Welcome, Kate Franssen-Hansen
Kate Franssen-Hansen recently joined the staff of St. Mary of the Lake and Frassati Catholic Academy. At St. Mary’s, Kate’s role as a Media and Marketing Specialist is to communicate the parish mission, programs, activities and events parishioners can get involved in to fulfill their call to be better disciples and evangelists. At Frassati Catholic Academy, Kate’s role as a Recruitment and Admissions Specialist is to increase recognition of the school, its mission and coordinate activities that create a supportive environment for enrollment and retention. We are excited to welcome her and would like to introduce Kate and this newly-formed position. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
I graduated from the University of Concordia with a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Management and earned a degree in Pre-Primary Education from the University of St. Catherine. I’ve primarily worked in marketing, both for non-profits and for-profit organizations promoting products, services, and events. When the opportunity to join St. Mary’s and Frassati opened, I was excited to become a part of the team and share my passion for marketing and communications.

Outside of work I enjoy being outside, taking my dogs for walks, working out, cooking, traveling and enjoying time with family and friends. 

What interested you in this position?
I was drawn to the opportunity to work within the community and share my marketing experience with both St. Mary’s and Frassati to build upon and enhance parish and school communications for events, activities, programs and ways for people to get involved.

What types of marketing projects will you work on?
I’ll work on a wide variety of projects, including:
  • Sending informational emails about upcoming meetings, events and other activities
  • Providing input on and updating the websites
  • Developing communications and promotional materials for upcoming activities/announcements
  • Facilitating public relations with local media
  • Taking pictures to promote activities/programs
  • Managing postings to social media

We haven’t had a dedicated marketing role in the past. What opportunities do you see for how we can most effectively promote the school and the parish?
I see a lot of opportunity for both the school and parish to:
  • Grow the presence and identity of St. Mary’s and Frassati in White Bear Lake and surrounding areas
  • Increase timely communications on upcoming activities, events and programs both at the school and church across multiple platforms and local media outlets
  • Share relevant stories and testimonials via the website, social and local media outlets
  • Maintain website content and continually enhance the look, feel and organization of the website

What are you most looking forward to in this role?
In this role I’m looking forward to organizing and planning communications across multiple platforms to increase the awareness of all that St. Mary’s and Frassati offers White Bear Lake and surrounding areas in education, programs, events, and opportunities to get involved.

Anything else we should know about you?
Something that might come as a surprise is that I was a Bouncing Girl on the St. Paul Bouncing Team from 2009-2013 and return every year for the St. Paul Winter Carnival to bounce with the other retiree Bouncing Girls at the Grand Day and Torchlight parades. http://www.stpaulbouncingteam.org/