News From CCF-LA | December 16, 2021
Year-End Board Report
Heralds Ground-breaking Year

The fifth and final 2021 CCF-LA Board of Directors meeting took place on December 1, where I provided a review of the year’s most significant accomplishments, including exceeding $500 million in assets under management, the July 6 reopening of the offices, the completion of a comprehensive three-year strategic plan, the formation of our family office, two new board members—John Smet and Raul Salinas—and the recent additions of Andrew O’Boyle, Matthew Hansen, Matt Moreno, and Maggie Byrne to the strongest leadership team in our history.

Since August, Board meetings have been held in person with a call-in feature, and we have been pleased to have so many of our members back in our board room.

The meeting concluded with the Board approving CCF-LA's 2022 budget and goals.
William Wardlaw
Chairman of the Board

From the Desk of the CFO

November was a difficult month for stocks as all sectors in the equity markets (with the exception of information technology and consumer discretionary) returned negative results.
As for the fixed-income markets, the Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index rose 0.3%, and the flattening trend of the US yield curve continued as concerns about the new virus strain weighed on the growth outlook.
The Balanced Pool results (net of fees) for November were -2.47%, which brought the return for the first eleven months of 2021 to +9.28%. Our Intermediate Fund had a monthly return of -0.33% and +6.33% for the year through November 30, 2021.
As always, our client service team is here to answer your questions. Please reach out to us anytime.
Andrew O'Boyle
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer 

CCF-LA News and Events
Catholic Education Foundation celebrates its donors!

The CEF Donor Appreciation Mass on Dec. 5 at the Cathedral was followed by a wonderful gathering of the most-active supporters. Pictured: Long-time donor-relations coordinator Lorna Saenz (left) with Kathy Anderson Read more
Cathedral High School’s Scholarship Dinner is a tradition with high impact!

On Dec. 3, Cathedral High held its 24th Scholarship Dinner to help provide tuition support for 90 percent of the young men who enter this inner-city school. Pictured from left: CCF-LA staff Barbara, Jodie, and Bernadette, Read more.
Catholic Charities’ Christmas Gala recognizes dedicated donors and vital programs
L.A.-area Catholics (Including, from left: CCF-LA staff Matt, Maggie, Timithie, and Matthew) dusted off their tuxedos and evening gowns on Dec. 3 to celebrate Christmas and the good works of Catholic Charities of Los Angeles. Read more.
Sending out the CALL for a renewal of faith

Archbishop José H. Gomez hosted the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders’ annual Christmas party on Dec. 4, where Executive Director Rosie Chinea Shawver presented CALL’s mission for 2022—the evangelization of the gospel to Latino youth! Pictured from left: Matt Hansen, Archbishop Gomez, and Kathy Anderson Read more.
The Archdiocese Spreads Christmas Cheer

On Dec. 8, the Archbishop held the Archdiocese's annual Christmas party at the Cathedral, with Mass celebrated by Fr. Brian Nunes (left) and dinner after. A highlight of the evening was the announcement of Catherine Fraser (middle) as new Client Development Director for the Archdiocese. Pictured right: CCF-LA General Counsel Matthew Hansen. Read more.

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