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First United Methodist Church of Naples

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2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Father's Day


June 19, 2022

From the Pastor

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers, grand fathers and anyone who has filled the role of “father”. You are loved and appreciated. We also acknowledge that there are men who have not had children (not by choice). We send our love and prayers your way, as well.


Today, we also celebrate “Juneteenth” and wanted to be sure that you know the church office will be closed Monday for this Federal holiday. We are celebrating that on June 19, 1865, two-and-a-half years after the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect, federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas. They brought a life-changing message for the estimated quarter-of-a-million slaves in the state: “All slaves are free” and entitled to payment for their labor. This important day in history became known as Freedom Day, or Juneteenth. You can click here for more info: What is Juneteenth?


Please note that we will not have Children’s Sunday School for the next two weeks as our Sunday School Teacher will be out. Children are welcome to attend the worship service!


As you have been aware, from the televised news and the newspaper, Collier County has now risen to the highest level for new cases of COVID. Because of this, we are now “highly recommending” masks be worn indoors at church, but not mandating it. If you still want to feel safer, please sit in our “Comfort Zone” where masks ARE required. Ask an usher to take you there. We will have extra masks at the door if you need one. Several people from our congregation are home sick this week with COVID. Please pray for them. Scroll down for more info.


Please pray for the people at the Episcopal church in Vestavia, Alabama, who had an active shooter kill 3 persons at their potluck dinner this week. We are all vulnerable to gun violence, even in church. The Department of Homeland Security has asked all of us churches to be on extra alert, so please watch for anything unusual. At our Annual Conference, we unanimously passed a gun violence resolution asking for this to be addressed by our national and state legislators.


John and I attended Annual Conference in Lakeland and gun violence was not the only topic addressed by the attendees, representing over 800 churches in Florida. More below and more in a brief summary you will hear from John Mayeux on Sunday, as your elected representative.


On Sunday, please remember to write your name at the top of your “Connect Cards” and leave it on your seat when you come in. This helps us with our attendance. If you’ve already given us your contact in in the past, you need only write your name at the top. If you have never filled one out before, please fill out the rest. Everyone, please leave the Connect Card on your seat as you exit.


Please continue to pray for those in our faith family who are counting on your intercessory prayers.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, either in-person or online!  


Love and Blessings,

Pastor Nancy



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 This Sunday's Online Worship Service


If you aren’t able to make it to in-person worship on Sundays, you can watch it online “live” at 10:15 am or you can watch the “recorded” version anytime that is convenient for you by clicking on the box below. We generally start showing announcement slides at 10:05 as people are coming into the sanctuary and then the actual worship service starts at 10:15. 

You can also find this link by going to our web page, our Facebook page, or directly to In the Search box at the top of the YouTube page, type "First UMC Naples" and press enter. On the next screen go down until you see "First UMC Naples - Sunday Worship - Rev Nancy Mayeux - 06 19 2022". Click on that title, or the picture next to it, to see the “live” broadcast. 


Blessings as you watch and participate. Be sure to share the link for live or recorded versions of our service with your friends and family, so they can join you in worship!

Click here to watch THIS Sunday's service

Life & Faith Lesson

Rev Nancy Mayeux

Where Are the Giants in

Your Life?


Hannah grew up in a patriarchal society where a women’s worth was measured by how many children she had been able to provide for her husband. This was also a time when men were allowed to have more than one wife, in order to produce more children. Because she had been barren, she was not treated equally by her husband with his other wife, Peninnah, and this wife used Hannah’s inability to conceive to taunt and make fun of her rival.  Hannah was constantly crying. 


Peninnah’s taunts and Hannah’s inability to conceive, were giant obstacles for her to live out her life fully. She was miserable. One day, when she went to the Lord’s house and prayed to God, she begged for a boy, and promised to give him to the Lord for his entire life if God would honor this request. Her prayers were answered and the “giant” obstacle of life was removed. Her barrenness and Peninnah’s taunts no longer impacted her life. She could confidently move forward to be all that God wanted her to be and fulfill God’s purpose for her life. Her son, Samuel, would go on to anoint kings and do much more that you’ll hear about in the sermon. Others, like David, had to conquer the giants in their lives, before they could fully fulfill God’s purposes for them. Had David not killed the giant Goliath, would the path have been made possible for him to become King? How about you and me? What are the giants that hold us back and how do we conquer them and move forward to be all that we can be? Have you prayed like Hannah did? We’ll talk more on Sunday at 10:15 for our in-person or online livestreamed service, or you can watch our recorded version any time this week. .

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:4-15

Masks now “Highly Recommended”

But Still Optional at FUMC


If you’ve been watching the news, or read the Naples Daily News, you know that Collier County is now in the “high” zone when it comes to new cases of COVID. CDC highly recommends that masks be worn anytime you are indoors in public places. A number of our congregation members called me this week to tell me they tested positive for COVID. We are going to follow CDC and “highly recommend” that everyone wear masks indoors in church on Sunday, but we are not requiring it. It is still optional. For those who are still feeling uncomfortable, we have our “Comfort Zone” in the back of the East section of our sanctuary seating where masks are “required.” Please try to social distance indoors in our sanctuary, and stagger your departure so everyone does not bunch up in the aisles as you are exiting. Let’s forgo indoor hugs and handshakes for now. Please try to save your congregating and chatting for outdoors, where it is safer for everyone. Let’s continue to show love to our neighbors.

Altar Flower Ministry

Every week, you have the opportunity to purchase Sunday worship altar flowers and dedicate them to the memory of someone who was special to you or to honor someone who presently needs to be recognized! The cost is $40. All dates are open this summer with the exception of June 26, July 3 and July 17. Purchase and dedication can be arranged by sending an email to Jaimie Dandridge at Then you can either pick up your flowers after church or donate them for us to take to organizations in our community, bringing a ray of sunshine to workers and volunteers.

Florida Annual Conference Summary

June 8-11, 2022 in Lakeland, Florida


John Mayeux and I attended the Florida Annual Conference in Lakeland last week. I was your clergy representative and John served as your elected laity representative. A lot happened during this week, with awesome worship services, great speakers and preachers and many decisions made about budgets, administrative issues and several resolutions. There were also some rough moments of disagreement. Overall, it was nice to see my friends and colleagues I have not been able to see for three years due to the pandemic, so I am including a summary (from my perspective) of what happened at this conference. John will present a shorter verbal version during announcements tomorrow.

Annual Conference Summary

How Can You Support the Financial Ministries

of This Church?


Thank you once again for your faithful financial support of your church. Please remember that your giving is a form of worship. Your gifts allow us to help people to know Jesus, to grow in their faith and to serve Him as we help those in need.


Donations may be brought to worship on Sunday, dropped off during the week or mailed to: 


First United Methodist Church of Naples

388 First Avenue South

Naples, FL 34102


OR you can click on the box below to make an online donation. If you have any questions regarding the finances of this church, please send an email to our Treasurer, Jeffrey Currier:

Click Here to Give Online

Grace Place Needs Help with Backpack Drive


I know that our schools recently closed for the summer, so you may be wondering why we are talking about “Back to School!” It’s not too early to start planning, especially for low-income families who are struggling right now due to rising food and gas prices. Grace Place is starting early to collect backpacks, filled with supplies, for students, Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Consider shopping for 1 or more students by buying the supplies on the attached list and filling a backpack. Monetary donations are also welcome. Just make a donation to the church and designate in the memo line “Grace Place Back Packs.” We will get the donation to Grace Place!

Click for list of items to place in backpacks

Last Sunday's Service


Did you miss worship last week? Click on the link below to view the video of last week's complete online service, with a sermon entitled Are You Kind?

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind which was preached by Rev Nancy Mayeux and based on Romans 12:1-2, 9-18

Click for Last Week's Worship Service

We’ve Packed 235,000 Meals!

Help Feed Hungry People in our Community


Thank you for helping to feed hungry families. Food insecurity has been a major challenge for families throughout the pandemic, and especially now, with food prices soaring. During the last 18 months, we have packed 235,000 meals for families in need! Help us be Jesus’ hands and feet in the world and show the love of Christ to others by participating:


  1. Bring in food or financial contributions earmarked for “Food Ministry” and we will deliver to either Grace Place or St. Matthew’s House for their food pantries.
  2. Volunteer to come help pack food for 1.5 hours on an upcoming packing day. To sign up, contact Wendy McKee, our food-packing coordinator, at She will schedule you. It’s lots of fun!
Meal pack 2.jpg

Need to Reach Us? Here’s How!

We are available to you! Our church office is open Monday-Thursday, 9:00am to 2:00pm.  Food can be dropped off during office hours or on Sundays when you come to worship. The church phone will be answered during office hours. For pastoral emergencies, when the office is closed, just call the office and you will hear the Pastor’s personal cell number listed on the message you hear. The pastor is off on Mondays, as her Sabbath day, but will respond to pastoral emergencies. 

Call the church office: (239) 262-1033

Email us:  or

Mail contributions to:

First United Methodist Church, 388 First Ave S, Naples FL 34102

Make online donations by clicking the link below:

Click Here to Give Online

Please Pray!



Please pray for peace in the Ukraine, peace from gun violence in the US in our everyday lives, and for peace within our denomination which is experiencing differences regarding our theology. Please pray for our church and church family (see below) and be sure to thank God for the abundance of blessings God has poured upon you.  


Also, if you have a prayer request, you can email it to me directly by responding to this Eblast (just press “reply” and it comes to me). You can also fill out a blue prayer card from the pews on Sunday. Just let me know if you want it public (person’s name and no other details) or if you would like private prayer from me.     

Urgent Prayer Requests

From our FUMC Church Family

We want to remind you that this section is for “urgent” prayer concerns only: (in the hospital, on Hospice, recovering from COVID-19, recovering from surgery, receiving radiation or chemotherapy for cancer, recent deaths, etc.) If you have a private prayer that you do not want published below, just email me and I will pray for that person and that need privately:

  • David Adkins (Brother of Karen Parry)
  • Wendy Moyer (Member)
  • Jim Merrifield (Member)
  • Tom Headley (Nephew of Pat Schanke)
  • Family of Susana Sandino, MDS teacher (on death of her father Federico Perez de Camino)
  • Stephen MacTurk (Son of Mary Lou Riccio)
  • Baby Abby Joy Campbell and parents (Family of Lisa Passeri)
  • Randy Cassada (Member)
  • Diane Langley (Friend of Norine Tempelman)

  • Beth Tatman (friend of the Mayeux family)
  • Larry Stewart (Member)
  • Deborah Sobat (Daughter of Barbara and Jerry Skiba)

  • Family of Valya Staruchin, Januk, Orysia and family, Irina and family (Three families of the Jaworsky's in Ukraine)
  •  Gary and Glenn (Friends of the Emory’s)
  • Evelyn Rush (Friend of Thelma Johnson)
  • Sam (brother-in-law of Karen Bach)
  • Ann Boren (Member)
  • Joseph Halizak (Friend of Marie and Dick Evans)
  • Karen Kirk (Cousin of Marie Evans)
  • Rosa Fogle (Family of Thelma and Al Johnson)
  • All the many unspoken requests and needs of our congregation and their loved ones.

 Special Prayer List 

(Updated June 19) 


 Wondering what else to pray for each day? Here are some suggestions!

Click here for Special Prayer Needs

Our Methodist Day School Celebrates the

Graduation of our VPK Children


Earlier this month, our oldest preschool children, the VPK class, graduated. They are headed off to Kindergarten in August, with most of them already reading and extra-prepared for life ahead! Next week we will tell you more about what they learned in this extraordinary class this year. The ceremony included the younger 2 and 3-year-olds who came to celebrate with the older children. They all sang songs together. We invite you to enjoy these special moments from the graduation ceremony.


Office is open Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 2:00pm. Outside of office hours, please call the church office and leave a message. For pastoral emergencies, you will be given a number, in the message, on how to reach the pastor.
First United Methodist Church of Naples
388 1st Ave S
Naples, FL 34102
(239) 262-1033
God Bless You!