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December 2020
The Good

Friends, in these last few hours of 2020, I’m setting my intentions. Tons of folks are anxious to usher 2020 out. I can’t blame them. It’s been a tough year

But this evening? I’m trying to look forward, not backward.

There is a whole, whole lot of bad and ugly that happened in 2020.  If you’re a healthcare pro you know this better than most.

Of course, the past is in the past. No one can change it. You can only do the best you can moving forward. That’s a truth I had to learn the hard way.

There is good in everything. You just may have to look hard to find it. That’s another lesson I had to experience to know. Here’s the good I’m seeing as we turn the page…
Last week, the Hotness and I welcomed our sixth grandchild…and she’s also the first girl! Ava Faith is most definitely sure to be the best thing to come out of 2020 for our family. And, really, is there any chance that this little girl won’t be spoiled beyond belief?  

While every single holiday has been impacted, thanks to 21st century technology, we have the ability to stay connected. To say “hello” and that we love the people that matter the most. As a person whose disability is greatly aided by technology, I’m always grateful to be living in the present day.  

Marvelyne  and I have managed to live in the same home this entire year – and still actually like one another 😉. In fact, our entire family has come thru this year strong and loving. Our daughters (who are nurses) are healthy. Our parents are doing well. And we are all looking forward to the days of being physically together again.  

Overall, right now, there is a huge reminder of what is truly important. There is a slower pace, and a bit more patience around here. Oh sure, there’s stress. But there’s strength too. And there is certainly lots of love.

Finally, I’m grateful for you, Faithful Reader. Next year will mark 20 years since I began writing. We know our open rates are higher than other newsletters… so thank you for continuing to read my work… for continually helping me find my “why?” and just for being a part of my life and story.

Here is to a 2021 filled with hope and promise and presence.
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