March. 20, 2015 
Welcome to Week 9 of the Legislative Hubbub!
The 2015 legislative session ended last Saturday. Like most folks following state policy, we are happy to have a break from the high-energy session!

West Virginia's part-time Legislature means that we have the benefit of citizen-representatives leading decision-making at the Capitol. We elect representatives who have other jobs for 10 months out of the year. This is intended to help them maintain a closer connection with their community allowing a better understanding of the community's needs. But it also means that we have a very short period of time to get a lot of things done each year. And this year, just like every other year, it was pretty exhausting!

In this final issue of the Legislative Hubbub, we're going to look back over what happened during the session and share two stories of advocacy efforts that led to success this year.
 We also want to let you know what happens next - now that the session is over how can we get ready for next year and continue to see success in community-based policy-making?

We hope you enjoy this last issue of the 2015 Session's Legislative Hubbub!
The Good & The Bad - 2015 Session a Mixed Bag
Citizens in action!
Photo courtesy Martin Valent/WV Legislative Photography
Depending on your perspective, you might have considered this year's Legislature a success - a real, significant step in a positive direction - or you might have considered it a disaster. Here at The Hub, we don't find ourselves in either camp entirely.

the up side, we were extremely impressed with the number of public hearings on various bills this year and the public engagement in those bills. 


How It Happened - The Story Behind This Year's
Food and Farm Victories
Photo courtesy WVFFC
The Legislature passed both of the local foods bills that the  WV Food and Farm Coalition  and the  WV Farmers Market Association  worked on this year, with support provided by The Hub.

Both of those bills served as useful examples of advocacy efforts that can lead to success. And they are especially interesting because different methods were used to get each bill passed!
Now is the Time to Start Organizing for 2016!

The end of the legislative session is like the beginning of the new year for those of us who work in policy.

On March 14, 2015 ended.

On March 15, we started thinking about what we are going to accomplish in 2016.


Learn how you can use the 2016 session to address the issues that are important to you.


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