Next Farm Bill Vote Could be Delayed Until June 22
House Representatives agreed to a multi-part resolution that set terms of debate for three bills, including the Farm Bill. The final sentence in the resolution said action on the Farm Bill “may continue to be postponed through the legislative day of Friday, June 22.” The full text of the resolution is linked below.
CVP Allocations Updated for South-of-Delta Contractors
The Bureau of Reclamation today issued updated allocations for South-of-Delta Central Valley Project contractors for the 2018 contract year. Based on continued refinement of hydrologic analyses and other operational factors, the allocation for South-of-Delta agricultural water service contractors has increased from 40 percent to 45 percent. 

As the water year progresses, changes in hydrology and opportunities to deliver additional water will influence future allocations. Water supply updates are posted at .
2019 Written Agreement Handbook
RMA has published the 2019 Written Agreement Handbook. This handbook provides the standards and criteria for WAs, and instructions for each RMA RO and AIP to process requests for a WA.

This handbook is effective for the 2019 and succeeding crop years for all crops with a contract change date of June 30, 2018, or later, and is not retroactive to any prior determinations.
Davis RO Updated Crop Fact Sheets
RMA's Davis, CA regional office has published the following crop fact sheets:
  • Arizona - Apples, Chile Peppers, and Grain Sorghum
  • California - Apples, Figs, Grapes, Grain Sorghum, Olives, Rice, and Sweet Cherries
2018 California Processing Tomato Report
As of May 15, California’s tomato processors reported they have or will have contracts for 11.9 million tons of processing tomatoes for 2018. This production is a 14.3 percent above the final 2017 contracted production total. The May contracted acreage of 238,000 is 3.9 percent above last year’s final contracted acreage.

Early reports on the crop were optimistic, with mild temperatures encouraging strong growth and low pest and disease pressure. Growers and processors hope a cooler summer than the last will boost yields. Harvest is expected to begin mid-July.

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