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28-30 October 2015, WIAL Global Conference in Amazing Brazil !!!

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Discovery sessions, introductory Foundations courses and certification programs are organized by the different WIAL affiliates around the world.  


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Brazil certification programs


Hong Kong certification programs


Singapore WIAL Forum


Leading with Questions in Thailand


USA certification programs



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Learning from the WIAL USA conference

Only a few months ago, the 2014 WIAL USA conference took place in New England. Joe Raelin explored how  Action  Learning contributes to the development of the leaderFUL mindset. Peter Senge invited the participants to as questions (!) and created a group discussion around the themes of team collaboration and change. Click here  for more highlights of the WIAL USA conference !
The new WIAL board ! 

The 2015 WIAL board welcomes 4 new directors who dedicate their time and passion to growing WIAL: Shannon Banks (UK), Peter Kao (China), Gideon Ataraire (Nigeria) and John Thompson (South-Africa). A truly global board to support the global expansion WIAL continues to develop. Discover the faces and their stories in this link  !
Increasing brand awareness and reputation

Infinitus from China was one of the companies recognized at the WIAL Global Forum in India end 2014 for their use of Action Learning. The company embarked on an effort to increase both brand recognition and brand reputation. The Action Learning teams achieved measurable and significant progress on both indicators, as well as valuable learning and a better understanding of the company and the market.  Click here to read more details about this successful application of Action Learning in China !
Virtual Action Learning

Master Action Learning Coach, and a pioneer of the WIAL approach, Arthur Freedman has been using Action Learning in a virtual setting to support a number of consulting psychologists. He shares his experience, and in particular lessons learned, on how virtual Action Learning is different from, or similar to the face-to-face setup. Click here to read Arthur's article in our series Learning from the Masters.
WIAL Global Conference Brazil

The 9th Annual WIAL Global Conference will be held in Brazil, organized by WIAL Brasil. Exact location to be confirmed ...


The draft conference program covers  the following themes: Why Action Learning in Brazil specifically and elsewhere in the world more generally? Economic benefits of Action Learning, a new reality; Ideas for learning/building knowledge, Lean and Action Learning: national, bi-national and multinational perspectives and case studies from the private, public and nonprofit sectors; Learning, knowledge management and change.

 Save the dates and join us in Brazil, October 28-30, 2015 !

WIAL board news

In each newsletter, we explain in a bit more detail the role of the different committees that work on a particular topic, and report to the WIAL board. The Committee for Affiliate Development's motto is "one WIAL affiliate in each country in the world !" and is chaired by Choon Seng Ng.  Click here to find out the roles and activities of the  CAD !
Skills for tomorrow

Some claim that business schools are becoming irrelevant because the skills they are teaching are outdated by the time graduates join the work force. The College of Business at Rikkyo University in Japan is teaching Action Learning to its graduates, to help them develop the skills to solve problems and develop as leaders. The program was rewarded at the recent WIAL Global Forum.  Click here to read more about this education for the future !
Action Learning in the spotlight

The Association for Talent Development (ATD), with a subscription base of 50,000, highlighted Action Learning in its February 2015 issue. Concrete examples from around the world illustrate what Action Learning brings in terms of problem solving, leadership development and building teams. Click here to read the entire article.
Doing Double Good

What if you could develop your leaders for tomorrow's challenges, and fulfill your corporate social responsibility at the same time ? That is what the Microsoft Front Lines program is about. With several years of experience behind them Matthew Farmer from Emerging World and Shannon Banks share examples of what the program achieved, and maybe more importantly, the key success factors for these programs to succeed, and that all the parties involved derive concrete benefits. Click here for an exciting read on Action Learning in a social setting.