A Note from Scott and Marsha
August 19, 2021
Still waiting for that second false fall here. Yep. Still sweating.

A few weeks ago, Sunshine sent me a text about the littlest goat being sick. I stopped in to check and first thing we had to do was catch him. I don't know if you know this, but goats are super fast. Luckily, I was a bit faster since he was not feeling good. 

When I picked Little Bit up, he immediately put his head on my chest and snuggled. I almost burst into tears. I carried him to my car and drove to the back house and put him in the puppy kennel to determine the next steps.  

I texted Frank, the breeder, who immediately walked me through the next steps. I leave and run down to Pittsboro Feed for electrolytes and D-wormer medicine. I also contacted a vet who could come out that evening.  

I return to give him some electrolytes and pull him out of the kennel and hold him. And he had an accident ... down my leg while holding him and all over the floor. Oh my lawd. It's fine, it's fine. I just keep moving. 

Scott and I had dinner plans with friends and this chaos was making Friday evening rough. Fortunately, they are low-key, easy going friends and game for anything. Take-out food at our house was the new plan so I would be close for when the vet arrives.  My friend, Tracy, rode with me to meet the vet after work.  

I always wonder if something is an emergency when it comes to animals. It's always hard to tell. Once the vet arrived, this was indeed an emergency and it was the right call. Half an hour later, Little Bit received all the meds, everything and the kitchen sink. He would need electrolytes through the evening.  

Um ... ok. I got this, I think to myself, and we drive back to my house. Scott has dinner on the bar and we all make our plates, drinks and settle at the table for great food and conversation.  

After a few minutes, RJ looks at me and casually asks, "Is there a goat in the garage?'  

I reply like it's the most normal thing in the world with, "Yes."  

Scott looks at me with this incredulous look and says, "You're lying. There is not."  

Casually, "No, there is."  

Scott cocks his head and says, "You did not bring the goat home."  

"Yes, I did."  

Scott cocks his head again as if turning it the other way is going to make me answer differently. 

He emphatically says, "There better not be a goat in the garage."  

Game on.  

I cock my head and say, "Babe, the goat is really sick. I couldn't just leave him at work. He needs electrolytes and observed all night."  This is what animal lovers do.  

In my head, I was also thinking I am going to put him on my half of the back patio right outside our bedroom door. You will be fine.  (Exhibit A above.)

We ate dinner and I checked on Little Bit who had trashed the kennel in the garage. Tracy and I carried him to the front yard and hosed out his kennel and him with some cool water which the vet said would be good for his fever.  

Stay tuned next week for how this adorable Little Bit story ends. In the meantime, the goats are patiently waiting for your visit and the plants are waiting patiently for new homes. If you come on the right day and time, Scott may even have a chicken for you to take, or a duck or maybe a goat. You just never know around here. That will be next week on As the FGS World Turns .....
Saturday, September 4, 7PM-10PM
Jazz, wine, and pizza are the perfect trio for a romantic evening, so grab your special someone and mark your calendars for our next series of Music in the Garden!

Peter Lamb and The Wolves have been serenading America since 2008, when they debuted at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball. Since then, they’ve released 3 albums, been named Best Jazz Band in the Triangle twice, and won several awards – as well as our hearts! 

Presti Pizza will be here to serve up some delicious pizza! The Potting Shed will be open and serving drinks and Sunset Slush. Please note that our Garden Center will be closed during this event.

Ticket prices:
$20 for General Admission (ages 13+)
$10 for Child tickets (ages 3-12)
Children under 3 are free!

Haworthia are some of our favorite succulents (yes, I know...we have LOTS of favorites around here). Besides their often spiky variegated leaves, these cuties are friends to your furry friends--which if you are a houseplant lover, you know can be hard to find! Haworthia also thrive in lower-light conditions than their succulent sibiings and cousins.
Wait, what?! Is it time already?! Well, yes! Yes, it is! Mums arrive this week and we couldn't be more excited about it! (Side note: they won't quite be blooming like the picture yet, but it won't be too long!) Mums are a sure sign fall is on the way! We'll have mums in different size pots and many colors. And don't you worry, pumpkins are soon to follow. Who's ready for fall decorating?!
Victory Pyracantha is a stellar shrub! It blooms tiny white flowers for you to enjoy in spring, has dark green foliage for you to enjoy all year, and also produces bright red berries in the fall that last through winter! These berries provide food for birds in months when food is scarce! It is an excellent choice for a hedge, screen or windbreak!
For Friday's Sake!
Don't miss it!!

THIS Friday, August 20, 2021
5-8 PM

Heather Sarona will be here providing Live Music!
Gussy's Food Truck will be here serving delicious Greek food!
We're looking forward to an awesome night!
Thursday, August 26, 6PM
In this beginner’s orchid class, we’ll review the water, light and fertilizer needs of phalaenopsis (moth) orchids. We’ll also explore the components of orchid potting mixes before doing a repotting demo. Join other novice orchid owners to learn how to care for this beautiful, rewarding houseplant.
Fee is $15.00 (includes decorative glass mister)
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Our designers, Doug and Billy, would love to set up a consultation with you to discuss the landscape plan of your dreams. From beautiful plant design, drainage solutions, and fire pits to patios, our team can take your outdoor living space to the next level. Call us at (919)484-9759, ext. 203 or visit our website to request your design consultation!
Meet John Jull!
Role: Grounds Maintenance
Started at FGS: April 2019
Ice Cream: Coffee
TV Show: Firefly
Last Book Red: Father Brown Series, G.K. Chesterton
Plant: Banana Tree
Food: Chicken Wings
Restaurant: Peony Bistro

John filled a void for FGS that we didn't even realize we had. He began as primarily a maintainer of the grounds, but has provided us so much more. Armed with his wit and sharp sense of humor, he goes about his day doing the many versatile tasks that Marsha gives him. Those tasks range from watering the annuals to building beautiful archways from Crape Myrtle branches. Many of the wood creations you find at FGS are fashioned by John's careful hands. When John isn't gracing FGS with his presence, he is woodworker and proprietor of Aldergrove Woodworks where he builds caskets, urns, raised garden beds and more.
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