September 15, 2019
Welcome to "Connect!"  Our plan is to bring friends of the Grace community the information they need for participation in the significant events and opportunities of life together in Christ. Intended frequency of publication is semi-monthly or perhaps every two weeks if it seems needed. Much of the material we will provide is also written into Sunday morning bulletin or "Graceline" but there will also be the latest updates. Headlines and tags and links will abound so you, the reader, can quickly scan for items that you want to read. You can also unsubscribe at any time. This is for you. Let us know how it helps or how to improve.
You may have read the email from Grace that was sent on Friday. It is an important video message that we would like to share with you about Grace Lutheran Church and Christian School. Please watch using  this link.
We look forward to joining together in community on the following days and time located in the Conference Room 506 (downstairs room in the two-story building near the church):  
  • Tuesday 9/17 6:00pm 
  • Thursday 9/19 3:30pm  
  • Sunday 9/22 10:40am 
You will find a copy of the Prayer Outline to use at the community prayer meetings or in your private prayer time HERE.
In His Service, 
Pastor Pete, Interim Senior Pastor
Ben Elliott, Superintendent 
Policy Based Governance
As in you may know, Grace has been moving toward a Policy-Based Governance for about 9 months. This is governance by a single board who listens to the congregation, sets the vision (along with the Senior Pastor) and the strategic direction. The strategic direction is carried out by staff who handles the operations or means of achieving those objectives. These are some chief ideas in policy-based governance also called “Aligned Governance and Operations.” A document that describes this more fully is available at the Connection Center or can be sent to you by request from the church office. Les Stroh our consultant will be on campus to present the policies drafted by Grace’s Drafting / Steering Team to the Elders, Council and Senior Staff. on Saturday September 21 from 8 AM to no later than noon. This presentation will be important for all leaders and all interested to attend. A decision to move forward to work on aligning governance policies with Grace’s Constitution and Bylaws will follow either then or very soon thereafter. The expected timetable for the complete process is included in the info sheet in the Connection Center. You may also click HERE for information on PBG.
Coming up September 29 CELEBRATE GRACE SUNDAY 
One Service/5th Sunday
Students sing, School Building is 20 years old, Hispanic Heritage Month, Ministry Fair, Great Food and Entertainment!   
Have an Announcement to Share? Here’s What To Do....
We are happy to share your special announcement/message with the congregation. 
You can help us by following these guidelines: All information to be printed in the Graceline bulletin or announced by the Pastors displayed on the screens (Photo/video included) or if you would like to speak before a worship service, please submit your information by Wednesday 8:00 AM to Vanessa at She will submit your request and communicate with all parties involved.
September 19, 2020
for our 2nd Revved Up For Students Car Show at Grace. Our inaugural car show on Saturday was a big success and all in attendance had a great time!
Thanks to everyone's support in this event benefiting the
Grace Student Scholarship Fund.
Take a look at our photos on our Facebook page HERE.
Click HERE for K-8 News
Click HERE for Preschool News
Prayers of the People
Our "Prayers for the People" prayer list can now be found in our prayer alcove in the welcome center as well as clicking HERE .

Small Group or Bible Study information can be found HERE.
Petal Pushers
We celebrate the ministry of the  PetalPushers® , rejoicing in the fact that on 1/1/2020 their float will be raising high the Cross of Christ in the public square! This marks the 70th anniversary of witnessing the gospel message in the Tournament of Roses Parade. The 2020 float, titled  Anchored in Jesus, 
fits perfectly under the parade theme,
The Power of Hope.

Just as an anchor secures a mighty vessel, saving faith in Jesus Christ provides security during all seasons of life - not only for this life on earth, but for eternity. Individuals will be touched by this message during decorating, on the parade route, on television around the world, and in the post-parade viewing area.
The float is a project of the Southern California District of the International Lutheran Laymen's League. The project relies solely on the generous support of their many Christian friends. The costs are not included in any budgets of the Int’l LLL or the LCMS. Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated!.

You may send gifts to:
The Lutheran Hour Float Committee
PO Box 20044
Riverside, CA 92516
Don't forget to click on the links below for more info on Grace and the Pacific Southwest District
Church Attendance

8:00am - 71
9:30am - 84
10:45am - 88

Total 243
Church Attendance
This week in 2018

Total 307
Church Giving for August (2nd month of fiscal year)

Actual for August 2019    $36,651
Budgeted August 2019    $58,078
Year to Date Actual Giving
(July 2019 to June 2020) $77,455
Budget Amount
(July 2019 to June 2020)   $116,288
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