September 23, 2020
Friday, September 25
  • PSO Friends of the Atrium - Intro to Christian Meditation, 9:00 - 10:00 AM (Zoom)
What's on Your Mind? Help Us Plan Thursday Chat
Thursday Chat is an open forum virtual conversation series designed to give our community the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and build and strengthen relationships with the school and each other.

These casual discussions will begin on Thursday, October 1 and continue throughout the year on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Together we will explore a variety of subjects, and each gathering will have at its core how St. Catherine’s can best meet your needs as parents and members of our community.

To that end, we would like your input. Please answer these two questions to help us design Thursday Chat to ensure each conversation addresses the issues most on your minds and that we schedule the discussions for times that work well for the community.

The 31 individuals who have responded so far have ranked their first-choice times as follows:
We would love to hear from more of you before we move forward with final preparations for the first chat. Please give us your input by this Friday at 5:00 PM.
The Domestic Church
A Message from Sister Theresa Josephine, Catechist
The first time a child hears about God's love is from their parents. The family, in a sense, becomes a "domestic church," helping to guide a child in their prayer life and to seek a relationship with God.

Click here to learn about the tools to build a domestic church from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Click here to listen to a podcast with Jaclyn Ruli on living the domestic church, presented by The United States Association of The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.
Tip of the Week: Discipline Equals Teaching and Building Skills
Message from Sandra Espinosa, SCM Counselor and Health Care Coordinator
On this ongoing parenting journey there are those awesome moments when life places at your feet exactly what you needed in order to move you from a place of feeling stuck as a parent to giving you inspiration and a deeper understanding of how to better manage your child’s behaviors and big emotions.

Click here to continue reading.
I Would Love to Hear from You
If you have any topics you would like for me to cover in the future, please email me at
By-laws Chair Needed
The PSO is seeking a volunteer to serve as our by-laws chairperson. The By-laws Chair keeps the by-laws up to date and advises on language when a by-laws change is needed. This role requires a minimal time commitment and is ideally held by a volunteer who has legal expertise. 

Please contact if you are willing to serve in this capacity.
Meet the Class of 2021
Welcome back to the High School Corner!

This week we are excited to give our seniors an opportunity to introduce themselves! They have each created a video of themselves answering some questions about school as well as a bit about their personal lives. Check back next week for similar videos created by our guides!
Meet Jacob, Class of 2021
Meet Vittoria, Class of 2021
Meet Sarah, Class of 2021
Meet Jackson, Class of 2021
Thank you for reading (and watching)!

Jacob, Isabella, Julia, and Sarah
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