The Gabriel Bookshelf   
Long before they started their geopolitical writings at the American Intelligence Media, the Gabriels created a bookshelf of spiritual writings to help you navigate your own spiritual journey. They offer many free e-books as well as insightful articles and posts on these vibrant websites. 

Know Her
Begin your journey in opening the Seven Seals and discover the living imaginations and hidden nature of the Sophia -the Great Triple Goddess.

Know Yourself
Learn how the etheric light that dances from the pineal gland to the pituitary gland is of utmost imprtance in turning matter into spirit. 
Be Pure
Open the seventh seal and secret teachings of the Sophia Christos Initiation and consiously cross the threshold of the spiritual world. 
The life-giving teachings that enliven the etheric body are explained in this new theory of education derived from Waldorf education and philosophies that teach that each person replicates the entire evolution of humanity.
A comprehensive overview of the ethers from ancient teachings to the ideas of anthroposophists and modern scientific theories and their function in the human etheric body.
New World Awakening  

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