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The Gift and Freedom of Neu Spaces 
Jenn Neuman

As Benjamin Franklin once said, "A place for everything, everything in its place."  In other words, be organized. It is simple but good advice that has stood the test of time; however, what could be added to the advice is the following:
Improve your life with the elements of simplicity, efficiency, and order.
Jenn Neuman helps people incorporate these elements into their lives.  She does this through compassion, kindness, and, yes a bit of hard work. Jenn is a Certified Life Transition Specialist. She runs the only business in Northeast Florida that holds the credentials as a Professional Organizer, Certified Senior Move Manager and Home Staging and Redesign through the following nationally recognized professional associations: NAPO, NASMM,IAHSP and RESA. This experience gives Jenn the edge on  how to  help people get rid of stuff and live a simple and more fulfilling life. From books to clothes to furniture to photos and beyond, Jenn understands how people can be attached to things that should otherwise be thrown out, donated, re-purposed, or digitized. Yes, just like Benjamin Franklin said, "A place for everything, everything in its place."  The fact is that we should have less stuff cluttering our home, work space, and lives.
Recently, Jenn and her team organized the therapy room at Jewish Family &  Community Services (JFCS).  As noted by Jenn, "When provided an opportunity to donate my time and skills to a very special organization of course I said YES YES YES!!! The new children's therapy room Jewish Family & Community Services (JFCS) is going to make a lot of children happy."  Being in a safe, organized, and clean environment is key for both children and adults. 
While the advice provided by Benjamin Franklin and Jenn Neuman is quite simple, it is not always easy separating yourself from your stuff.  There may be a lot of stuff to weed through and a lot of memories / emotions attached to it. Jenn steps in to make the process flow a bit easier.  She does so by talking through the reasons and emotions associated with keeping an item OR throwing it out, donating the item, or repurposing it.  Jenn understands that decisions are not lightly made and does her best to effectuate change and the resulting simplicity of being organized in a thoughtful and caring matter.
You can read more about Neu Spaces by Jenn and the services providing by this wonderful company on the Neu Spaces website. Here is the link:

Also, check out the Facebook Page for Neu Spaces which provides some great advice and content.

The Good Deed Brigade salutes Jenn Neuman and other people out there making the community a better place and inspiring others to do their part as well.
Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good.

Good Deed Brigade - Making A Difference
Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, 
it's all good.

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