Clean water for God's thirsty children
In Memory of Anouze:
A Dedicated Water Woman
Anouze Laguerre died on May 5, of complications from the coronavirus.

A woman with a gift for generosity, she opened her home to family members with nowhere to go -- her mother, her mother-in-law, nieces aged 9 and 12.

In April 2019, she welcomed Water With Blessings into her home and her heart. She hosted the volunteers who had come to the area to provide the filters and training necessary to bring clean water to God's thirsty children.

She found our team a place to sleep, helped feed them, and even found some water for them to drink, although that was very difficult at the time.

Gerry Delaquis, Water With Blessings ' Haiti coordinator, remembers that first meeting.

"The way she accepted us, took care of us, she was a woman of great compassion," he said. "Even taking in children not her own; she had a big heart."

Anouze was selected as one of her area's first Water Women, and her example inspired others who followed in her path.

At Water With Blessings, we ourselves are daily recipients of God's gifts: the funding that equips and trains Water Women, the volunteers who give selflessly of their time, and those who pray for our continued success.

But God's most wondrous gifts are the Water Women themselves. We have the privilege of seeing women from the poorest of circumstances give their time and efforts, everything they have, to provide clean, healthy water to the families and children around them.

When we say that Water With Blessings is a family, that is what we mean. And when we lose a family member, we mourn.

Along with sorrow, however, we rejoice in the gift that was Anouze Laguerre -- a Woman of compassion, strength, and love.

May she rest in peace, and may God's eternal light shine upon her.
Anouze with her husband Winzor
The Power of One -- Providing The Gift of Life...
It may sound a little over-dramatic, but it's not: a gift to Water With Blessings saves lives around the world. One gift of $75 will equip a Water Woman with a bucket and a Sawyer PointONE filter, and provide the training needed for her to provide clean water to her own and 3 other families. It's just that simple.

You are already doing this, so we ask you to help us in a different way: please spread the news. Please forward this email to one of your friends, or anyone you think may want to join the growing
Water With Blessings Family.
If you've helped us recently, we thank you once again for your generosity. If you haven't please consider making a gift today by clicking the link below.

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In Haiti:
Coronavirus Creates Added Challenges
The coronavirus pandemic has hampered our efforts around the globe. In Haiti, for example, we have enough equipment for four weeks of training. But we are looking to the government and local authorities for guidance on how to proceed.

Normally, we train 15 Water Women at a time. The regulations now limit us to gatherings of no more than 10 people. Also, we must be careful that our team members do not spread the virus, or contract it themselves. So extra precautions such as masks and even more stringent cleaning methods must be utilized.

Finally, transportation is an even greater challenge than normal. Public transportation may not be advisable, or even available. This will increase our costs for the foreseeable future.

So please pray for our efforts in Haiti, and if you can please help us meet these added challenges.
Friday's Coffee Chat to Focus on Efforts in Haiti
This week's Coffee Chat promises to be one you won't want to miss.

Gerry Delaquis, our tireless Country Coordinator for Haiti, will bring us up to date on our work in the face of coronavirus.

He will also help us remember and celebrate the life of Anouze Laguerre, who passed away in early May from complications of the coronavirus. While we mourn her loss, we will focus on the joy she radiated and the gift her life was for so many.

So make it a date. Bring a cup of your favorite morning to your favorite chair, and join us at 9am on Friday, June 26. You'll be glad you did.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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