As a way to show our support for active military and our veterans, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce formed a Military & Veterans Affairs Committee. We plan to share our efforts with the community through a monthly communication.
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The Glendale Chamber of Commerce 
Military & Veterans Affairs Committee
Military & Veterans Affairs Committee in April 2016
The Military & Veterans Affairs Committee is the largest Glendale Chamber Committee with 33 members.  Currently two of the major projects the group is involved with include resurrecting the Military Appreciation event to honor Luke Air Force Base personnel who volunteer in the community and providing a permanent lighted flag on top of a peak at Thunderbird Park in north Glendale.  The Annual Luke Shoot Out Golf Tournament is also promoted and marketed through the committee.

If you are interested in being actively engaged with the committee, please e-mail a short biography and a description regarding how your participation will be productive to the needs of the military and veteran community.  Please send your information to Harry Shapiro, staff liaison, at .
U.S. Army Community Action Committee
At the first Community Action Committee meeting
The U.S. Army Phoenix Recruiting Battalion recently established a Community Action Committee.  Military & Veterans Affairs committee members, Sgt. Jeff Turney and Harry Shapiro attended the kickoff luncheon recently at Grand Canyon University.  The Community Action Committee emerged out of a shared responsibility between the Army and local community leaders to help alleviate social barriers and obstacles to their recruiting efforts in the Phoenix area.  Lt. Colonel David S. Clukey, U.S. Army said "the success of young men and women is a goal of everyone.  Army recruiters are sometimes better known as career counselors since they offer guidance, programs and opportunities to help students meet their educational and career goals."  He added, "the recruiters are dedicated to helping students become highly educated confident leaders of tomorrow."
West Valley Center for Military & Veteran Success
Steve Yamamori, a leader with the West Valley Veterans Support Advisory Committee announced that they worked out an agreement to occupy an empty building near the North and Lightening gates at Luke Air Force Base.  They hope to open the center by the end of the year.  The contract will allow the organization to occupy the center rent free.  Yamamori added that they are not waiting for the building to open to start assisting veterans.  He said "we are actively coaching transitioning military, giving aid to veterans and assisting veteran students."
Get In Front of Community & Luke Air Force Base Newcomers

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce has a great marketing program for Glendale Chamber of Commerce members to get their information to newcomers of Luke Air Force Base and the community.  An average of 125 newcomers to the area each month, which includes a large percentage to Luke, receive a welcome bag with information from the chamber and members who wish to be part of the program.  For a cost of $250, the Glendale Chamber will put your information in 1,600 welcomes bags over a 12-month period.  For information on how to become a part of the program, please call Harry Shapiro at the Glendale Chamber, 623-937-4754.

Upcoming Events
Stand Up For Veterans

September 24, 2016
8:00 am - 1:00 pm

6000 W. Olive Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85302

Stand Up For Veterans is a collaborative, community-based effort that honors and supports our veterans by providing access to employment, education, and community resources to address the holistic needs of veterans and their families. Attorneys and court representatives are on hand to immediately address and help with legal issues. Employers are in attendance, some of whom can hire veterans on the spot. Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, health care and social services are available. Republic Services provides free lunch for veterans and their families while Glendale Community College offers a welcoming setting for this opportunity to provide veterans with a hand-up, rather than a hand-out.
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Please contact Chair of the Military & Veterans Affairs Committee,
Sgt. Jeff Turney, through our Chamber liaison, Harry Shapiro, at 623-937-4754
if you would like to learn more or have any suggestions
on where we can be of assistance.