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March 2013 Newsletter

Leta Hollingworth, Champion of the Gifted, Rediscovered


"Expect the Unexpected!" That became our motto last week in Omaha at the Nebraska Association for the Gifted confereLeta Bestnce. Those who have studied Leta's work will nod knowingly when I say, "The Force was with us again!" Pure magic! Video clips that no one has seen before of Leta teaching at the Speyer School and testing gifted children suddenly appeared, along with someone with the expertise to embed them into my slide show. Powerful allies and old friends converged on a mission to rediscover the foremother of gifted education. Leta "got" the gifted, and many who came to my presentations "got" Leta. There is now a groundswell of interest in inducting Leta into the Nebraska Hall of Fame, creating units of study on her many contributions--even constructing a documentary film about this amazing woman.   


Click here to read my presentation written specifically for the NAG conference.  


Warmest regards,

Linda Silverman


NAG Conference in Omaha, NE
Giftedness 101 Debuts in Omaha


Without question, the source of my inspiration is Leta Hollingworth. My book, Counseling the Gifted and Talented, was dedicated to her, and Giftedness 101 is a celebration and continuation of her work. Pictures of Leta and quotations adorn my office walls. My keynote address at the NAG conference, on Giftedness 101, was a tribute to Leta Hollingworth. It was actually Leta who was the first to challenge Sir Frances Galton's claim that the gifted (the cream) naturally rise to the top (eminence). Child-centered, Leta understood the inner world of the gifted, the value of IQ testing, and the importance of opportunity and nurturing. She wrote the first textbook on giftedness, the first text on twice exceptional learners, and the first book on the profoundly gifted. She taught the first course on gifted education. Her educational innovations are still in use today in general and gifted education. In addition, she is credited with conducting the definitive studies proving to science that women are as intelligent as men. Her studies led to women being given the right to vote, the right to go to college, and the right to work. Leta Hollingworth is a figure worth remembering.

Leta with student
Rare photo of Leta Hollingworth at the Speyer School
Challenge Grant for Indigenous Students
native american girl

Please help us match a $5,000 challenge grant for the Indigenous Students Leap Ahead (ISLA) Project, aimed at identifying and serving thousands of indigenous gifted students. Our preliminary research with Navajo revealed that as many as 80% of American Indian children are visual-spatial learners; yet, their instruction is neither culturally relevant nor geared to their learning style. Judged on the basis of reading and math performance, many truly gifted indigenous students never have their visual-spatial gifts recognized.  The funds will be used to support research with indigenous populations using the Visual-Spatial Identifier, teacher training, appropriate 21st century technologies, and strength-based programming.  Please contact the GDC office at 1-888-GIFTED1 to donate.

More Fun Pix from Arizona and Nebraska!
Hilt and linda
Linda and HIlton Silverman in Arizona
Booksigning for Giftedness 101

Joan lewis and LS
Dr. Joan Lewis and Linda
Make sure to check out Shirley's Diner when in Omaha!

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"Children of 140 IQ waste half their time. Those above 170 IQ waste practically all their time in school."

Leta Stetter Hollingworth 
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Giftedness 101

Giftedness 101 went into its second printing three weeks after it was released!!!


The combination of Giftedness 101 and Off the Charts. Asynchrony and the Gifted Child, both released 12/21/12, establishes a strong child-centered basis for gifted education and the psychology of giftedness.


On February 2nd, Linda Silverman was interviewed for The Denver Post Mile High  


Listen to Linda's interview!  

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Kimmy and Linda
Linda and Kim Boham, GDC tester and Communications Coordinator
kathy and linda
Kathy Wischow, Millard gifted teacher/NAG board member, with Linda

AAGT's Jennine Jackson (Conference organizer) and Kristy Stewart (President)
Molly O'Holleran
Molly O'Holleran (NE Board of Education) with Linda