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The PTAC is a business and technology extension program of the UNC System. Our purpose is to generate employment and improve the general economic condition of the state by assisting North Carolina companies, including those eligible for business development programs for local, state and federal government contracts. We provide procurement technical assistance by offering no-fee and confidential counseling on selling your products and/or services to the appropriate local, state or federal government agency.

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September 8, 2020
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November 17, 2020
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The Government Purchase Card - Quick and Easy Access to Government Sales
By James Chestnut, PTAC Advisor, University of North Carolina Wilmington
In a recent interaction with a client both of us determined that their product, trophies and plaques, was not conducive with Government contracting in general. In doing a deeper dive into their business we did make the discovery that they were getting some business from a local military base but on a piece meal basis. I explained that for most Government agencies this type of purchase is done utilizing the Government Purchase Card (GPC). So, we brainstormed how to target that market.

In order to work toward GPC sales, we need to understand the program overall. The first thing is that the GPC, while it may look and operate as a Credit Card it is not one in that it does not involve revolving credit. Just like any other Government purchase it is bound by the rules of the Anti-Deficiency Act. Before a buy can be made there must be adequate funds available to cover it. So, all sales are billed and paid in total. Also, the card should not to be used for recurring purchases such as cable subscriptions or phone bills. And most agencies have a limitation on how much the GPC may be used for IT purchases.

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PTAC Trivia Question:  
North Carolina recently added a Supply Chain advisor to its team - Jared Whitcomb.  How many other PTAC programs in the U.S. also have a Supply Chain advisor on its team?

Subcontracting Opportunities the Way to Go 
By Interim PTAC Director, Scott Barker
Many of the new clients who seek PTAC advice come to us with the unrealistic expectation of winning a large government contract within a few months of completing its registrations.  While this expectation could come to light, it is highly unlikely to happen this way.  New companies seeking to become competitive for government contracts at any level are competing against businesses that have already cracked the government contracting code and are going to be extremely difficult to beat in a competition for an open solicitation.

The vast majority of new PTAC clients are better positioned to start to develop strategies for identifying subcontracting opportunities as a way of getting its foot into the government contracting door.  Some of these strategies include identifying those companies that are already winning government prime contracts under the new client's NAICS codes and develop an outreach effort to seek to have their business listed on these prime contractors' vendor lists.  The more vendor lists a small business gains access to, the greater the opportunity of winning some subcontracting awards.  The more subcontracting awards completed on time and on budget, the more impressive its past performance references will appear on its capability statement.   This will make the small business look stronger in the eyes of the contracting officer which will eventually lead to realistic consideration as a prime contractor.  Any small businesses here in North Carolina that would like to discuss this approach, please contact your nearest PTAC advisor who will be able to assist with this process.

Success Story 
Harris Whitesell Consulting, LLC is Maximizing Success
By James Chestnut, PTAC Advisor, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Success is realized by creating partnerships based on trust, excellence, and impact. Harris Whitesell Consulting, LLC is a company that is maximizing their excellence and realizing success. Harris Whitesell Consulting, LLC is a certified Women Owned Small Business headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. The company is led by Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Lori Harris and Lynn Whitesell

HWConsulting was recently awarded, and successfully completed, a national subcontracting opportunity with a large consulting firm to provide assessment, and change, and transition services. The project specifically focused on change leadership and change management for a system-wide enterprise technology implementation initiative that had been delayed due to COVID-19. The project scope was expedited to successfully re-engage the firm's HR leadership team and initiate execution of their new ERP system. 

Lori and Lynn are committed to strengthening and maximizing leadership excellence and organizational health. "Through our partnerships with SBA, SBDTC, PTAC, WBENC, HUB, NCMBC, and our leadership advisory commitment with the National Small Business Association's Leadership Council, we have aligned our values and mission to grow our business and help our clients create value, growth and opportunity for theirs." 

About Harris Whitesell Consulting, LLC:
Harris Whitesell Consulting, LLC., is a global management consulting firm headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. Harris Whitesell Consulting's mission is to create valued partnerships based on trust, excellence, and impact - from assessment to action. Their team of certified and highly qualified experts maximize leadership effectiveness and business success by working with people and businesses to accelerate value, optimize growth and opportunities for their leaders, teams and organizational success! To learn more, visit:

PTAC Trivia Answer:  
None.  Jared is the only PTAC Supply Chain advisor in the country.  We are hoping to establish a Supply Chain template here in North Carolina for other programs to emulate.


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