May 12, 2021
Seniors Announce College Decisions
The SCM Class of 2021 is college-bound, and their selections reflect their time at St. Catherine’s and the experiences that have helped shape their lives.

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Friday, May 14
  • Virtual PSO Meeting, 9:00 AM (Zoom)
  • Last Day to Drop Off Books for AC Book Drive

Friday May 14 - Friday May 21
  • The Adolescent Community presents Peter Pan Jr.

Wednesday, May 19
  • Thanksgiving Mass for First Communicants and May Crowning, 5:00 PM (Facebook Live)
Save the Date: Thanksgiving Mass for First Communicants and May Crowning
Tickets to AC Production of Peter Pan Jr. On Sale
The Adolescent Community presents Peter Pan Jr. May 14-21. For the family price of $30.00, you can purchase online access to the performance link.

The AC Creative Expression class contributes to the AC Micro-Economy by producing a musical every other school year. Ticket costs cover all aspects of producing a musical, including the licensing fee, costumes and sets, sound, and the use of a videographer. Additional revenue helps us run our AC Market.

Visit the AC Market to order your tickets. Once the purchase is complete you will receive an email containing the show link, which you can access any time from May 14 to May 21.

For more information about the production, please read our press release or email

The Adolescent Community

Due to Covid-19, the Adolescent Community will deliver their performance as a film.
2021-2022 Calendar
The updated calendar for the 2021-2022 school year was emailed to current parents on Monday, May 10. Click here to view the printable PDF. The calendar is also found on the school website under the Parents tab.
Final PSO Meeting of the 20-21 School Year
Meeting ID: 671 548 4578
Passcode: SCM
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Month

Message from the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Committee
Sheila Hall, SCM parent in Ms. Mattingly’s class, along with the PSO Faculty and Staff Appreciation Committee, wanted to do something special for the faculty and staff who have persevered through all of the challenges this year. A lifelong artist, Sheila decided to make each employee a painting to keep in the classroom, trade, or take home to enjoy. Most are flowers but there are a few owls, too! Art is a place to hold all of our feelings. The happiness in simple joys, hope, uncertainty, and worry of the last year are all reflected in these works. Sheila says, “It was therapeutic for me to have a way to release the gratitude I feel for the school and all the people that make it go. No one chose to have a pandemic or electricity black out, yet, everyone showed their dedication to the SCM community.”
The PSO Faculty and Staff Appreciation committee is so grateful to Sheila for her marvelous work, and we are all grateful to SCM’s faculty and staff for their dedication and love to the children. THANK YOU!

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Liturgy of the Hours

Message from Edith Napoleon, Friends of the Atrium Co-Chair
“I’ll be right back, I’m going to pray”, a Muslim colleague at the hospital grabbed her bag and slipped out of the room. I sat staring at where she had gone out. It is unusual to hear a mention of faith or religion at work.

With nothing more than a small rug and the corner of her office, my colleague was following Salah, or ritual prayers required of Muslims five times per day.

I wanted to say that!

I loved how open and confident she was, to have set times of the day to stop everything for prayer, right in the busyness of the ER. I was unaware that as Catholics we have the same tradition, which is accessible to us at ANY time.

This is the Liturgy of the Hours

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Extended CLUE! Trailer to Watch
Welcome back to the High School Corner!

Our filmed rendition of CLUE! will be released next Friday, May 21. Tickets for the film cost $10.00. A ticket allows you unlimited access to the film from May 21 to May 28. Tickets can be purchased here, and you can also watch the latest trailer for CLUE!

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Jacob Blackman, Isabella Godfrey, Julia Lewis, and Sarah Lopez
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