The Good News
June 2020

From the Bishop
A Word to the Diocese of Alaska

"The Way of Love is the Church"

This has been a season like no other season. While we continue to make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to adapt to the loving work of protecting the most vulnerable, we are now witnessing large-scale social unrest and protests that lay before us the abiding sin of racism in our nation.

Now is the time for all who claim the faith of Jesus to renew our Baptismal identity. Now is the time to make clear that we are not our buildings, our symbols, or even our liturgies. Now is the time to be the Church that cannot so easily be co-opted or appropriated by the powerful and used to endorse or bless injustice and oppression, and to repent for the many ways we have. Now is the time for us to walk in love: to be the body of Christ standing in the public square; the body of Christ listening to the voices of the oppressed; the body of Christ walking the stony road with our brothers and sisters; the body of Christ bearing the weight of the cross of injustice; the body of Christ proclaiming in word and deed the way of love over the way of domination and death.

While we continue to wonder, wait, and prepare for when we might safely return to worship in our buildings, I pray that the Holy Spirit's fire will kindle in our hearts a passion for being the Church Jesus calls us to be: a Church present and at prayer outside the walls of our buildings; a Church that perseveres in resisting evil and the powers of this world which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God--the children of God; a Church that follows and obeys Jesus Christ as Lord.
His way of love, his faith, his justice, his life--these are not just our calling, they are our hope.
Please join me in praying the The Baptismal Covenant every Friday for the month of June (BCP pgs 416-417).
Diocesan Apportionment Relief:

The effects of COVID-19 on our communities, our economy, and our congregations continue. We have come to accept that this pandemic will be with us for a long period of time, perhaps well into 2021. While we pray for a vaccine and for the development of an effective course of treatment for COVID-19, we also must prepare and plan to maintain our ministries, our fellowship in Christ, our witness to the Gospel, and the care and stewardship of our resources for ministry.

Though the church buildings in much of the Diocese remain closed, nevertheless, expenses continue. And while I am deeply grateful for the creative ways congregations have adapted to new forms of worship using technology, these, too, have additional expenses. 

We are grateful that many people have been able to continue their offerings to individual parishes, and some have been able to maintain their support at the same level of giving despite not having weekly in-person worship services. Nevertheless, with the Standing Committee, I recognize that our congregations may be struggling with finances or may be worrying about their budget if the course of the pandemic continues as it is expected.

Therefore, The Diocese of Alaska has issued a blanket waiver to all congregations for the payment of Diocesan Apportionment for 2020. You do not need to apply--the waiver is applies to every congregation. This is a full waiver; you will not be asked or required to make-up any amount not paid to the Diocese in 2020.

However, if your congregation is in a financial position to continue to make your Diocesan Apportionment, in whole or in part, or, if you discover at the end of the year, that your budget allows for some payment of your Apportionment, we ask that you contribute as your congregation is able.

We pray that this waiver will free our congregations to focus resources on the important work of ministry.
Giving thanks for the witness of Sarah James and Bernadette Demientieff and the spiritual strength of the Gwich'in people.  
+Mark Lattime
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Suzanne Krull * Cannon

The staff has returned to the office at 1205 Denali Way, Monday – Thursday 9a-5p. Although, we are still encouraged to work from home whenever possible.

The building remains closed to non-employees . If deemed necessary by a staff member, in-person meetings will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Fridays the office is closed, and staff will be working from home. Thus, providing a building shut down for a period of at least 72 consecutive hours to allow for natural deactivation of the virus. Friday shutdowns will continue until further notice.  
Lynnette Winfrey-Frank * Admin Assistant
2019 Parochial Reports

Thank you to the congregations who have turned in their parochial reports! For those who have not yet turned in their parochial reports should be filed online if you have access to the internet. 

PLEASE FILE BEFORE THE END OF JUNE 2020. If you do not have access to the internet please fill out the forms and send to the diocesan office and I can enter the information here. 

To file your parochial report online or to download the pdf hard copies of the directions and forms, go to the link below :

We are hoping for a 100% return. If you have any questions or need assistance  please email  or call Lynnette Winfrey-Frank at


Iris DiLeonardo at the Episcopal Church Center in New York
Phone number: (212) 716-6017 or

Thank you.
Lynnette Winfrey-Frank
Administrative Assistant
Episcopal Diocese of Alaska
907-452-3040 or 1-800-478-3043
Melissa Ward * Bishop's Assistant
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