The Buzz: Graduation Issue
School Community News
Issue #2
Gilbert's 125th Graduation Ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 15 at the Pleasant Valley Drive-In.
Class Salutatorian Maryellen Marino:
"Picture yourself being the best version of you."
"Picture this: You’re eighteen years old, in the fall of your senior year at The Gilbert School. Instead of walking the halls with your classmates, you are boarding a battleship as a member of the United States Navy and you’re heading to the South Pacific. It’s 1943. Away from your family, away from your friends, on your own because you believe in a higher cause. This is the story of my grandfather, Concetto Marino, a World War II Veteran who is amongst us today, graciously receiving his High School Diploma from The Gilbert School 76 years later. I couldn’t be more proud." CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL SPEECH.
Class Valedictorian Sydney Kolosky:
"Endings aren’t always perfect."
"Dear Class of 2020,

Graduation is the goal we have all strived towards. It makes all of the late nights, procrastination, and tears that we’ve endured these past four years, worth the while. Over the years, we’ve seen the “joys” that the end of senior year brings-- prom, awards ceremonies, and finally crossing the stage. We've applauded these seniors like heroes returning from a long journey, ready to celebrate their accomplishments. Little did we know, spring semester of our senior year, our own Hero’s Journey was just beginning. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL SPEECH.
Principal Sojka tells graduates
"I will miss you. I am so proud of you."
" March 12th has always been a day I remember because it is my daughter’s birthday. It now is a day none of us will ever forget. It was the last day we had a “normal” school day for the 2019-2020 School year.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL SPEECH.
Dr. Serio congratulates the senior class
"Here I sit at my kitchen island that has become my desk, my conference room and platform to contemplate the world around me. As I reflect over the year I will take you back to October as I walked Berkley and thought about the stress I was feeling concerning The Gilbert School." CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL SPEECH.
Yearbook dedication
Attention Gilbert Alumni! We want to stay in contact with you!

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