The Gastown Gift Card is Here
We've all seen it or been gifted it before - a gift card/certificate to a store, restaurant, or even shopping mall. What we haven't seen before is a neighbourhood gift card.

Cue the "Gastown Gift Card" - a pre-paid gift card with funds available to spend exclusively in Gastown.

While we are still in the early stages of developing this card, we are happy to announce the launch of the test phase using Gastown-branded pre-paid visa cards.

The BIA is partnering with local champion, and the largest tech company in the hood, Global Relay to give the gift of Gastown to their more than 500 staff members this holiday season - a significant investment into the community.

What can you offer Gastowners to incentivize them to use their gift card with you? A discounted shopping experience, bonus beauty product, half price appetizer - let's give them something truly unique and local this year. This could have a tremendous revenue impact for the hood this year and in years to come.

For More Updates
As information and resources are being updated daily, the BIA is committed to keeping our members informed with the latest. We invite you to join the Gastown Members LinkedIn Group for live updates and for an opportunity to connect and communicate with fellow members. It is important that we stay connected and work in collaboration at a time such as this.