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Issue #35
Friday, February 26, 2021
Wednesday, February 24 was Senior Fun Day for Gilbert students.
Seniors enjoyed rounds of sledding down the Gilbert School hills.
School Repopulation Plan Spring 2021
Schedule Monday, March 1 - Friday, March 5
Improve How a Mask Protects You
Important COVID-19 Update
COVID Update from the Nurse’s Office

The State of Connecticut is anticipating that the state will be experiencing an increase in COVID cases that is the “new variant.” What does that mean for you and your family? The UK variant of COVID is thought to be more contagious. Whenever you or your child is on campus, it is more important than ever to make sure you are masked properly. For a mask to be effective, please make sure it provides a close fit to the face, covering both the nose and mouth. Social distancing of at least 6 feet from other people is another tool in managing COVID transmission.

When should your child stay home from school?

Your child should stay home from school when:

They are not feeling well. Even if they just have the sniffles.

Someone at home is not feeling well and you think they could have COVID.

They have been exposed to someone who has had COVID. Even if they aren’t sick.

Someone at home is doing a COVID test because they think they have COVID.

Questions? Call us!  

Contact Information for the school nurses

COVID-19 Protocols
TGS COVID Assessment Guide
Athlete of the Week
Ajla Gutic
Adnan and Sevdija Gutic

Soccer, basketball and track.

Why do you like playing the sports you have chosen?:
"I love being on all of these teams and how all of these sports are all fast paced."
What have you gotten out of playing all of these sports?
"I think one of the main things is teamwork, along with learning about how to work with other team members to be successful. Also, making a lot of friends when you are on a team is very important."

Do you have any strategies for all of these sports?
"Give it my all and know how to work with other people on the teams so that we, as a whole, can be successful."

How is the varsity basketball team doing this year?
"We're not doing that bad, but we could be doing better. Despite the whole Covid situation and wearing masks while playing, and only having nine girls on our team, we're still doing pretty good. I like the coaches that we have because they are very helpful and they know how to teach you skills. My teammates are fun to be around and they make basketball fun to play."

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in basketball or other sports?
"You need to know that all of these sports are all very fast paced and you have to know how to move quickly."
Alumna of the Week
Briana Brady
Class of 2002
Briana Brady and her partner, Ethan Jones
What have you done since you graduated?
“I graduated from St. Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont in 2016. I double-majored in English Literature and Philosophy. For two years after college, I stayed in Vermont and I took an AmeriCorps position with the Franklin Grand Isle Bookmobile. While I was there, I helped with literacy programming for kids in the program and also worked to help raise funds for the nonprofit organization. From 2018 until last fall, I was in Memphis, Tennessee, working for Apelah, a nonprofit right over the Tennessee border in Hernando, Mississippi. Apelah helps foster children with special needs and in-home care for the elderly. 

I started this fall at New York University's Journalism graduate program studying Literary Reportage. While I was working in the area of communication for nonprofits, I realized that the ways I was being asked to tell people's stories were not what I was interested in. I was not interested in telling stories from a marketing perspective. Journalism now seems like the right path for me.”

What do you remember from your time at Gilbert?:
"Having majored in English and writing for most of my life, I have a lot of grateful feelings for all of my English teachers. They all made me a better writer and I am very grateful for that. I was taught how to think critically thanks to them. My father, Joe Brady, was a Biology and Chemistry teacher at Gilbert for 30 years and I was the only one of my siblings to have him as a teacher." 

What lessons from Gilbert did you apply to the real world?:
"I think there is something about going to such a small school that helps you to understand how important it is to know and understand people. Going to such a small school and being part of a community where, whether or not we wanted to, we all knew each other, gave me an important appreciation of people. To me, everyone is interesting. Also, lunch is important!"

What advice would you give current students?:
"You don't need to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, and you might change your mind about things, but that's okay."
Staff Member of the Week
Gene Michaud
Physical Education and Health Teacher since 1999
What's your educational background?
"I went to Central Connecticut State University. I earned degrees in Physical Education and I am also a certified athletic trainer. I also earned a certification in Health Education when I was there. Then I went to Southern Connecticut State University where I earned a degree in Exercise Science and I'm presently working toward my Master's Degree."

What do you think of Gilbert?
"I love Gilbert! I have a great time coaching. I have been a baseball, girls basketball coach, cross country, and track and field coach during my time. It's been great."

Why do you think your position is important?
"It's one of the few disciplines that gets the kids moving. It helps with motor development which is crucial for student's health. It helps them get an understanding of all the different things that they can do to keep their body healthy, whether it be for the mental or physical aspects of it. There is a lot of different ways to get these kids on board with a good to understand what makes your life useful and meaningful, and to keep them healthy in the order they can live long and good lives."

Why is it more important than ever to keep healthy during this pandemic?
"I think when you look around, people's weight is going incredibly up because everyone is sitting at home and they're not doing much exercise. Getting students active and away from the computer has been my main goal for the physical education part of this year. I want to try to get students away from the screen, either by simply going out for a simple walk and using a pedometer, or finding different activates that they can enjoy. I show them how these activities can have a positive impact on their health both now, and in the future."

How would you describe Gilbert to a stranger?
"I think that the biggest difference between Gilbert and the other places where I've been has been the support from everybody in the school. It comes from teachers always willing to step up for another teacher, to help you when you need it and to the administration always having our backs with support. When things happen in my family, I have seen amazing things from the Gilbert family with what they do for me and others. It makes you not want to leave."
Student of the Week
Brett Marvini
Age: 18

Leanne and Matthew Marvin

Favorite classes:
"Digital Media Broadcasting because I like to create new projects, shoot videos, and edit them. I love this class because I love piecing things together." 

Extracurricular activities:
"I like to make videos with my friends about sports and a whole bunch of random things. You can find my videos here:

I also do cross country in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and outdoor track in the spring."

What will you remember about your time at Gilbert?:
"All of the friends that I have made. I will also remember the fun times I had with the marching band, including the good times we had at band competitions."

What are your future plans?:
"I may go to college, but I'm still deciding where to go."
Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
By Debra LaRoche Walls, Dean of Admissions
International Program Student Alan Wan
International Program Student Ben Nguyen
It’s February, so we know there is going to be snow and what is the best thing to do with snow? Enjoy it! 

On Saturday, February 13th, Residential Coordinators of the international program, Samantha and Shayne Deschamps, chaperoned international students Ben Nguyen, Frank Guan and Alan Wan to Winding Trails located in nearby Farmington for an afternoon of fun and tubing. 

In addition to ice skating, sledding, snowshoeing and tubing, Winding Trails has 350 acres of pristine woodland and wildlife that provides a gorgeous setting for cross country skiing. 
Established in 1972, they are a non-profit organization that provides year-round recreational and educational activities for families and individuals of all ages. During the summer months, camping and outings are offered. 

Shayne shared that everyone had a great time but the one disappointed was that a lift was not furnished to bring tubing folks back to the top of the hill. This did, however, provide for extra exercise and fresh air on a beautiful winter Saturday afternoon. 
International Program Student Frank Guan
Coach's Corner
By Buckley Morgan, Athletic Director
Winter sports are moving along very smoothly with limited interruptions. Our biggest interrupter has been the weather. COVID has not been an issue in sports here at The Gilbert School and so far it has not interfered with our contest schedule. I wish I could say the same about the weather we have had lately. We have adjusted a few games but nothing to put us behind at all. Currently, we are at the halfway point of the Winter Season. 

I hope you are enjoying the live streams with our announcers. They do enhance the viewing experience. I truly believe we have the best live stream experience in the Berkshire League. We have started adding an interview segment at the end of our Varsity games. Our first interview was after the girl’s Senior Night game and Bill interviewed the seniors on the team. Last Friday night's game he interviewed the team captains. These interviews can be found on the Gilbert Athletics page at our “Post Game Buzz” link:

Effective March 1st schools may begin indoor track dual meets. This is good news and now we are in the position of finding places to conduct those meets. Due to the nonavailability of facilities, we may have to hold our meets outside after the snow melts. Those competing in running events must wear masks. In alignment with DPH, those competing in jumping activities will be allowed to remove their mask during the approach and jump before putting the mask back on after the jump is complete. I will provide more information when it is made available. 

The Athletic Department has begun planning for the upcoming Spring sports season. The Spring season is now scheduled to begin on March 27th. We are hoping to have all our spring sports running this year. As you may recall we did not get to have a spring season last year for any of our sports. Family ID is currently open for spring sports registration. We need students interested in playing sports to register as soon as possible. Despite all the snow around us, spring is just around the corner.

Spring Sports includes:

Varsity Baseball
Varsity Softball
Girls Tennis
Boys Tennis
Track & Field

Important Sports Event Information
In the interest of making the winter sports season as normal as possible and while staying within the required COVID guidelines, Gilbert is now able to allow one parent per athlete to enter the gym to watch a game. Only parents of Gilbert students will be allowed in the gym. Visiting team parents will not be able to attend games. While this is not ideal, it is an opportunity for parents of Gilbert athletes to support their child.

Each athlete has been given a ticket to bring home for one parent to use. The individual who uses the ticket for entry to the game must live in the same household as the student and must be an adult. Parents will present the ticket upon entry to the gym. Please note, the only entrance is the back entrance at the top of the ramp. 

We are able to allow one parent based on the current guidance and COVID levels. Please be aware that this could change if the COVID situation changes. For game schedules, visit the Gilbert website at Any questions contact the Athletic Director at

A Department of Public Health (DPH) approved mask must be worn at all times and social distancing must be adhered to. No gators, scarves, or unapproved masks will be allowed in the building.
Food Service Schedule Update for March
Pick up times are Mondays, and Wednesdays 11:00-4:00PM

Pick up will be at the door entrance to the Cafeteria Kitchen. The door is by the dumpsters in the lower parking lot.

If for any reason you are unable to pick up meals during this time frame, please call the Food Service Director, Ms. Lynn Metcalf, directly at 860-738-9304. We will be happy to set up a time or day that is more convenient for you.

All children ages 18 or younger are eligible for one free breakfast and lunch daily.
Children do not need to be attending this school to receive meals. Gilbert is a food pick up site. We are located at:

The Gilbert School
200 Williams Avenue
Winsted, CT 06098

This program will end on June 30, 2021.

Meals are served Monday – Friday in school.

Meals served are breakfast and lunch.

Monday meal pick up will consist of five breakfasts and five lunches for each child. (Being Cohort C or all student distance learning). Pick up for three days will consist of 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches for each child. (Being Cohorts A and B).

Please take advantage of this program while we have it. Whether your child is in school or at home, they are entitled to a breakfast and lunch for the days they are learning at home. If you have any questions about the program please call 860-738-9304.
All children 18 years of age or younger are eligible for FREE FOOD. 
If a child goes to school 4 days out of the week, they are eligible for 1 day of food pick up
If a child goes to school for 2 days they are eligible for 3 days of food pick up
If a child is at home doing virtual learning they are eligible for 5 days of food pick up.
Each child will receive 1 breakfast and 1 lunch per day.

You can pick up food on the days and times above in the lower parking lot at the door next to the dumpsters.

If other arrangements need to be made please contact Lynn Metcalf Director of Food Services at 860-738-9304 or email at
Last week's WHOZIT: Bob Osborne, Class of 1958, wrote to The Buzz:
"I am sending along the names of the cheerleaders (c. 1957) as pictured in the February 12 issue of The Buzz. I was a student at Gilbert in that era (Class of 1958) and recognizing them was an easy task. Pictured from left to right are: Florine Beebe, Jane Cardillo, Ann LaFranchise, June Mitchell, Elizabeth Gillette, Linda Fratini and Joyce Kozlowski.

Our class (1958) was the second to the last class to graduate from the Park Place campus, now occupied by Northwest Connecticut Community College. The class of 1960 was the first group to graduate from the brand new facility on Williams Avenue. Though they graduated from the new school, they spent their first three years at the park place location.  

I enjoy The Buzz each week and especially the articles that take the alumni down Memory Lane - so long ago but not forgotten."
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Attention Gilbert Alumni
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