The Gift Giving Edition
Gifts with Meaning

The thing about the holidays is there are hundreds of things we can buy for friends and family.  We try to make our gifts as meaningful as possible so that we can show how much we care.  Sometimes, that's a tall order.  And, as a non-profit working to meet the needs of our community, we realized we have a lot of ideas to offer you as you are looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones.  We have made you a list of options that will put a smile on your recipient's face and help The Caring Place serve neighbors in need at the same time.  Now, get your thinking caps on and decide who needs what!

Idea #1:  Limited Edition T-Shirts Available for Order Until December 2nd!

Share your support of The Caring Place by purchasing a T-shirt: This year we have a special opportunity to buy limited edition t-shirts supporting your favorite non-profit!  (Hint, hint, that's us!)  A portion of this sale comes back to The Caring Place, and you will be able to share your love of The Caring Place wherever you go!  Know someone who loves The Caring Place, too?  T-shirts make great gifts and these will be available before Christmas.  This online store is only open until December 2nd.  The store then closes, so that the orders can be processed, and we don't know when, or if we will do this again.  This is a limited time opportunity to buy this design.  T-shirts will arrive at Georgetown Shirt Company for pick up the week before Christmas!   Visit our online store here.

Idea #2:  Gift Cards

Did you know we sell gift cards?  We all have that person in our life that loves to do their own shopping!  Or, maybe you simply don't know what to buy them?  Or, what if you are buying for someone who loves do-it-yourself projects?  Do they like going on treasure hunts for vintage and thrift store finds?  Sounds like they need a gift card to The Shops at The Caring Place and Second Helping!  Head to one of our stores and ask the cashier about a gift card!  They come in $20 increments.  W hen you shop at either of our thrift stores you are "Shopping for Good!"  Revenue from our stores completely covers our overhead expenses.  This means that 100% of monetary donations directly impact neighbors in need.  Do you know any gift cards that you can give that can leverage this kind of good in a community?

Idea #3:  Shop in our Stores

Traditional Gift Shopping with a Modern Twist: While we have plenty of holiday items to fill your home, we also have clothes, jewelry, art, decor, books, vinyls and more.  Where's the modern twist?  Well, that's the fact that thrift shopping is also VERY green!  And, we don't mean all that holiday decor.  When people donate items and shop for items in our stores we are keeping your stuff out of landfills!  We are all working together to give things a second and third life!  And if you like that idea, you'll love the next one!

Idea #4:  Shop on eBay

Yes, we have an eBay Store: You may have done a double-take when you read that idea.  Who knows we have an eBay store?  Occasionally, we have some special items that need a larger audience!  That's where eBay comes in!  You can find antiques, vintage, collectibles and more here, too!  And, once again we are allowing treasures to become new again.  New to you, that is!   Find it all here!

Idea #5:  Donations in Someone's Name

For the person that has everything, this gift makes an impact: The Caring Place makes a difference locally every single day.  Whether we are helping neighbors pay rent, utilities, or providing them with food and clothes, the need is real here at home.  This holiday season when you make a gift donation in someone's name, you can request that we send them a holiday card from The Caring Place.  And, the best part is, you can do it all from your computer.  Just head to our Donations page at

Idea #6:  Shop AmazonSmile

This option is for when you know what you have to buy and The Caring Place doesn't have it:  We get it.  Not all gifts can be bought at The Caring Place!  However, Amazon has a HUGE inventory, and chances are, you shop there all year long!  So, how about using AmazonSmile whenever you make Amazon purchases so that a portion of your purchase comes back to The Caring Place?  It's easy!  Simply head to and select The Caring Place as your non-profit of choice.  Then, every time you shop online use AmazonSmile!  Your items will not cost more to use this option, but, they will mean more!


There's More: If you buy any items from our shops, special edition t-shirts, or gift cards, you can come to our stores and ask for a custom gift tag.  These tags allow you to say who your gift is from and will help the recipient learn about how this is more than a gift.  It's a movement towards "Shopping for Good!"


The Shops at The Caring Place
2000 Railroad Avenue | Monday-Saturday, 9am-4pm | Thursdays until 7pm

Second Helping
3700 Williams Drive | Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm

This year we are closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but we re-open for shopping on Saturday!  Don't forget to  Shop Small and
Shop Local on Saturday, November 24th.  You can do both while benefiting The Caring Place!

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