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28-30 October 2015, WIAL-USA and Global Conference in Washington DC, USA !!!

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Discovery sessions, introductory Foundations courses and certification programs are organized by the different WIAL affiliates around the world.  


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WIAL's Solution Spheres

WIAL's marketing committee has worked hard to complete and better visualize what WIAL offers to its clients. Clients need solutions, not just processes or principles. The WIAL solutions are represented by the visual with the five spheres: breakthrough problem solving, high performance teams, learning organization, leadership development and WIAL certification. In the upcoming editions of the newsletter, we will highlight each of these. Click here to find out what it is about Action Learning that leads to breakthrough problem solving !
WIAL-USA and Global Forum

WI AL-USA will combine with the WIAL interna tional affiliates for the annual forum in Washington DC, on 28-30 October 2015. The theme for the forum is " Creating Leaders and Organizational Performance Through Action Learning". Several speakers will share their experience and insights in the fields of  Leadership Development, Organizational Culture, Individual and Team Coaching, Building Sustainable Chapter and E-Learning. Check your inbox or the WIAL-USA website (click here) for more information in the coming weeks.

New faces on the WIAL board ! 

The WIAL board is excited to welcome Dorothy Tsui as a board member. Dorothy started WIAL in Hong Kong and is passionate about developing growth in organizations through getting the best out of people. Dorothy is also the new chairperson of the WIAL Certification committee. Read on here to get to know more about Dorothy !
Tackling customer complaints ... and getting results

The National Bank of Dominica struggled with low customer satisfaction and a high number of customer complaints. A traditional approach might have been to "teach the employees to smile more" but the organization decided to look at the problem in a more complete way. A series of Action Learning sessions with participants from all ranks lead to multiple and very original solutions around improving customer satisfaction. Click here to read more details about this program through the eyes of the Executive Manager.
Mabuhay !

Mabuhay is the common greeting in Tagalog, and has its roots in the word "to live". It also means wishing someone a great life. When it comes to Action Learning, the Philippines has known a spectacular growth and in only about one year, there are nearly 10 Certified Action Learning coaches ! So it was only logical to create the newest affiliate of WIAL in Manila. Marisol explains more about WIAL-Philippines. Mabuhay and great life to this newest WIAL spot on the WIAL world map ... Click here to read on !
It's all about the ACTION !

Action Learning is a simple and short description of our problem solving process. Skip Leonard, Master Action Learning Coach, reminds all of us, in particular coaches, of the real value and importance of the "action" part. The action in Action Learning happens outside of the sessions, and is therefore less under the control of the coach than what happens during the session. In our series "Learning from the Masters", Skip reminds us of the importance of the ac tions: they are a key part in the unique power that Action Learning delivers. Click here to read Skipton's thoughts and recommendations.
WIAL board news

In each newsletter, we explain in a bit more detail the role of the different committees that work on a particular topic, and report to the WIAL board. The Membership committee is chaired by John Thompson from South-Africa and evaluates the possibilities to develop a membership approach for those interested in Action Learning but who are not certified coaches.   Click here to read more !
Call for 2015 WIAL Award contestants !

An important part of the annual global forum is the announcement of the WIAL Award winners. Several categories allow for companies big and small, NGOs and universities, to be recognized for their efforts in using Action Learning to develop leaders and solve complex problems. The call for 2015 contestants is open and if you feel that an y organization or individual that you know deserves this award, read more here about the different categories and contact Peter Kao to suggest the award contestant.
Echos from the ATD conference

As each year, Action Learning is on the pre conference program of the ATD annual conference. MALC Bea Carson lead a session to allow the discovery of Action Learning with a very diverse and international group. Click here to read the highlights and feedback from participants.
SEAL is soaring

The SEAL Senior Action Learning program is a powerful application of Action Learning that was developed and led by the WIAL India team and Ron McLuckie. The program is not in its infancy, and several programs have already been run successfully. Time to share how SEAL develops leaders in India, and to read the testimonies of some of the pa rticipants. SEAL is a powerful new Action Learning based solution that WIAL affiliates can offer to their clients. Click here to discover what SEAL is all about, and how participants evaluate the program's impact.
In Memory of Cleo Wolff

2015 started with a  shock for the WIAL community. Cleo Wolff, who started up WIAL Brasil, was a Senior Action Learning coach, a member of the WIAL board and chaired the certification committee, was the victim of a senseless agression. Her enthusiasm and energy are alre ady missed by all of us in the WIAL community.  Her WIAL colleague, and friend, Bea Carson shares her memories of Cleo Wolff. Click here to read on. A fund has been set up to support her family, click here to contribute !