October 21, 2019
Announcement: The Gap in School Choice

To: 3 registered canvassers, 40 reporters and commentators; 29 trustee candidates and trustees; 38 of the many voters who are very concerned about our "one-size-fits-all" school boards; and 73 generally interested folks including members of the Social Mavrik Federation.

From: Bob Bray, Charter School Petition Proponent

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CAMPBELL RIVER: Bob Bray, proponent of the province-wide petition titled "Initiative to Allow the Voluntary Formation of Twenty Charter Schools", identifies a gap in the delivery of school choice to parents and teachers.
The Gap in School Choice
Many parents are satisfied that their neighborhood school meets the goals they have for the education of their children.

Some parents want their children to have a french immersion experience and are satisfied with the affordability provided by existing francophone schools.

Some parents are homeschooling their children.

Other parents who would be homeschooling their children are not able to do so due to financial constraints and/or a lack of teaching ability.

Many parents would likely work together to manage a charter school because it is affordable and could meet the goals they have for homeschooling their children.

A no-tuition public charter school would fill the gap between homeschooling and attending a tuition-based private school.
The Gap in School Choice

Provincially Operated Schools

Locally Operated Schools
School Trustee Boards = 60
  • elections every 4 years
Society Director Boards = 265 (2017)
  • elections every year

Private Schools
83,497 students (2017)

French Immersion Schools

53,260 students (2017)

The Gap Charter Schools
Neighborhood Schools
504,370 students (2017)
Home Schools
2,316 students (2017)

Cooperative Member Boards = 23 (2019)
Parent Participation Preschools for 3 and 4 year olds
Canvassers Wanted
If you think our school system can be reformed through competition, you can register your support for charter schools as a canvasser.

The current list of registered canvassers on the Elections BC website can be seen here.
Bob Bray, Initiative Petition Proponent
Phone: 250-900-2422
Mail: 422-1434 Ironwood Street, Campbell River, British Columbia V9W 5T5
Email: bob.bray@socialmavrikbc.ca
Website: socialmavrikbc.ca
The Social Mavrik Federation is a registered society in British Columbia dedicated to cultural politics through endorsing MP / MLA / Trustee candidates and supporting initiative petitions, as directed by its members.
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