MCC Family,

What does it mean – really – to live an AUTHENTIC Christian life?  
The concept of “authenticity” is a big one in our day and age. Most of us agree authenticity is something we want in our relationships. And in our family. And certainly in our church! But how does authenticity mesh with an instagrammed culture, where the very way we portray ourselves is posed, cropped, and filtered just so? 

This past Sunday, Pastor Don put a wrap on our Fall prayer series by teaching us what it means to pray authentically. That final sermon in the prayer series, then, also serves as the bridge to our new teaching series; we’re calling it The Gospel in Street Clothes: Faith that Works in the Book of James. 

James is a fascinating figure in the New Testament, one whom we know a bit about. We know James was a leader in the early Jerusalem church. We also know that James was the biological half-brother of Jesus. Just imagine what his childhood was like! And we know that James was concerned, in what was probably the late A.D. 40’s, to write to those first generation, Jewish-Christians about what we might call authentic Christianity.  

In the summer of 2017, MCC worked our way through a series on the Ten Commandments titled “The Good Life.” The idea is that when we live lives congruent with God’s loving directives to us, we are positioned to enjoy the best life possible. In the same way, the Book of James is something of a New Testament cousin to the Old Testament Ten Commandments. James is an intensely practical, immediately applicable book that both asks and answers questions like: 
  • What’s a real-life perspective in times of trial and suffering? 
  • How does God view wealthy Christians? How should we?
  • What happens when we don’t have a tight rein on our tongue?
  • How do faith and works interface at street level? 

Blink twice, church, and the holiday rush will soon be upon us. To prepare our souls for all that comes with the holidays, I hope you’ll plan to join us – beginning this Sunday, Oct 14 th – for the launch of our new teaching series. In the meantime, take 25 minutes this week and read through the five chapters in James. And then pray for our preaching team, that we will teach with clarity, competence, and conviction.  

And then pray again. 
Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Travis

P.S. Men, what better way to prep for Sunday teaching then via Saturday feasting? Men's BBQ is this Saturday afternoon, 3:30p.  Juicy steak tips, crispy chicken wings, baked potato bar, warm bread, Boston baked beans, peach cobbler, and a giant keg of root beer. No registration necessary, just show up with anyone you wanna invite.