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28-30 October 2015, WIAL-USA and Global Conference in Washington DC, USA !!! Click here for the preliminary program and check out the WIAL USA website for the latest information !

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Discovery sessions, introductory Foundations courses and certification programs are organized by the different WIAL affiliates around the world.  


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WIAL-USA and Global Forum

WI AL-USA collaborates with the WIAL interna tional affiliates for the annual forum in Washington DC, on 28-30 October 2015. The theme for the forum is " Creating Leaders and Organizational Performance Through Action Learning". Andrew Rahaman, WIAL USA chair, and the entire team are preparing for a great conference. Learn from speakers such as Dr. Michael Marquardt, Dr. Dan Denison (Organizational culture and leadership performance), Cliff Kaiser (AL and team development), Dr. Shae Schatz (the role of critical thinking and questions in executive development) and Richard Walsh (CCL, on AL in organizations). Click here to read the teaser of this exciting conference !

The program is growing and being updated. Look for the latest updates on the website of WIAL-USA !

WIAL's Solution Spheres

The new WIAL Solutions Spheres summarizes visually what benefits Action Learning brings to organizations, large and small, that use Action Learning. These Solutions Spheres represent breakthrough problem solving, high performance teams, learning organization, leadership development and WIAL certification. In this issue of the newsletter, Michael Marquardt himself describes how Action Learning is a key element in the development of a Learning Organization . Click here to read the full article !
Action Learning with kids !

Action Learning helps organization solve big and important challenges. But this is not the only area where action and learning goes hand in hand ! In the Netherlands, Irma Jacet applied Action Learning with primary school children. A very interesting experience where children share their thoughts about challenges and problems that face them. Read more here about this unique experience !

Action Learning + Emergenetics

The annual WIAL Singapore forum explored the possibilities of combining two powerful development tools, Action Learning and Emergenetics. Emergenetics identifies peoples preferred and least preferred thinking and behavior attributes. Action Learning allows participants to use their profile and identify opportunities for themselves to grow, and solve real business challenges at the same time. Grace Tan wrote up an article with some participant testimonials for all to read by clicking here !

When Action Learning becomes part of the DNA

FirstBank is the leading bank in Nigeria and its corporate academy won the international Silver Award for Best Impact by the Global Council for Corporate Universities (GlobalCCU). Action Learning has become an integral way of how managers and team members solve problems, and new hires are introduced to the Action Learning methodology right from the start ! Click here to read the different applications of Action Learning at FirstBank !
Welcome to WIAL Poland and Vietnam !

The new affiliates committee is hard at work and during the last board meeting, the applications from two brand new affiliates were approved ! WIAL Poland and WIAL Vietnam are ready to promote the use of Action Learning the respective countries ! The key people who made this happen, Tomasz from Poland and John from Vietnam describe their motivation to start up WIAL and their main objectives for the upcoming years. Click here for WIAL Poland's testimony and here for WIAL Vietnam !
Lessons learned: don't forget the stakeholders ! 

Action Learning coaches often focus on the team they are supporting, and give it their all to help the team develop and create powerful solutions to problems. But in an organizational setting, it is important to involve not just the team members and direct sponsor, but other stakeholders as well. Peter Loan, Master Action Learning Coach, describes how he learned this the hard way. Despite a lot of hard work and energy invested, an Action Learning program didn't survive the changes in management and key stakeholders. Click here to discover this interesting and very honest read !
Doing good one session at a time ! 

The benefits of Action Learning have been well documented. Using Action Learning to make a real difference in a community is even ore powerful. Pro-bono Action Learning is a way for coaches to gain experience and sharpen their skills, and make a change for good. Emily from India described her very powerful experience with the team of STOP starting up a small catering business to give disadvantaged women a new future.
Click here to discover this powerful experience !
Dealing with production challenges !

Challenges in a production environment are typically technical in nature. But the Action Learning initiative at Transitions Optical in the Philippines shows that a lot of learning with team members from all levels leads to increased ownership and ... better solutions ! Click here to read the client testimonial from the Philippines.
Action Learning and WBECS

The World Business Executive Coach Summit 2015 brought together a wealth of knowledge and tools for anyone involved in coaching. Action Learning was also in the spotlight. Michael Marquardt delivered a live streamed session (free of charge) to which more than 2000 people tuned in ! At the actual conference, 600 participants listened to the extended version of Action Learning. Participants left their thoughts on the session in the Linkedin group for WBECS, click here to see their enthusiastic messages ...
A great way to make Action Learning better known in the global community of coaches !