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Issue #16
Ms. Webb, one of the The Gilbert School’s nurses, leads a group of 7th graders on an activity in tie-dying masks. Students were able to tie dye masks blue and gold, TGS colors.
School Week Schedule
For the fourth week of the school year, students in Cohort A will report for in-person classes on Monday, Oct. 5 and Tuesday, Oct. 6. Cohorts A and B will work remotely on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Cohort C will be online with their teachers on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Students in Cohort B will report for in-person classes on Thursday, Oct. 8, and Friday, Oct. 9.

All students, teachers, and staff must wear a mask when present in the school building!

The Gilbert School requires all students and staff to wear masks. These may be paper, disposable masks or cloth masks. We do not allow masks with external vents, gaitors, or bandanas. If you need assistance with masks, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurses-we are here to help! For more information on mask guidelines click here.

Attention parents: help us screen for COVID symptoms take your child’s temperature! 

The Gilbert School wants you to help us with screening students for Coronavirus symptoms. Please screen your children before you send them to school! If they display ANY symptoms, please keep them home!

Remote and hybrid learning will be part of this semester. We anticipate there may be some technological glitches. However, we will work on any solutions to any disruption to remote learning. We ask that you please be patient with us as we go through this unusual opening of school!

The Gilbert School fully intends to deliver the best education to our students in this school year!
Important Update for Parents, Fans, and Community Members of The Gilbert School
While we are all looking forward to the beginning of the Gilbert athletic season, we must keep a cautious eye on the Covid-19 situation and take all necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. With that in mind, attendance at all outdoor games, meets, and events will be by personal invitation only. Specifically, only parents or legal guardians of student-athletes will be allowed to attend the contests. Your student-athlete will be given two tickets prior to each game. These tickets are only for parents and cannot be shared with students or siblings. The tickets will be specific to each contest. Unfortunately, conditions currently do not allow us to have spectators at any indoor volleyball games.

Everyone in attendance at outdoor athletic events must properly wear a mask and keep a proper distance from others (spouses not included). Those who do not follow these requests will be asked to leave. We ask that you understand these decisions are made in the interest of keeping our students and our community healthy and we appreciate your support of The Gilbert School Athletic Department. Please contact the Gilbert Athletic Director ( with any questions.
International Students Have Fun at R&B Sports World
Playing a fun game of miniature golf at R & B Sports World are international students Ben Ngyuen, 9th grade, Vietnam, Alan Wan, 11th grade, China and Frank Guan, 11th grade, China.
On the beautiful Saturday afternoon of Sept. 26, Residential Coordinator, Shayne Deschamps, from the W. L. Gilbert Trust International Program took three of the international students for an enjoyable afternoon to R & B Sports World located on Rowley Street, Winsted. The three boys Ben Nguyen, a ninth-grader from Vietnam, and eleventh graders from China, Frank Guan, and Alan Wan enjoyed their first experience go-karting and playing a few rounds of miniature golf together.
Here comes Ben Nguyen and Alan Wan down the stretch!
R & B Sports World has been a traditional spot that the international program has included as an Orientation venue for new and returning students. Together, they share a day of new friendships, fresh air, relaxation, and fun. This year, though the group was smaller, each of the students enjoyed all that R & B has to offer which includes their delicious homemade ice cream which the boys also enjoyed.
Shayne Deschamps, Residential Coordinator of The W. L. Gilbert Trust International Program and Ben Nguyen, Vietnam, ninth grade student at Gilbert enjoying a go-kart race at R & B Sports World, 19 Rowley Street, Winsted.
After the fun time shared at R & B, the boys were treated to lunch at both outside Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. Each Saturday an event is planned for the international students that are optional to the student. With COVID, inside events such as trips to state museums, malls, and sports events are not allowed at this time but we hope in the future, things will be safely opened to share more educational and diverse options for our international students. Residential Coordinators for the program plan events that are outside, can be socially distanced, where masks and safety guidelines are in place for safety to all.
Student Ben Nguyen, Vietnam making the turn and enjoying the ride.
Staff Member of the Week: Kelli-Ann Gilbert
Nurse at The Gilbert School since 2003.

Education: BSN from Curry College in Boston.

What I like about being a nurse: “I think that a person’s health isn’t just about one thing or condition, it’s about a person’s entire well being-physically, emotionally, and socially. Everything interrelates.

What I like about Gilbert: "THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL! I also love the faculty, staff, and the kids! Faculty and staff at Gilbert always go “the extra mile” and genuinely care about their students. I am so proud to work with them. The students make me laugh and smile every single day. Gilbert is a place that we call an extended family, and it really is, we all take care of each other here-that is my favorite part."

How would you describe Gilbert to a stranger?: "Gilbert is a small school with a big heart."
Student of the Week: Brandon Gonzalez

Age: 17

Grade: 12

Parents: Wascar and Vilma Gonzalez

Favorite classes: "At the moment I have to say science classes. I really enjoy chemistry. I love figuring out problems and I love complex things that I have to figure out how to solve."

Extracurricular activities: Member of the National Honor Society. For sports, track and field and indoor track.

What I have learned during my time at Gilbert:How to be a member of the community to support everyone around me. It has taught me how to make that my priority."

Future plans: “I am hoping to go to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and get a degree in software programming.”

How would you describe Gilbert to a stranger?: "Gilbert I would describe as welcoming and good at making you comfortable."
Alumnus of the Week: Shayne Deschamps
Class of 2015

What have you done since graduating?: "I went to Northwestern Connecticut Community College for a semester before I departed and decided to put 40 hours a week unpaid into my internship at Gilbert. Once an Information Technology (IT) position opened up at the school, they hired me on.

I worked officially for the school for about six months before I left and went to where I work now, which is Datahal LLC in Canton. Nine months after I joined the team at Datahal, we took over the IT for Gilbert. Since then I have been acting as the IT Director for the school. I am also now one of the Residential Coordinators for the International Program."

What do you remember the most from your time at Gilbert?: "My time at Gilbert overall, I was only here for two years. I transferred here in my junior year from Coventry High School. At the time, transitioning from one school district to another was something I didn't want to do, but Gilbert made it a very easy transition especially when I realized how much of a great and caring environment this is."

"I remember from my time at Gilbert how caring and compassionate everyone at the school is. Also, how driven all of the faculty and staff are about helping students succeed in whatever it is that they want to do. I was not a good student by any means, but putting all of the academics aside they saw that I had skills in the IT field. So they helped me get an internship at the school, rather than sitting in classes wasting time or sitting in study halls. I was in the school's IT office learning real work skills."

Who were your favorite teachers and what were your favorite classes?: "When I was a student, Jason Crouch was here teaching the multimedia classes before Steve Hodges was. He was one of my favorite teachers, as well as all of those classes. I took every class that was taught in that realm with the graphics and video classes I took all within two years. This is something normally students spread throughout four years. I enjoyed being in there so much as well as Sam Zaprzalka. She was the one who moved forward, along with Mr. Strauss, and the IT department, at getting me my internship. She was and still is one of my favorite teachers that are here. I'm unsure of where I would be today if it wasn't for her and her assistance as a teacher."

Any other good memories?: "Pretty much my entire senior year. If I wasn't in class, I was in the IT office learning and having good times with the IT staff. We had a senior field trip to Six Flags when no one was there, and we didn't have any lines for any rides."

What advice would you give current students?: "Obviously right now we are in an incredibly tough time, with everything going on with COVID. My advice would be for everyone to keep their heads up and do what they have to do to get through these tough times. Keep your head up and keep moving forward.”
Happy Mid-Autumn Day!
October 1 is a special holiday for the Chinese culture. It is celebrated with a traditional meal with family members and moon cakes.
Google Classroom Cheat Sheet
Free Breakfast and Free Lunch to All Students
Beginning September 14, 2020, The Gilbert School Food and Nutrition Services Program began serving FREE LUNCH and FREE BREAKFAST to all of the students at The Gilbert School. The Gilbert School Food and Nutrition Services Program is able to do this for our students on behalf of the USDA extending the SSO Program (Seamless Summer Operations). Click here for the full story.
Gilbert School Food Services Information
The following links include important information about Gilbert's Food Services Program:

Breakfast and Lunch Available for Virtual Learners
Lunches are available for pick up for students who are taking part in remote learning Monday through Friday at the school. Students can also pick up grab and go breakfasts at the school as well. For more information contact Food Service Director Lynn Metcalf at
TGS COVID Assessment Guide
Roof Repair and Elevator Repair Updates
The main elevator repair project is complete and it is now up and running. The final phases of the Cafeteria roof repairs are being completed. Repairs to the Media Center's roof were completed last week.
Important Informational Videos for Parents
Travel Advisory
Attention all parents and students and families taking trips outside of Connecticut this summer:

The Gilbert School wants to remind you that if you travel to one of 30 locations on Connecticut's travel advisory list, when you come back to Connecticut you must self-quarantine for 14 days. You have to self-quarantine before the start of school.

Attention Gilbert Alumni! We Want to Stay in Contact With You!

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