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Worship Service

First United Methodist Church of Naples

Sunday Service 10:15 am


Third Sunday in Lent

March 12, 2023

From the Pastor

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I am praying that you are all doing well. Tomorrow evening my grandchildren are coming to visit from Texas, so I will be taking off most of next week to enjoy their company. If you should need anything at all, please call Jaimie Dandridge in the church office or Chaplain Scott Ehler at 239-944-0731 who will be covering for me.


We are filling up with lots more people during worship in recent weeks. With more people attending, we truly need more helpers to make our worship service happen. Please consider greeting people at the door- all you need is a warm smile and a genuine love for making people feel welcome. We need ushers for collecting the offering plates and we’d love more singers in our choir. We also need people to help out in our anointing and healing service and in serving communion. It is not difficult and I will be happy to meet with you and show you how. Lastly, we need Scripture readers, for those who feel comfortable speaking in front of the congregation. PLEASE pray about this, and on Sunday write down on your “Connect Card” what you think you’d like to help with!


Tomorrow is Brunch Bunch Sunday and we are going to Thee City Grill. There are a few spots open, so please let a greeter or usher know you are interested in signing up. Meantime, mark your calendars for upcoming events: the next Brunch Bunch on March 26 at The French Brasserie and Rustique; Pastor’s 2-week Bible study on “Angels” on March 29 and April 5 at 10:30am, Men’s Ministry breakfast on March 16; a new 4-week Bible Study with Chalain Scott that began on March 9; and a Couples Relationship workshop on April 1. Scroll down for more info and ways to sign-up. Some sign-up sheets are in the church sanctuary lobby (Narthex) if you are here on Sunday.


You will hear more about Holy Week services shortly, but know that we will have our preschoolers sing for Palm Sunday Worship, have an evening service for Maundy Thursday, and two sanctuary worship services on Easter Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30. Unfortunately, with our Naples Pier mostly destroyed and closed, we will be unable to do our Sunrise service this year.


Since Gmail and some other servers cut off the end of our Eblast due to space, be sure to scroll down to the end. If you don’t see the prayer list and our preschool news and photos, look for the link that says something like “Click here to continue.” Press on that link to see the rest of your Eblast.


I especially hope you will scroll down to the prayer list near the bottom, so you can be praying this week for the many needs of your church family and their loved ones.  Pray for those encountering floods, ice and heavy snow in winter storms around the country, and please continue to pray for the people of Turkey, Syria and Ukraine. Consider supporting UMCOR disaster relief.


Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight. See you all tomorrow!


Love and Blessings,

Pastor Nancy



Did you know that you may not be getting a portion of your Eblast because Gmail and some other email programs may limit what they display. You may be missing important articles, photos and our Prayer List! How to find out? If you get to the bottom and have not seen the Prayer List or our MDS Preschool photos, then you know there has been a cut-off. After you reach what looks like the end, you may see a little note down at the bottom that says something like: “Click here to view all” or “Click here to continue.” Press that and you will see what you are missing that has been cut-off!

We are now in the season of Lent, 40 days of preparation for the glorious celebration of Easter. But what exactly is Lent? Just click on the link below to learn more.

What Is Lent?

Daylight Savings Time

begins Sunday morning

 This Sunday's Online Worship Service


If you aren’t able to make it to in-person worship on Sundays, you can watch it online “live” at 10:15 am or you can watch the “recorded” version anytime that is convenient for you by clicking on the box below. We generally start showing announcement slides at 10:00 as people are coming into the sanctuary and then the actual worship service starts at 10:15. 

You can also find this link by going to our web page, our Facebook page, or directly to In the Search box at the top of the YouTube page, type "First UMC Naples" and press enter. On the next screen go down until you see "First UMC Naples - Sunday Worship - Rev Nancy Mayeux - 03 12 2023". Click on that title, or the picture next to it, to see the “live” broadcast. 


Blessings as you watch and participate. Be sure to share the link for live or recorded versions of our service with your friends and family, so they can join you in worship!

Click here to watch THIS Sunday's service

Life & Faith Lesson

Rev Nancy Mayeux

How Slow Can You Go?


Are you a procrastinator? Do you put off things today, thinking “I can do it tomorrow!” Are you one of those people? Why DO you Procrastinate? Because you have too much on your plate, or maybe because it’s difficult, scary, or unpleasant? Are you afraid to make the wrong decision? Why do you put off for tomorrow, what you could do today? Why do you often decide you just don’t want to bother doing it at all? “I could use a nap. I’m just too tired. I’ve got too many other things to do. I know God wants me to help others or read my Bible or spend more time with God in prayer, but I’ll do it later today, or tomorrow, or next week…or maybe God will find someone else to help others instead of me. I’ll get around to it eventually.”  


There are a couple of words for this. Laziness and slothfulness. Both are described as a sin in the Bible, and not at all what God wants for your life. They are vices that need to be cleaned out of your spiritual closet and you can begin doing that this Lent! You may be wondering what slothfulness means. I talked briefly about it last week. It comes from the word “sloth.” What is a sloth anyway?


A sloth is a slow-moving animal that sleeps 15-18 hours a day! That is up to 85% of its life! Talk about a couch potato - except they sleep hanging from trees instead of couches. Algae grows on their fur from lack of movement and it blends in with the leaves. Most of the time you don’t even know they are there!  What a lazy life!  BUT IS THIS A SIN? And doesn’t the Bible say we should rest and take Sabbath time? God rested after 6 days of creating our world and everything in it. Is that contradictory? Yes the Bible says we should rest, and yes, the Bible says slothfulness is a sin.


Come Sunday to find out exactly what the Bible tells us about each of these things. Let’s make some inroads on cleaning out vices from our Spiritual closets this Lent! See you at worship at 10:15 tomorrow, in-person or online through YouTube (scroll up for the link).  

 Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30

White Rose on Altar


The white rosebud on our altar Sunday is in memory of Barbara Moore, a long-time member who has not been able to attend for many years. She passed away on Sunday, March 5th. Barbara previously sang in our choir, and you will see a choir robe placed on an empty choir seat this Sunday, in her memory. This is the custom of our choir for past and recent members who have gone on to glory. Please pray for her loving husband, Harold, and all of her family and friends who will miss her.


Altar Flower Ministry


Every week, you have the opportunity to purchase Sunday worship altar flowers and dedicate them to the memory of someone who was special to you or to honor someone who presently needs to be recognized! The cost is $40. All future dates are presently open except for March 26 and July 23. Purchase and dedication can be arranged by sending an email to Jaimie Dandridge at Then you can either pick up your flowers after church or donate them for us to take to organizations in our community, bringing a ray of sunshine to workers and volunteers.

Enjoying the Choir?


I hope you are enjoying hearing our chancel choir again, as much as I do! Of course, we are also enjoying the beautiful music of our new Music director who has been blessing us with her God-given musical talent and also directing the choir. Won’t you think about joining the choir? If you’d like to know more about what’s involved, just put your name on the sign-up sheet in the sanctuary lobby or call/email the church office that you are interested, and Karen will give you a call to tell you more. Actually, you can just show up at any of the rehearsals, Thursday nights at 7:00. Just take the elevator in the Admin Reception area right up to the choir room. We are very excited to have a formal music program, once again, at FUMC!

Our New Bishop Visited

SW Florida!


Bishop Tom Berlin has been traveling throughout the state to try to meet as many of the pastors and leaders of our denomination as possible, while he is getting his feet wet with so many critical issues facing our churches in Florida. On his pass through Southwest Florida, he scheduled a meeting with my clergy cluster group, which covers Marco Island to Bonita Springs. We were each asked to bring one or two lay leaders from our churches. Pam Kennedy and Al Johnson, both from our Administrative Board, accompanied me. The Bishop took the time to meet each of us, presented his philosophy of leading and prioritizing issues and focus in Florida, and took the time to ask questions and hear what we had to say. All three of us were very impressed with our new leader and are looking forward to working with him in the years to come.

Please Support UMCOR Relief for

Turkey, Syria and Ukraine

UMCOR, the United Methodist Commission on Relief, assists United Methodists and churches to become involved globally in direct ministry to persons in need. Right now UMCOR is actively helping provide relief for people who are suffering in Turkey, and Syria after a devastating earthquake, and continued help for those displaced or suffering in Ukraine with the constant bombardment of homes, schools stores and other buildings that are important for daily life. In all three countries, people are without electricity, water and heat during a tough winter. You can support the relief and recovery efforts by sending your donation to the church, earmarked “Earthquake” or “Ukraine” and it will be sent to UMCOR for immediate on-the-ground help.  Please also pray for the many people impacted in all three countries

Relationship Workshop for Couples

Mark Your Calendars!


Been together for 5 weeks or 50 years? Learn different ways to express love in a productive, fun, and biblical way. April 1, 10am – 1:30pm. Lunch and childcare provided at no cost. Facilitated by Scott and Amy Ehler who have led this workshop together for many years, for couples associated with the military. Register by calling the church office or emailing Chaplain Scott Ehler at

Men’s Group Breakfast


The next Men’s Group Breakfast will be March 16, at 8:30am, (note new time) at Lulu’s Kitchen, 2125 Airport-Pulling Road South. Our men have enjoyed gathering the last three months and we hope you will join us for a great time of fellowship in March. Open to all men in the congregation. Bring a friend!

It’s Not Too Late!

Join Our New 4-Week Study


 Join us for a four-week Bible Study, The Power of the Names of God  on Thursday mornings starting March 9 at 10:30am at the church. The study will be facilitated by Chaplain Scott Ehler and you can sign up by calling the church office, using the sign-up sheet in the church lobby on Sunday morning, or emailing Chaplain Scott at Books can be purchased through Amazon for $12.99 or for $11.99. The church can purchase your copy if you are not comfortable purchasing online.


Wondering what it is all about? In his Bible study, author, Dr. Tony Evans, shows that it’s through the names of God that the nature of God is revealed to us. In Biblical times, names communicated a person’s essence – their history, nature, or character. This is why God revealed Himself by dozens of different names in Scripture. No single name could convey who is God in His fullness? How has He expressed His riches and righteousness? How can you trust His goodness? As you get to know the names of God and understand their meaning, God’s character will become real to you in life-changing ways.  We hope you will join us!

Brunch Bunch


Join us for brunch, right after worship, every other week, at a different restaurant for a time of fellowship and getting to know one another.  Today’s brunch is at Thee City’s Grill, and there are still a few openings- see an usher or Lori Martin if you are interested, when you arrive at worship. Our next brunch will be March 26 at The French Brasserie and Rustique at 365 5th Avenue S, Naples 34108. Sign up on the sheet in our narthex (sanctuary lobby), call or email the church office, or contact Lori Martin, who will be overseeing these events. Lori can be reached at 309-507-1135 or via email at This is a wonderful way to meet new people!


Your Giving Is a Form of Worship


Your incredible generosity is allowing our church to do ministry that will change lives. We hope that you will continue to give of your time, your talents and your prayers, in addition to your financial giving, and that you find joy in your giving!


These are some of the categories that you may wish to give towards:

  • “General Operating Budget” which funds our regular ministry programs and our costs to keep staff and buildings going.
  • “Earthquake Disaster Relief” efforts in Turkey and Syria through UMCOR, donated through our church.
  • “Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief” efforts through the Florida Conference
  • “Capital Expenses” This includes roof replacements and other capital needs on our campus. 
  • “Ukraine Relief” for the people of Ukraine who are enduring tremendous hardships
  • “Food Ministry” funds will go to St. Matthews and Grace Place food banks

Just indicate on your checks where you want your donation to go.


Your past and future gifts allow us to help people to know Jesus, to grow in their faith, and to serve Him as we help those in need.  Your donations may be brought to worship on Sunday or mailed/delivered to the address below:


First United Methodist Church of Naples

388 First Avenue South

Naples, FL 34102


OR you can click on the box below to make an online donation. If you have any questions regarding the finances of this church, please send an email to our Finance Chairperson, Tom Bach:

Click Here to Give Online

Last Week's Worship Service


Did you miss worship last week? Click on the link below to view the video of last week's service entitled, Love Is..., which was preached by Rev Nancy Mayeux and based on 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.

Click for Last Week's Worship Service

We’ve Packed 315,000 Meals!!

We’re Helping to Feed Hungry People

in our Community


Congratulations to everyone who has helped pack food in our meal-packing program! Thank you for helping to feed hungry families. Food insecurity has been a major challenge for families throughout the pandemic, and especially now, with food prices soaring. Help us to be Jesus’ hands and feet in the world and show the love of Christ to others by participating:


  1. Bring in food or financial contributions earmarked for “Food Ministry” and we will deliver to either Grace Place or St. Matthew’s House for their food pantries.
  2. Volunteer to come help pack food for 1.5 hours on an upcoming packing day. To sign up, contact Wendy McKee, our food-packing coordinator, at She will schedule you. It’s lots of fun!

Have You Ever Wondered Where

Our Packed Food Goes?

Take a Look and See!


Meals of Hope has 16 Food Pantry distribution sites around Collier County and even in Bonita Springs. Our packed food goes wherever the needs are greatest. At each site, Meals of Hope supplements our packages of non-perishable items with fresh fruits and vegetables, potatoes, big jars of juice, and chicken or ham. There is a team of volunteers at each site that puts the food in the trunks of cars who drive up for help. Many of these families could not get through the week without the help. Some are getting help for the first time in their lives.


Last week, I discovered that one of our sister United Methodist churches is one of those distribution sites! Every week, at First United Methodist Church of Bonita Springs, the volunteers receive the truckloads from Meals of Hope and set up tents and tables for their team of volunteers to distribute it. In the photos below, you can see some of the Banana boxes that we used to pack our food, in one of the trucks, and under one of the tables. You can see the type of produce that supplements what we pack, and the joy the workers are experiencing in helping these families. The pastor, Rev. Bill Fisackerly, who took the photos, talks with each of the families as they come through and is there to pray with them if they are open to it. We pack our food and put a note of Christian love in every package, but we never get to meet the families. I can’t publish photos of the families, but you can see what is happening here as the cars begin to line up, ready for the Food pantry to open up. So wonderful to see our Methodist churches all working together to contribute something important in serving Jesus.

Considering Becoming a New Member at FUMC?


If you’ve been attending for a while and think you might be interested in learning more about what it means to formally become a member of this church and what it means to become a United Methodist (if you are not already), just send me an email at: . I will get in touch with you, and we can meet and explore this together. After we meet, if you think you’d like to do this, we will make this happen at one of our upcoming Membership Sundays. If nothing else, our meeting will help us to get to know each other better! Keep in mind, that you can still keep your regular membership at your United Methodist Church up north (or even another denomination) and join us here in Naples as an Affiliate or Associate member. Several people have already expressed interest. We’ll do a New Member Sunday as soon as we have a couple more.

Need to Reach Us? Here’s How!

We are available to you! Our church office is open Monday-Thursday, 9:00am to 2:00pm.  Food can be dropped off during office hours or on Sundays when you come to worship. The church phone will be answered during office hours. For pastoral emergencies, when the office is closed, just call the office and you will hear the Pastor’s personal cell number listed on the message you hear. The pastor is off on Mondays, as her Sabbath day, but will respond to pastoral emergencies. 

Call the church office: (239) 262-1033

Email us:  or

Mail contributions to:

First United Methodist Church, 388 First Ave S, Naples FL 34102

Make online donations by clicking the link below:

Click Here to Give Online

Please Pray!


Please continue to pray for the people around the world who are suffering. Pray that God will bring them help and relief and will make his presence known to them through God’s Spirit. Then pray for guidance on how you can help!

Urgent Prayer Requests

From our FUMC Church Family

We want to remind you that this section is for “urgent” prayer concerns only: (in the hospital, on Hospice, recovering from COVID-19, recovering from surgery, receiving radiation or chemotherapy for cancer, recent deaths, etc.) If you have a private prayer that you do not want published below, just email me and I will pray for that person and that need privately:

  • Family and friends of Barbara Moore on her passing (Member)
  • Victoria and Trace Hance, and unborn baby Quest (Family of Wendy Moyer)
  • Ray Schubert (Family of Gail Jaworsky)
  • Derek Reed and family (friends of Elena Schlenker)
  • Larry Ledbetter (Spouse of MDS teacher, Cathy Ledbetter
  • Steven Mohler (Seasonal Attender)
  • Chris Grimshaw (Member and husband of Christine Grimshaw)
  • Larry Croy (Friend of Bill Parry)
  • Peter Schmitz (Friend of Karen Parry)
  • Baby Theresa Grace (Great granddaughter of Pat Schanke)
  • Michelle Paterson (Friend of Gwen Pleban)
  • Michael Poka (MDS Preschool parent)
  • William Johnson (Brother of Al Johnson)
  • David Siefer (Cousin of Rob Pleban
  • Linda Mills (Sister of Judy Margrey)
  • Jane Dawkins (Friend of Thelma Johnson)
  • Lidia Rodriguez (Pastor's daughter of our sister-church in Cuba)
  • Baby Abby Joy and parents (Family of Lisa Passeri)
  • Sue ReBell (Sister-in-law of Marie and Dick Evans)
  • Beth Tatman (Friend of the Mayeux family)
  • Wendy Moyer (Member)
  • Diane Langley (Friend of Norine Tempelman)
  • Family of Valya Staruchin, Januk, Orysia and family, Irina and family (Three families of the Jaworsky's in Ukraine)
  • Glenn (Friend of the Emory’s)
  • Sam (brother-in-law of Karen Bach)
  • Ann Boren (Member
  • Rosa Fogle (Family of Thelma and Al Johnson)
  • All the many unspoken requests and needs of our congregation and their loved ones.

 Special Prayer List 

(Updated February 4, 2023) 


 Wondering what else to pray for each day? Here are some suggestions!

Click here for Special Prayer Needs

A Week of Fun for our MDS Children


Our Methodist Day School preschoolers started their Spring Break this weekend. They finished out last week with St. Patrick day art projects and making green egg desserts.  They had a crazy hat day and crazy hair day, painted spring flowers and went to the public library for fun activities. They also did Rainbow Dancing which encourages the development of attachment, trust, competency, and relationship through ritual, rhythm, gesture, song, and natural movement. The children are practicing songs and preparing to sing for us in worship on Palm Sunday, April 2. 


Church Office is open Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 2:00pm. Outside of office hours, please call the church office and leave a message. For pastoral emergencies, you will be given a number, in the message, on how to reach the pastor.

First United Methodist Church of Naples
388 1st Ave S
Naples, FL 34102
(239) 262-1033
God Bless You!