companies were able to learn and ask questions about the union workforce standards and grants available under the IRA to promote the creation of a clean energy workforce. Keynote speaker Congressman Glenn Ivey (MD-04) discussed grant acquisition best practices and the importance of creating union jobs in Maryland. Keynote speaker Betony Jones, the Director of the US Department Of Energy’s Office of Energy Jobs, discussed the unprecedented opportunities that the IRA affords for the clean energy economy and environmental equity.

IBEW Local 26, the Baltimore/D.C.-Metro Building Trades and GWRCCC hope to host more events similar to this one as more guidance is released on the Inflation Reduction Act. If you are interested in co-hosting a similar event, contact GWRCCC at (202) 671-1580 or go to www.gwrccc.org.

“Inflation Reduction Act funds and grants will not only help the local economy, but will improve the region’s clean energy and transportation sectors. As guidance regarding the Inflation Reduction Act becomes available, GWRCCC hopes to help local contractors and developers take full advantage of the funding opportunities available” GWRCCC Executive Director Antoine Thompson remarked.

Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC) is focused on the Washington, D.C. metro area. We are one of nearly 80 coalitions in the U.S. that fosters economic, environmental, and energy security by working locally to advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels, energy efficient mobility systems, and other fuel-saving technologies and practices. Find out more at https://gwrccc.org.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers boasts the best electricians in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Electricians' jobs are some of the most technical jobs in America, and Local 26 provides the highest quality, technical training to its members. Here at Local 26, we believe in standing up for our members rights and always have their best interest in mind. Learn more here https://www.ibewlocal26.org/welcome/.
Baltimore/D.C.-Metro Building Trades Council: Through sustained and collaborative efforts with industry, government, and community leaders – and which are centered upon pre-apprenticeship programs, apprenticeship programs, and the "Helmets to Hardhats" program – the Baltimore-D.C. Building Trades is all about a collective effort to move the needle of industry and social change further in the direction of greater employment opportunity and economic advancement: continuing to allow construction to be a viable family-sustaining career. Learn more here https://www.bdcbt.org/. 

The US Department of Transportation
Equity Action Plan
As part of its commitment to improving transportation equity and the U.S. Department of Transportation Equity Action Plan, USDOT also launched the Thriving Communities Program last fall, which facilitates the planning and development of transportation and community revitalization activities and provides tools to ensure that under-resourced communities can access the historic funding provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

More information on the Thriving Communities Program is available HERE. For more information on the Reconnecting Communities, including additional resources and information for interested applicants and stakeholders, click HERE
GWRCCC would like your help as we gather input on our constituent’s level of interest for electric vehicles. We greatly appreciate your time to complete our 30 second survey which will help us better educate and advocate for electric vehicle infrastructure, programs and initiatives in the Greater Washington Region and the nation.
Please take a moment to complete the My Electric Vehicle Survey provided by one of GWRCCC's Board Members.

To complete the survey, simply scan the QR code below.
NEVI Program
FHWA recently updated their NEVI Program website to include links to the Final Rule, as well as the Buy America Waiver Requirements for EV Chargers

FHWA established a page for the CFI Program, which provides an overview of the program and will contain a link to the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) once it is issued: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/cfi/.
MAPDA Announces Relaunch of NORA-Funded Equipment Rebate Program in Maryland
MAPDA is relaunching its Equipment Rebate ProgramThe program is paid for with funds from the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA).
2023 Equipment Rebates -
Water Heater rebates available along with Tanks and Systems
MAPDA has expanded the equipment rebate program to include systems, tanks and now oil-fired water heaters. Homeowners will now be eligible to receive the following rebates for new products upon installation:
·     $100 for a new oil-fired water heater that is a higher efficiency than their existing water heater
·     $200 for a new heating oil storage tank
·     $200 for a new oil furnace that is a higher efficiency than their existing furnace
·     $300 for a new oil boiler that is a higher efficiency than their existing boiler
Take advantage of rebates immediately!
The program is live across the region as of March 21st. This will be the first day that dealers will be able to complete work and submit a rebate application for either a new heating oil system, a heating oil tank, or both. Work completed before March 21st will not be eligible for a rebate.
The process will be the same as always:
1.  Customer expresses interest in securing a rebate, or oil dealer makes customer aware of available rebates.
2.  Customer signs off on the job and will receive the rebate from the dealer upfront.
3.  Work is completed.
4.  Dealer visits MAPDArebate.com and completes the submission form. Dealer provides a W-9 (if it is the first time submitting a rebate), customer information, company information and for equipment rebates, the make and model information of the old and new system for efficiency calculation purposes.
5.  Dealer receives the rebate reimbursement from NORA within a few weeks.
Questions? Contact Us!
If you have any questions about the program or would like a refresher for your team on the program details, please reach out to Mike O'Halloran.
The Environmental Justice Government-to-Government (EJG2G) program provides funding at the state, local, territorial, and tribal level to support government activities that lead to measurable environmental or public health impacts in communities disproportionately burdened by environmental harms. To apply for this opportunity, view the RFA on Grants.govApplications packages must be submitted on or before April 10, 2023. 
This Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) program provides technical assistance to state and local government entities for solar site surveys and to conduct preliminary development of solar projects. This is a non-competitive program available on a first-come, first-served basis through June 30, 2023.

Click here for more information.
Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Block Grant Program

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program is designed to assist states, local governments, and Tribes in implementing strategies to reduce energy use, to reduce fossil fuel emissions, and to improve energy efficiency.

To learn more about the program, click here.
The Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in America Agenda:
Delivering for the District of Columbia

President Biden’s agenda has catalyzed over $1.1 billion of new investment in the District of Columbia.

For decades, the U.S. exported jobs and imported products, while other countries surpassed us in critical sectors like infrastructure, clean energy, semiconductors, and biotechnology. Thanks to President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda – including historic legislation signed into law by President Biden such as the American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, CHIPS and Science Act, and Inflation Reduction Act – that is changing. Since the President took office in 2021, he has catalyzed over $1.1 billion in new investment across the District of Columbia. These investments are creating good-paying jobs, including union jobs and jobs that don’t require a four-year degree in industries that will boost U.S. competitiveness, rebuild infrastructure, strengthen supply chains, and help build a clean energy economy.

Rebuilding the District of Columbia’s Infrastructure:
Thanks to President Biden’s economic plan, about $1.1 billion in federal funding has already been announced for 8 infrastructure projects across the District of Columbia. That includes $851 million in federal investments to fund transportation projects – roads, bridges, and roadway safety – and over $82 million for better access to clean water. For example:
  • The D.C. Department of Transportation was awarded $10 million to construct a nearly four-mile walking and biking trail along D.C. Village Lane, which will extend the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail network into southern D.C. and connect disadvantaged neighborhoods to the public transit system.
  • The D.C. Department of Transportation was awarded $9.5 million to purchase electric buses.
  • D.C. was also awarded $6.2 million for a project to reduce inland flood risk.

As of March 2023 Creating Clean-Energy Jobs and Combatting the Climate Crisis:

President Biden’s Investing in America agenda is delivering a clean, secure, and healthy future for Washington D.C. families by:

  • Expanding electric vehicle opportunities, with hundreds of thousands of people in the District of Columbia eligible for discounts on new or used EVs through the Inflation Reduction Act, which will be supported by networks of EV chargers across the state funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.
  • Protecting the District of Columbia against extreme weather, with historic investments for more resilient homes, businesses, and communities.
  • Delivering cleaner air for communities, with environmental justice block grants, investments for cleaner buses and trucks, and a Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator to prioritize emissions-reducing projects in disadvantaged communities.
Join FTA this month to learn about a competitive funding opportunity for nearly $1.7 billion that will support state and local efforts to modernize aging transit fleets with low- and no-emission buses, renovate and construct bus facilities, and support workforce development.

Potential applicants to the FY23 Low or No Emission (Low-No) Program and Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program are welcome to attend either of the two scheduled webinars. Webinar attendees will learn about program eligibility, evaluation criteria and selection considerations, and the submission process.

Applicants are encouraged to attend the webinars linked below to learn more and how to apply before the application deadline on Thursday, April 13, 2023.
Consumer Reports Surveys on EV's
Consumer Reports (CR) surveys have shown a 350% increase in consumer demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) between 2020 and 2022. While automakers are ramping up supply, the fact that the vehicle fleet turns over very slowly means that most consumers will have to wait a decade or more for an opportunity to own a BEV.

  • We found a 350% increase in consumer demand for EVs from 2020 to 2022
  • There are currently 45 EV-ready buyers for every EV being manufactured
  • 30% of licensed drivers in the market to buy or lease a new (and not a used) vehicle were not even considering a conventional gasoline vehicle

Click here to review the link to review the report:
More Funding Opportunities
FTA: Low or No Emission Vehicle Program – Due April 13, 2023

FTA: Buses and Bus Facilities Program - Due April 13, 2023

MARAD: Port Infrastructure Development Grants - Due April 28, 2023 

Biden-Harris administration announces availability of $100 million through Inflation Reduction Act for Environmental Justice Grants.
EPA: Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (to develop and implement plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful air pollution) – Several due dates March 31-April 28, 2023

Looking for more funding opportunities? 
CEBN's Funding Database lists prizes, grants, venture capital, and support for all types of cleantech. This searchable tool is free and continuously updated.
New Federal EV Tax Credits

The IRS has issued new guidance on electric vehicle (EV) tax credits for 2023.
If you bought and placed in service a new qualified plug-in electric vehicle (EV) or fuel cell vehicle (FCV) on January 1, 2023, or later and meet certain income limitations, you may be eligible for a clean vehicle tax credit up to $7,500.
If you buy a new plug-in electric vehicle (EV) or fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in 2023 or after, you may qualify for a clean vehicle tax credit. Find out if you qualify.
First Round of Funding Announced for Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program!

The Biden-Harris administration opened applications for the first round of funding for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program.
New Alternative Fuels
Tax Credits and Grants

A dozen new tax credits and grants have been released for alternative fuels by the Federal government and are available online at the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center. Tax credits for biofuels, electric vehicles and related infrastructure are included. Grants include port electrification programs under the EPA.
More Funding Opportunities

Through the C2C program, NREL offers in-depth technical partnerships with teams—composed of local government, community organizations, utilities, and other organizations— to work alongside national laboratory staff as they apply robust modeling and analysis tools and conduct hardware-in-the-loop testing of clean energy solutions adapted to the community's unique conditions and contexts. Apply by May 17.
Applications are now open for the Energizing Rural Communities Prize, a new $15M prize from the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations to support innovative partnerships and finance plans to help rural or remote communities develop clean energy demonstrations. Apply by May 21st for the opportunity to win $100,000 in Phase One.
GWRCCC is looking to hire a
Community Engagement Liaison
Are you a community organizer/liaison committed to environmental justice in the Greater Washington, DC region? Have you developed equity centered partnerships with the community? Are you driven by creating change?

The Community Engagement Liaison (CEL) serves as a key partner and bridge between the GWRCCC and underserved and overburdened parts of DC/Maryland/Virginia. The CEL is a new position that focuses on ways to identify, cultivate, develop, and sustain relationships with members of the community who can best support and contribute to energy and environmental justice projects based upon the needs and perspectives of the community.

For more information, click here.
FTA is seeking candidates for several positions in its headquarters and regional offices. The agency is introducing new programs and expanding existing initiatives following passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Join our team and become part of the federal agency that supports public transportation for America’s communities. Open positions include Region 10 administrator (Seattle), grants management specialists in Region 3 (Philadelphia) and civil rights program analyst. See USAJobs.gov for more information and deadlines to apply.
The Vehicle Technologies Office Hiring!
Ready to join our team? The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy just announced 8 new opportunities for technical experts to join the Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) to help decarbonize the transportation sector and drive innovation within and deployment of clean transportation technologies. VTO will begin reviewing applications for these positions soon—for best consideration, apply ASAP!
Open Positions:

· Batteries:
o   Technology Development Manager (Engineer) – 3 positions varying levels of experience: At the GS-13, GS-14, and GS-15 levels, Technology Managers serve as technical experts in early-stage R&D of high-energy and high-power battery materials, cells, and/or battery development that can enable industry to significantly reduce the cost, weight, volume, and charge time of PEV batteries.

· Electrification:
o   Technology Development Manager (Engineer): At the GS-13 level, the Technology Manager will serve as a technical expert in electric-drive systems, powertrain and vehicle charging technologies, vehicle-grid integration, and other related technologies.

· Energy Efficient Mobility Systems:
o   Program Manager (Supervisory Management and Program Analyst): At the GS-15 level, the Program Manager will lead senior staff to establish research objectives, and develop and issue long range work plans, to identify critical pathways and develop innovative technology solutions to enable significant improvements in mobility energy productivity when adopted at scale.

o   Technology Development Manager (Engineer/Physical Scientist): At the GS-13 level, the Technology Manager will serve as a technical expert in modeling and simulation; high-performance computing-enabled data analytics; new and emerging transportation-system technologies and new mobility solutions; connected, shared, and automated vehicles; and other related technologies.

· Off-road, Rail, Marine, and Aviation:
o   Technology Development Manager (Engineer): At the GS-13 level, the Technology Manager will serve as a technical expert in difficult to electrify sectors (off-road, rail, marine, and aviation) with a focus on off-road technologies that utilize: renewable fuels, such as advanced biofuels, renewable hydrogen and e-fuels; powertrain technologies including the integration of electrification, hybridization, and plug-in hybridization; catalysis research to cost-effectively reduce emissions from non-road engines, while reducing/replacing critical minerals, i.e., platinum group metals; and other related technologies.

· Operations:
o   Communications Specialist: At the GS-13 level, the Communications Specialist will proactively plan and create content for VTO outreach via social media, stakeholder emails, and blog posts, manage the digital presence including website content, and serve as VTO’s point of contact for media inquiries.

· Additional postings will be coming soon.
To learn more about other open positions, visit careers in VTO. Sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch and learn about additional job opportunities. Please share this announcement with others that may be interested.
Calstart is Hiring Needs Assessment to evaluate projected workforce needs related to transportation electrification in the greater New York City metropolitan area and the broader Northeast region.
MEEP Program

MEEP is supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The project allows school districts to gain experience with electric school buses from multiple manufacturers, evaluate vehicle performance (including comparison to baseline conventional fuel buses), and provide valuable information about incorporating electric school bus technologies into their fleets.

Click here for more information.

MAEP Program

Funded by the US Department of Energy, this $14.6 million project is designed to create a regional EV ecosystem in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. It will connect the Mid–Atlantic Region’s cities through EV infrastructure sub–projects including multimodal hubs such as airports, seaports, and logistics centers. It will also address educational, planning, and equity issues of populations near these hubs. The goal is to install approximately 200 EV charging units. It is a 3–year project through 2024.

Please fill out the following information to see if your location qualifies for a charging station through the Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership (MAEP). Click here to complete the form.

Click here to fill out the following information to see if your Taxi/Rideshare qualifies for a charging station through the Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership (MAEP).

Click here for more information about the MAEP Program.
GWRCCC's Events
Learn the steps to becoming an EV charging contractor at this free webinar. Installing EV Chargers is more than acquiring a charger; it requires EV vendors, electricians, concrete contractors, line painters and more.

Click here to register.
The Monthly Stakeholders’ Meeting is an opportunity to hear what’s happening at GWRCCC and receive clean energy and transportation updates from local industry leaders on funding, business and job opportunities. April’s Monthly Stakeholders Meeting will focus on sustainability and climate strategies in the DMV.

Click here to register.
Installing EV Chargers is more than acquiring a charger; it requires EV vendors, electricians, concrete contractors, line painters and more.

Click here to register or for more information.
Earth Week:
Green Drinks Happy Hour

Thursday, April 20, 2023
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Click here to register.
Electric School Bus Tour
Saturday, April 22, 2023

Click here to register or for more information.
Learn how to obtain:
  • Exposure to emerging technologies
  • A pathway to high paying tech or science related careers
  • Obtain the skills and certifications for in-demand employment
  • Connect directly to employers ready to hire
  • Become empowered to earn a living wage.
Click here to register or for more information.
Volunteers Needed for Earth Day Community Clean-up
Volunteers are needed t on April 22, 2023, at the Community Clean Up Day. Use the link below to sign up to participate.

Complete the form here.
The Ron Flowers Annual Golf Outing
Join and Support the 2023 Ron Flowers Annual Golf Outing!

Invite and bring your friends and colleagues to support the organization. A portion of the proceeds will be earmarked for scholarships to students graduating from high school.

For more information or to register, click here.

Sponsorship Opportunities
To learn more about sponsorship, click here.
April 18-19 for our DC Fly-In Lobbying Event
Register Now to Join NGVA Members on Capitol Hill

We will be meeting with and hearing from Members of Congress, their staffs, and officials from the U.S. Departments of Energy, Transportation, and Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency during our in-person 2023 Spring Advocacy Days.

Legislative priorities like the $1.00/gallon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Fuel Tax Credit, expanding natural gas refueling infrastructure, emissions regulations, and federal transit funding will be covered.

Group sessions on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning will be held at the American Gas Association conference center at NGVAmerica’s Capitol Hill offices. Registrants will visit Congressional offices during the day on Wednesday. The two-day sessions will be capped by a networking reception Wednesday evening back at AGA.

The cost is $129 for NGVAmerica members and Clean Cities partners, $179 for non-members and other guests.
Find out if your project qualifies and how you might access federal financial support.

Join us for an FGAC-sponsored webinar to find out more about member-directed Congressional spending for FY 2024, what Community Project funding is allowable, and how and when to reach out to your Congressional delegation for consideration and support.

When: Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. ET

This no-cost webinar is open to all NGVAmerica members and their guests; NGVAmerica membership is not required, though pre-registration is. Questions? Contact [email protected].
Technical assistance webinars for the Buildings Upgrade Prize are open to the public and will cover topics such as community-driven planning, funding sources for building retrofits, and more. The Buildings UP Prize Phase 1 application is due July 18.

Application support is also offered before Phase 1 to encourage new and under-resourced applicants to apply.
May 15- 17, 2023

The nation's premier electric transportation conference, where leaders convene to transform how people and goods move.

For more information or to register, click here.
Registration is Now Open!
Registration is now open for DOE’s 2023 Small Business Forum & Expo, taking place July 11-12, in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, DOE's 2023 Small Business Forum & Expo is designed specifically to connect small businesses with the Department’s national laboratories and program offices as well as the prime contractors all of whom help advance the Agency’s missions.

Don’t miss your chance to gain exclusive access to:
· Informative keynotes from top administration officials
· Breakout sessions led by industry leaders and experts in the field
· One-on-one matchmaking sessions
· An exhibit hall showcasing the latest products and services for building your business and increasing revenue
· Countless networking opportunities

Make plans now to join other business owners and government officials to learn how to increase revenue and grow your business.

Learn more at Energy.gov/DOEForum. Questions? Please contact [email protected].
Green Transportation Summit and Expo

Aug. 22–24, 2023
Tacoma, WA

The 12th annual Green Transportation Summit and Expo (GTSE) is comprised of three days of networking, information sessions, workshops, vehicle walk-throughs, and great accommodation provided with the 3-day pass. The 2023 show will also bring back the ride-and-drive event, giving everyone the chance to experience firsthand what clean transportation looks and feels like. 
Registration is open. Use code NREL-CC-30 to receive 30% off registration on any ticket. Clean Cities coalition directors and staff: use code CLEANCITIES for $99 tickets (must register with Clean Cities email address).

FuelEconomy.gov can help consumers cash in on new federal tax credits for clean vehicle purchases

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides new opportunities for consumers to save money on clean vehicles. FuelEconomy.gov has developed a new tool through the FuelEconomy.gov’s Tax Center to help consumers shop for clean vehicles eligible for these tax credits and help car buyers navigate the requirements. The website provides a simple calculator to help buyers determine the credit for pre-owned vehicles, provides information on claiming each of the credits, and answers frequently asked consumer questions.

To visit the FuelEconomy.gov Tax Incentives page, click here.


The newest IPCC report is released, Biden uses his first veto on an anti-ESG bill, and the EU releases part of its plan to get to net-zero.
CEBN is sharing answers to frequently asked questions on the IRA to help clarify how its programs can benefit you, your community, and your small business or organization – and, as a result, benefit our economy and climate. Get the answers for your questions about the new tax credits, IRS guidance, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, and more.
Take Action
Thank you to the 160+ business leaders who signed CEBN's letter supporting investment in clean energy innovation and R&D in the FY24 federal budget. The letter was sent to Congress on Monday in advance of budget negotiations.
On-the-ground impacts from small businesses and local organizations can be some of the most effective ways to communicate policy successes to lawmakers and the public. If you have an insightful comment or story to share about how the Inflation Reduction Act has impacted your business or community, we'd love to hear from you! Fill out CEBN's two-question survey to share your story.
New CEBN Members
GismoPower is the world’s first portable Solar on Wheels appliance that charges and shades your car while generating electricity for your home or the grid. Its portability, integrated EV Charger and powerful bifacial PV array sets it apart from other permanent structures such as ground-mount and roof-top solar systems and carports. As a portable appliance, GismoPower costs roughly 50% less than the classic method roof-top solar systems by avoiding permitting and installation soft costs. Welcome to the network, GismoPower!
Federal Policy Update
On Monday, President Biden vetoed a bill that would have limited retirement investments from considering ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors. This legislation would have reversed a recent rule from the Biden Administration and revert back to a Trump-era rule that discourages retirement fund managers from considering ESG. The bill passed the Senate narrowly with a 50-46 vote and represents the first presidential veto in Biden's term.
Want to dive deeper on federal policy? 
Access CEBN's Quarterly Policy Memo for insights into the midterm elections, recent legislative developments, and implementation of the IRA and BIL.
International Policy Update
The newest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report confirms impacts from climate change is worsening. Global temperatures are now 1.1℃ above pre-industrial levels and likely to reach 1.5℃ warming in the early 2030s. Although global mitigation has so far fallen short of what's needed, the report highlights that we have the technology and policy instruments available to enable us to close the gap.
The European Commission last week unveiled its Net-Zero Industry Act, a long-awaited proposal aimed at boosting Europe’s green industry. The proposed regulation is a key part of the European Green Deal Industrial Plan — the bloc’s response to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) — and aims to ensure that at least 40 percent of the bloc’s demand for clean tech is made domestically by 2030. The Commission recently released a Q&A on the Act.
Inflation Reduction Act & Infrastructure Law Implementation
Last week, the DOE announced the availability of $750M for research, development, and demonstration efforts to dramatically reduce the cost of clean hydrogen. This funding represents the first phase of the $1.5B in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) dedicated to advancing electrolysis technologies and improving manufacturing and recycling capabilities.
The Dept. of Transportation announced the first round of grants totaling over $94M for 59 projects across the US through the new Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) Grants Program, funded by BIL. SMART grants provide $500M over five years to leverage technology to create safer, more equitable, efficient, and innovative transportation systems.
The DOE recently launched its Pathways to Commercial Liftoff, a set of reports that represent a new department-wide initiative to strengthen engagement between the public and private sectors to accelerate the commercialization and deployment of clean energy technologies. The reports provide insights to help steer the historic investments from the IRA and BIL.
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